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6/13/11 10:41:17AM
N.Y., stop fighting this sport: Mixed martial arts is safe -- and our economy needs the kick

By Dana White

If you've paid any attention to mixed martial arts over the past decade, you know the sport has exploded. It has the highest pay-per-view numbers of any sporting event, is broadcast on numerous cable, satellite and network television stations, enjoys mainstream sponsorships and has a large and diverse fan base. It is sanctioned in 45 of 48 U.S. states that have athletic commissions and across Canada and Australia.

Unfortunately, MMA fans in New York are forced to enjoy the sport from afar. Here in New York, MMA is totally banned.

It's long past time to overturn that prohibition. It's a safe and respectable sport that's every bit as legitimate as boxing or professional football.

I won't pretend to be objective. I run the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the single most popular MMA promotion company. While I think that our fans here in New York and the city would profit immensely from legalization, it will also certainly affect my bottom line.

6/13/11 10:58:37AM
Wow, great article by Dana! He puts it down hard. A fairly concise read as well, just about a page and a half of truth-y goodness. His arguments are sound. And the whole economic impact study... I wonder if that only pertained to UFC's business in NY. Because if a study was done on the impact of MMA as a whole being legalized in NY, I am sure the monetary figures would be even higher.
6/14/11 12:28:52AM
In all honesty, the article is exactly what us MMA-fans have heard him say for the past 10 years, but still, the article is right on point. THe fact that we've heard it before doesn't make it any less true.

It makes no sense to me why New York hasn't sanctioned it yet.
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