Q-VO to all the Homies

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1/25/09 5:09:17PM
Just wanted to tell everyone hello from magestic Taos, New Mexico. I think MMA is the best thing that could have happened. Boxing is getting stupid as it can get. The champ gets his ass handed to him and then they give him the fight because he is the champ or they feel sorry for the bum. Not this way, you are either choked out or you are asleep period or maybe a broken limb. Thank
you for a beautiful sport. Finally something worth watching
1/25/09 5:17:21PM
haha yeah, mma kicks ass

welcome aboard bro
1/25/09 5:48:00PM
welcome to mma and welcome to the playground enjoy it all of it
1/25/09 6:11:46PM
welcome to the GROUND