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The place to discuss any events that you've seen already that may not be available for viewing yet by others around the globe. Do not post spoilers anywhere else but here, seriously.
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  1. Aside From Youtube
    Does anyone have an idea where I can download or watch MMA, BJJ or Pride FC past events or fights?
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  2. IFL Result courtesy of MMAweekly.
    Opens Season In Oakland Horn vs Vitale The IFL has its first event of the season at the ORACLE Arena in Oakland, California. In front of an announced attendance of 5,005, the IFL began its first full...
  3. Winners of the UFN undercard
    So far: Clementi beat Pointon via RNC round 2 Thomas beat Guida via UD Herman beat Price via armbar round 1 Burkman beat Reiner via UD Damn I was rooting for Guida but I guess Thomas outstriked him.
  4. UFN Results:
    1 Rich Clementi def Ross Pointon Submission (Choke) 2 2 Din Thomas def Clay Guida Decision 3 5:00 3 Ed Herman def Chris Price Submission (Armbar) 1 2:58 4 Josh Burkman def Chad Reiner Decision...
  5. Team Quest Wins Again!
    Lindland chokes out Newton round 2!
  6. UFC 67: All or Nothing Results *SPOILERS*
    It is 2 hours and 45 minutes until UFC 67 begins. I'll be posting the results here, as they happen. 8:35: The pay per view just came on. Rogan says he might give Lutter better than 50/50 chance of...
  7. kinda sucks
    kindof annoyed that the points awarded arent up to date and time. when i started to do well i went to check my points and nothing was awarded. need some real time stats.
  8. CROCOP vs. SANCHEZ (video)
    crocop kick sanchez in the ass! who wose in the arena? video: crocop vs. sanchez
  9. Anderson vs Lutter (video)
  10. rocky 6 spoiler
    i just want to tell every one adrian dies in rocky 6 and rocky loses his fight....
  11. TKO28 Results.
    Winner is on the Left and bolded 1 Stephane Pinet vs Sebastian Gauthier Decision (Split) 3 5:00 2 Jean-Francois Bedard vs Jospeh Paquet TKO (Strikes) 1 2:30 3 Bob Landry vs David Fraser TKO (Corner...
  12. DEEP - Craziness
    Yoshisuke Kitada Submits Tatsuhito Satsuma RD1 1:27 Kim Dong Hyun KO Hidenobu Koike RD1 4:34 Michihiro Omigawa TKO Eoh Won Jin RD 4:25 Hector Lombard TKO Eiji Ishikawa RD1 0:49 Yasuhito Namekawa...
  13. Shooto- MMAos
    only 2 of the "favorites" won. Hilarity.
  14. ROF 28
    Ring of fire 28 results 1 Eric Buck Kenny May Submission (Armbar) 1 1:25 2 Ken Seegrist Jason McDonald Submission (Strikes) 1 0:30 3 Jeremy Malaterre Alfredo Corona Decision (Unanimous) 3 4 Aaron...
  15. crocoop`s next (gonzaga)
    crocop vs. gonzaga strong boy this gonzaga :) will crocop fight him?
  16. Couture vs Sylvia fights
    part 1 :http://www.dailymotion.com/dewsaw/video/x1cvsm_ufc-68-couture-vs-sylvia-part-1 part 2: http://www.dailymotion.com/dewsaw/video/x1cvzh_ufc-68-couture-vs-sylvia-part-2 This fight is now one of...
  17. Rocky?
    Rocky is an all american hero and the greatest fighter to never fight
  18. Pedro Rizzo makes succesful return.
    After a year off fighting and several hard losses, Pedro Rizzo made hie return last night in a 3 round battle agaisnt Justin Eilers. Link
  19. K-1 HERO's, 3/12/2007 Results
    taken from sherdog fight spoiler forum OLYMPIA HERO'S 2007 10: HIDEO TOKORO vs. KAZUYA YASUHIRO Tokoro by armbar 1st rd. 9: CAOL UNO vs. ALI IBRAHIM Uno by armbar 1st rd. 8: KAZUYUKI MIYATA vs. BLACK...
  20. Shooto - Back to our Roots II - 3/16/2007 Results
    taken from sherdog.com 1 - Kousuke Eda vs Kazuya Tamura - Draw - rd2 5:00 2 - Tatsuya Yamamoto vs Katsuya Murofushi - Yamamoto by Decision (Unanimous) - rd2 5:00 3 - Yoshitaro Niimi vs Ivan Mussardo...
  21. Tidbit on TUF5's first episode.
    UFCjunkie posted this today... stop reading if you don't want anything spoiled on this show before the debut. BJ Penn seemed to go out of his way to make Dana White’s life difficult as he and Pulver...
  22. Wec 26 results
    Carlos Condit taps out John Alessio from a rear naked choke with 1 second left in round 2 Brock Larson also won his match against Erik Apple from the kimura at 3:43 into the first round the rest of...
  23. ICON Results.
  24. Lawler K-Os Trigg to recapture Icon Title
    HONOLULU, March 31 — A epic night of fights at Oahu's Neal S. Blaisdell Arena was punctuated by a truly spectacular main event title fight, where Robbie Lawler (Pictures) knocked out Frank Trigg...
  25. Lawler BRUTALLY KOs Trigg (GIF!)
    Lawler - Trigg I wanna see these two go at it again. Trigg, go for another comeback!
  26. Stevenson Guillard
    Did anyone just see that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk anout out matched!!!! Guillard never landed anything!!!!!!
  27. Yushin Okami vs Mike Swick UFC 69
    Yushin Okami vs Mike Swick First half of round one took place on the feet with both guys being cautious. After Swick forced a standing clinch, Okami moved him to the fence and scored a takedown. Once...
  28. Kendall Grove vs Alan Belcher UFC 69
    Kendall Grove vs Alan Belcher Grove looked very good in this one, in the first round he used his reach to land good punches and some front kicks, and in the second he pulled off a sweet Darce choke....
  29. UFC 69 SPOILER!!! Dont read if you havent watched it
    Serra KO's St. Pierre, Round 1
  30. PRIDE 34 spoiler
    Makoto Takimoto submits Zelg "Little CroCop" Galesic, 1st round
    It's a celebration bitches!!!!!!!!!! JT whipped Frye. WAR JT!!!!!!! Long live James Thompson Long live the James Thompson WarWagon!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. PRIDE 34 spoiler
    Sokodjou KO Arona, 1:20, round 1 What the hell is with this show? upset city!
  33. PANCRASE REAL 2007 - Results
    link Lightweight Bout: Seigo Inoue defeated Tokita by armbar at 4:02 of rd 2. Welterweight Bout: Yohei Sakamoto vs. Norihito Yagi was judged a draw. Lightweight Bout: Kouhei Tokeshi vs. Taishi...
  34. Deep 29th Impact results -thanks to bloodyknux.com
    Doerksen triangled Kim out in the first Kikuno took a majority JD over Kamikozono Iwase choked out Nakadai in the first Omigawa beat Matsushita's ass and pounded him out in the second, his striking...
  35. Fedor won!
    YES! That was one fight I didn't want an upset in.
  36. Cage Rage Spoilers (semi PbP even)
    Cage Rage spoilers from the live stream... free www.proelite.com nice stream. missed some, starting w/ Weir vs. Matsui... (results in a sec)
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  37. UFC 70 PBP - Spoilers Warning
    I'm not sure if it's OK to post results here. See the PBP there: StrictlyMMA.com
    Mirko fell for his own game. KO by LHK GONZAGA WINZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  39. Cro Cop vs. Gonzaga (video)
    join the fight: www.CroCop.de
  41. ADCC Results (match by match, real time - SPOILERS)
    - - - - - - - - - - Ill be putting results up as they happen.. some things to note: Its running way behind, so bare with me... Monson is out, siting an injury. Also, Feitosa has dropped too. No...
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  42. De La Hoya / Mayweather spoiler
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - split decision... Mayweather. good fight.
  43. Miller “All Business” In First WEC Win (Spoiler)
    Like clockwork, Jason “Mayhem” Miller stole the show on his entrance alone at tonight’s World Extreme Cage fighting event at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. LINK
  44. ***Spoiler**** video of TUF street fight
    http://www.ifilm.com/video/2857552 Wow Marlon SIms is an f-ing dick, slams him on the concrete, just stupid cant wait ot see dana bitch them out and kick them out. Try here Links might not work just...
  45. Leben vs. Starnes
    WTF was that? I'm sorry, Leben definitely won the second and third rounds in that fight. One judge scored it 30-27? Unanimous decision? Man... I thought Starnes was going to pass out at the beginning...
  46. Rampage/Liddell *spoiler*
    - - - - - - - - - Rampage by tko, 1:30-ish of the first round.
  47. Johnnie Morton should have stuck to the NFL
    2 minutes and counting for being knocked out
  48. saku robbed
    the fight wasnt overly entertaining, and both guys showed their age, but i thought saku won the fight. unfortunately the judges didnt and royce avenged his earlier loss to saku. horrible to see saku...
  49. Lesnar results anyone??
    what happened
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