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2/1/07 1:55:08PM
Event point scoring and the new "Hot" events

To help further distinguish the "Pro's from the Joe's" here in our picks game we've implemented a new feature called "Hot" events. In a nutshell: At every event we will take the two fights with the closest split in picks (as determined here) and double the points awarded for those two fights. Those with the vision to foresee the outcome of the more debatable fights will reap the benefits! These "Hot" fights will be marked on the "My Upcoming Events" page accordingly.

We've also increased the bonus points awarded for correctly selecting a fight's result to 3 points rather than 2 points.

In the scoring output simulations we ran on our test server both of these items helped to alleviate some of scoring "gridlock" that can be expected on events like the upcoming UFC67 where quite a few of the fights have a heavy favorite that most users select. However, this shouldn't be too much of a concern considering that the season is spanned accross 10 events (80-90 fights to make picks on) and that some events are going to be more unpredictable than others.

More changes coming to the site

Since site launch a few weeks ago we have received TONS of really good feedback on improving things around here, and lots of it is going to be implmented over the next few weeks. Here's a rundown of some things you can expect to see in the near future here on MMAPlayground...

Re the viewing of other user's picks

Site programming will be updated so that users will not be able to view each others picks until after a fight has been locked out for selections. As a season nears its end this information could be used to another player's advantage. For example, someone is in 1st place with a slight leader over the 2nd place player. To make sure they are not passed in points, they could simply mirror the selections of the 2nd place player.

Policing the wager slime

Those who have read the site rules know that any who create multiple accounts and/or have others help them to "juice" their fantasy bankroll will be penalized. All user wager histories are publicly viewable on the site via their profiles. If someone has a suspicious history you can click the link at the bottom of their financial history page that says "Report suspected wager manipulation" to alert us.

Wagering against the house

Due to the overwhelming amount of feedback we've received requesting a house-based odds style wagering system we are currently working on (yep, you guessed it) a house-based odds style wagering system. This will NOT replace the existing wagering system, as the current format is easy to understand and a fun way to make personal bets with others (just like you would while jawing at the water cooler on the job). Both systems will be in place as ways for users to build their fantasy bankrolls.

Community "wiki-ish" MMA organization and team/camp rosters

One feature we plan to launch within the next week is a section where users can browse the fighters within each pro organization and weight class and in each fight camp / team. Taking a page from wikipedia's playbook, this section will be user-powered so that you can add and edit listings to help keep the rosters current. nate22 has already given us a good head start on things behind the scenes, thanks nate!

The data from this new section will be used for the following upcoming feature as well....

Top 10 fighter lists

If you've ever been on any of the popular MMA forums then you've most likely read or participated in a topic where users rank who they consider to be the top 10 most talented fighters in a weight division. Using the data from our MMA Rosters section and the input from all our site users, we will be introducing a new feature called "MMA Top 10's". We will take everyone's rankings for each division (and p4p) and average them all out to have a fan-powered ranking system.

There's one catch however... the better your win/loss ratio of guessing fights correctly in our picks game is, the more "weight" your votes for the rankings have. This will make it so that the final displayed fighter rankings are more influenced by expert MMA fans rather than the casual MMA passerby in the hopes of providing a more accurate way of gauging a "true" top 10 list.

Forum reputation system

We've had some really good conversations in our forums over the last couple weeks. Some of you may already be familiar with forum reputation systems, but if not, just know that a forum rep system is an easy way for users to give "props" to other users for making good posts. Those receiving props for making these worthwhile and thought-provoking posts will be indicated by their username and in their profile as such.

Well, there's a taste of what you can expect to see in the near future. Good luck to all with your picks and wagers on Saturday's big event! Keep the good feedback and ideas coming!
2/6/07 1:48:03PM
People are taking too long getting back to me, or not getting back to me at all...

There should be a feature where you can tell how long it has been since you offered that wager... and then you can decide if you want to pull it, based upon how long they are taking....
2/6/07 7:28:10PM
I just noticed these bars to the left underneath everyone's avatars that look like a cell phone signal reading...what is it for? Is that the reputation system you mentioned in this thread? How does it work?

edit: "Sorry... as much as you may love your post you may not give yourself props." hahah....I might have answered my own question....Mods?
2/6/07 7:49:49PM
The bars are the reputation system.

If you feel that someone has positively contributed to the forum, you can give them a prop (located at the bottom right corner).
2/6/07 8:57:13PM
Here is how i feel with all these new rules!

Event point scoring and the new "Hot" events

i like this idea and that they use it on the close matches that ppl have picked.

Re the viewing of other user's picks

i don't like this idea at all this is how i findout who is picking the other guy then me. so on fights they don't pick the same fighter as me i send them a wager for that fight. maybe just hide the round and way of fight ending.

Policing the wager slime

i like this also

Wagering against the house

i hate the idea of house wagers. this will make it harder to find wagers with other ppl cause they will jsut go wager with the house if they are getting close to the same odds from someone eles. that will make alot less talk on the forum's and time spent on the websight.

Community "wiki-ish" MMA organization and team/camp rosters

i kind of liek this idea form wha ti get of it don't know if it will help me much but wil be good to have.

Top 10 fighter lists

i also like this will make something fun to spend abit more time doing. and i like how ppl with better win/loss ratio votes mean more

Forum reputation system

this is a good extra so ppl can see who has a good rep on the forums
2/6/07 9:59:51PM
i think you guys need to do somethign with the fight camps. first make it you can't start a camp without starting it up with another person. or if you do give them a week or so to get alest one other member to join or there camp gets droped. or give solo fighters there own weight class. then make the other weightclasses
Heavyweights: 31+ members
Light Heavyweights: 21-30 members
Middleweights: 13-20 members
Welterweights: 6-12 members
Lightweights: <6 members

for now might even have to change that if teams get real big then make a super heavyweight class.
6/22/07 1:03:18PM
Sorry all, new member, so I can't speak specifically to the changes you've made. However, I wanted to mention that the one thing that completely brought me in (and convinced me to get 8 and counting of my buddies to sign up) is the house-based wagering system.

I'm not rich but I'm very interested in MMA. I have heard repeatedly that making even a small wager on a fight increases your enjoyment while watching that fight. There are also a number of cases in recent UFC history where I was strongly tempted to put money down on a heavy underdog that I was sure would win - most such hunches have been correct.

So what I see in MMA Playground is a chance to test my theory that I can bet on fights and consistently come out ahead. Provided the odds offered are as close as possible to those being offered at real bookies around the country, I think it's the single greatest aspect of your site and I would truly hate to see it go.

Just my 2c. Thanks for the great, free site.

P.S. you need a 'preview reply' button on your forum. it's essential.
6/22/07 1:35:54PM
How can anybody hate the house wagering system?? For once we get the right odds. I'm sick of people taking forever to respond, and then never getting the proper odds. Trying to get odds on Rashad Evans was like pulling teeth, and ultimately I never did. The house system is fair, more realistic, and waaaaay better then the old system and that my friends is not debatable.
8/21/07 6:59:31PM
Why isn't the old player-to-player system in place alongside the house system?
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