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The place to discuss any events that you've seen already that may not be available for viewing yet by others around the globe. Do not post spoilers anywhere else but here, seriously.
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  1. ShoXC Saturday Night Fights? Anyone?
    Anyone watching? Who can tell me how Melissa Vasquez did? She was the 1st fight on the prelims...surely there are live updates somewhere on the web? Maybe?
  2. Superior Challenge Uprising
  3. K-1 World Max '08 Final 16 Tournament Results
    LINK: results LINK: Pictures For the K-1 fans, dont know how many got to watch it, but i had the chance too watch it Good Stuff, Buakaw had a close one but managed to pull it out at the end, Iron...
  4. The fighter that comes back next week and the fighter that gets kicked off?
    Paul Bradely gets kicked off for herpies, and Patrick Shutlz comes back. Personally I would have brought back Steve Brynes or Josh Hall. Or maybe Clark the guy who had to lose the 17 pounds.
  5. I'll be doing the YAMMA Live Round Play by Play
    Yes I'll give my Predictions and I'll go in depth on what happens in the Rounds. I'll be Watching it via Pay Per View because it looks like a Pretty Good Card. So Tune in if you want to know what...
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    It had been more than six years since Mark Hunt's incredible 2001 World GP Tokyo Dome Final performance, when the New Zealand boxer dispatched K-1 stars Francisco Filho, Stefan Leko and Jerome...
  7. TUF 7 Latest Episode
    So i just got done watching it, who else was sick of watching Jessie go for that RNC that wasn't there FOREVER! Good fight none the less, props to his for poping Dolce in it finally but jeez, how...
  8. UFC 83 Results/Discussion (Spoilers)
    We're underway! Start time moved up to about 7:30 PM due to number of fights scheduled. Prelims: Jonathan Goulet beat Kuniyoshi Hironaka by TKO (strikes) at 2:07 of round 2. Cain Velasquez beat Brad...
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  9. UFC 83 Video
    Have you watch the full video? I have seen it here Just wanting to share it around. UFC 83 And the Famous MATT Serra Vs GSP 2
  10. UFC 82 Video
    Another Great classic I think I should share around, Its a pretty good fights and here is it. UFC 82
  11. DREAM 2 PBP
    http://mmamanjapan.blogspot.com/2008/04/dream-2-play-by-play-live-spoilers.html I probably wont be staying up to watch it...or read it I guess..haha but incase anyone is interested...there it is.
  12. Dream 2 (Quick results)
    Official Results 1 Shinya Aoki Gesias Calvancante Decision (Unanimous) 2 5:00 2 Taiei Kin Ikuhisa Minowa Decision (Unanimous) 2 5:00 3 Dong Sik Yoon Shungo Oyama Decision (Unanimous) 2 5:00 4 Zelg...
  13. Dream 2 Fights
    Found most if not all the fight videos on one website. Check it out if you like. Dream 2 Videos
    So... who saw it, people who want to see it, i'd advise not looking here just in case someone wants to get specific... though i can't imagine it has anything that you really didn't see coming anyway....
  15. Shooto Tradition (20th Anniversary Show) Results
    Not sure if this aired on TV anywhere but it was a big show because it marked Shooto's 20th Anniversary. And there were big upsets and some controversial moments. Quick results: Takashi Nakakura def....
  16. TUF 7 5/7 *spoiler discussion*
    So who watched it, and how bad of an idea was it for May to play up his own injury. I thought he could have put Brown away early had he been more crisp in his flurry. Brown was to apprehensive and...
  17. Cage Rage 26 Live Results and Play by Play (Spoilers)
    Link for Quick Results and Play by Play. Cage Rage 26 Quick Results * Kev Sims vs Popek Rak (Popek Rak wins via (T)KO in the 1st round) * Paul Reed vs Brad Pickett (Pickett wins via Split Decision...
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  18. Dream 3 Live Results Play by Play Up to the Minute !
    Shoji Maruyamavs vs Takeshi Yamazaki Round 1 Nice Knees from Shoji to kick off the round, he gets Single Legged. Yamazaki passes to half guard and then to mount. He looks for an Armbar, then a kimura...
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  19. IFL Live Results Play by Play
    Here are my Predictions John Franchi via 1st Round Submission Aaron Stark via 1st Round Submission Doomsday Howard via 1st Round Submission Matt Horwich via 2nd Round Submission Josh Souder via 2nd...
  20. World Victory Road Results
    So far these are the results, Satoru Kitaoka over Ian James Schaffa - Round 1 - Guillotine Choke Mike Pyle over Dan Hornbuckle - Round 1 - Triangle Choke Eiji Mitsuoka over Kwang Hee Lee - Round 1 -...
  21. DEEP Results 5/19 - 3 New Champs!
    RESULTS: DEEP Middleweight Tournament Final: Yuichi Nakanishi Def. Riki Fukuda by Decision 3-0 DEEP Featherweight title fight: Dokonjonosuke Mishima Def. Masakazu Imanari by Decision 2-0 DEEP...
  22. UFC 84 Results/Discussion (Spoilers)
    And we're underway... Prelims (may not air on PPV): Shane Carwin beat Christian Wellisch by KO in 44 seconds. Dong Hyun Kim beat Jason Tan by TKO (strikes) at 25 seconds of round 3. Yoshiyuki Yoshida...
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  23. UFC 84 'Ill Will' Play-by-Play and Live Discussion
  24. Tito so close... yet so far.
  25. Will BJ be ranked #1 after this win.
    Does everyone think that MMA news websites will move BJ up to first after this win or leave Takanori Gomi there and move BJ to 2nd. I think its Crazy that Gomi is even ranked first and a guy like...
  26. Elite XC Results
    Binki Jones won the fist fight RNC first round. Im not gonna be able to keep up with all of the fights, so feel free to post results
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  27. My Elite XC Result Rant SPOILER
    I don't recommend anyone reading this, I just feel like complaining. So, Kimbo doesn't defend himself for 2 minutes straight, but the fight goes on. Then the minute the ref got a chance to stop the...
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  28. MMA Makes it's network television premiere in God awful fashion
    EliteXC successfully managed to open the eyes of the general public to MMA in a way that I feel will very negatively effect the sport. First of all- I've criticized EliteXC in the past for their...
  29. WEC 34: Faber Vs. Pulver Official Results/Discussion (Spoilers)
    We're underway! Unaired prelim matches: Dominick Cruz beat Charlie Valencia by unanimous decision, 1 30-27 and 2 29-28s. Jose Aldo beat Alexandre Franca Nogueira by TKO (strikes) at 3:22 of round 2....
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  30. The Ultimate Fighter 7 (6/4/08)
    ...and so the douchebaggery begins. I knew the overall attitude in the house wasn't going to last the entire season. Last night, nearly all the guys proved that, once again, that the overall maturity...
  31. UFC 85 Play-by-Play and Live Discussion * Spoilers *
    Link Good Luck on Your Picks !
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  32. uh oh, more Miragliotta controversy.
    Early stoppage again in the Werdum/Vera fight.
  33. Herb Dean now messes up as well.
    That elbow was clearly side of the head and he deducted a point from Nate.
  34. tough start
    first the early stoppage then the leites win because of the point deductions, tough tough way to start the main card. at least leites vs. nate was a good fight though and it's tough to say how it...
  35. who elses record is shot?
    Who elses record is bad. mine sucks after this event. i did terrible on my picks and on my bets. how about you guys.
  36. World Victory Road Sengoku 3 Results
    Just hooked up the Winamp and I'm set to do the Play by Play, The 1st Fight is Fabio Silva vs Takahashi Fabio Silva Wins via 2nd Round T(KO) Rodrigo Damm Wins via 2nd Round T(KO) - This Looked to me...
  37. Sengoku 3 Official Results
    Why did I change from Damm Round 2 Submission to Jorge ! Link I also posted some of the Videos in the Video Section
  38. Sherdog's Sengoku Results are Wrong !
    I rewatched every Fight and Sherdog got 1 Fight Wrong, Senae Kikuta Win via Submission in the 1st not in the 2nd Round Here are MMA Weekly's Results -Hidehiko Yoshida def. Maurice Smith by Submission...
  39. End of tonights TUF
    At the end of tonights TUF they showed footage of a window breaking in a limo. I wonder if it is one of the finalists, or just another fighter from the show who doesn't get to fight on the finale? I...
  40. Possible TUF Spoiler For Next Week (SPOILER WARNING!)
    According to Wrestling Observer just now, the guy getting kicked off & out is either Jesse or the CB-Amir winner. Source Scroll almost all the way down. (I made a separate thread for this because I...
  41. TUF question (possible spoiler if you haven't watched the latest episode)
    Certainly Tim Creduer will be fighting at the finale, don't you think? Anyways...will he be fighting the CB/Amir loser or do you think there's another plan in place?
  42. EliteXC: Return Of The King Results/Discussion (Spoilers)
    EliteXC 6/14 results: Unaired fights: Russell Doane beat Dwayne Haney by TKO (strikes) at 2:46 of round 1. Carl Barton beat Kepa Madeiros by TKO (strikes) in 55 seconds. Online matches (aired on...
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  43. Adrenaline Debut Show Results/Discussion (Spoilers)
    Full results (sorry for being so late, nobody and I mean NOBODY did live results online and I wasn't paying $13 for the live stream): Prelim matches: Joe Pearson beat John Hosman by submission...
    Dream Middleweight Grand Prix Bout: Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Melvin Manhoef Japanese MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba takes on Dutch striker Melvin Manhoef. Sakuraba has a 24-10-1 record and is a freelance...
  45. Holy S*&t ! - Elite XC
    Damn ! After KJ won, Nick came in the Ring and KJ's dad was talking mess and Nick lunged and him and KJ and a Big fight almost erupted if it wasn't for the officials and Bill Goldberg But overall it...
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  46. Dream 4 Live Play by Play, Results and Discussion
    I'll do it like I did last time Shinya Aoki (Pictures) vs. Katsuhiko Nagata (Pictures) Round 1 Aoki trips Nagata to the canvas but can not hold him down. Nagata stands but is tripped roughly to the...
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    It certainly looks like it's gonna be one of the supposed finalists. Before anything else, it would seem, judging by these two sources, that it won't be Amir. I doubt anyone were guessing it was him...
  48. Jesse Taylor
    You f**king idiot. I kinda have a tiny tiny suspicion that they where kinda looking for an excuse to CB back in but damn, why would you even take that risk? Foolish.
  49. Did the punishment fit the crime?
    Did getting the boot from the finale, after the show had completed , fit the crime of limo damage and "terrorizing" women at the hotel? ...and for the record, I'm suspicious of Dana's use of the word...
  50. TUF 7 Finale Official Results/Discussion (Spoilers)
    And we're underway! Prelim matches (may not air on TV): Rob Kimmons beat Rob Yundt by submission (guillotine) at 3:58 of round 1. Dean Lister beat Jeremy Horn by submission (guillotine) at 3:52 of...
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