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The place to discuss any events that you've seen already that may not be available for viewing yet by others around the globe. Do not post spoilers anywhere else but here, seriously.
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  1. TUF 6 espisode 1 *SPOILER* fighters but not fight result
    who do you like danzig (hughes) or scarola (serra), im rooting for danzig and team hughes. despite my rooting interest danzig has the edge anyhow because of his experience, from the looks of it he...
  2. Elite xc: Uprising
    Did anyone else notice for the main event, Ninja vs. Lawler, we were only able to pick between three rounds and not five? This fight is scheduled to go for five rounds, right? I am just curious and...
  3. elite xc.diaz beats aida
    very close fight.split decision,i thought aida was gonna get it.if you missed it,you missed out.
  4. lawler ko
    rd 3 tko
  5. K-1 Hero's Quick results (Spoilers)
    Just found results from today's fights, credit for these goes to MMAWeekly: Takenori Sato beat Kenji Nagai by submission (armbar) at 2:40 of round 1. Kazuyuki Miyata beat Harvey Harra by Submission...
  6. K1 Heros Event and Grand Prix Results *Spoiler*
    Here are the fight results of the K1 event this weekend: mmaweekly.com
  7. UFN 11 discussion (SPOILERS!) (PRELIMS!)
    I obviously don't have Spike so I'm only reading the PBP so I've already read the results of the prelims. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW DON'T SCROLL DOWN! So how are you doing this far? I'm 3-0 right now...
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  8. Maynard wins with a 9 second ko
    Jesus, he threw an immediate left hook and dropped the guy. Color me impressed. It looks like this guy is improving quite quickly.
  9. UFN 11 PLAY BY PLAY !!!! ALERT !!! SPOILERS !!!!!!!
    If you guys want to know what is happening then there is this cool PLAY BY PLAY ON SHERDOG SHERDOG PLAY BY PLAY
  10. NATE DIAZ!
  11. IFL finals results(SPOILERS)
    ill post the results here once they start coming in
  12. Cage Rage 23 Results
    Fight Results: Gary Turner over Julius Francis via tapout in the 2nd round. Vitor Belfort over James Zikic via unanimous decision. Paul Daley over Mark Weir via KO in 2nd round. Jean Silva over Chris...
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  13. UFC 76 PLAY PLAY
    Here is a play by play for those people who can't get the PPV SHERDOG PLAY BY PLAY
  14. BOW DOWN!!!
  15. Sept. 22, 2007... the day the TUFers took over!
    Two wins by TUFers over what at the begining of the year were everybodys no. 1 and no. 2 Light Heavies.... who'd of thunk it.
  16. Due to tonights events...
    As of tonight all pride fighters in the LHW division that have not competed in the UFC are going to be removed from my rankings. I have been suspicious of the HW division but now I am convinced that...
  17. The Ice is melted!!!!
    Chuck is done right?? I was so close to seeing wandy ,chuck fight i prolly wouldnt even wanna see it anymore! I just dont get it,jardine doesnt have a awesome chin and chuck nailed him tons of...
  18. UFC 76 PRELIMS
    Anthony Johnson vs Rich Clementi - http://www.veoh.com/videos/v1204709jpHsDaSx Scott Junk vs Christian Wellisch - http://www.veoh.com/videos/v1204295K2whHdDs Diego Saravia vs Jeremy Stephens -...
  19. TKO 30 (Spoilers Inside)
    1 Ilya Woronowski Defeats Sean Thompson By Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Round 2 @ 1:48 2 Adrian Wooley Defeats Adam Kastner By TKO (Strikes) Round 1 @ 1:30 3 Bob Landry Defeats Ray Noel De Tilly By...
  20. Bart P tap out in ifl
    im saying bart p because i have no idea how to spell his last name. anyways, what do you guys think about that call? it looked close as to whether or not he tapped but the way he was turning away...
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    Here is a play by play for all of those people who cannot get the Pay Per View UFC 77 PLAY BY PLAY
  23. \how are your picks doing??
    hows everyones picks doin? im pretty happy with mais's performance, cus i bet everything i had on him and also picked him to win by sub in rnd 1.....im bummed about jason black, i tought he would...
  24. Last night's fights
    Is anybody going to post the videos from last night or know where I can find them? I couldn't watch this one cause my friend wasn't doing it at his place and I don't have ppv.
  25. TUF Dan vs. Ben
    That fight should have definitly went to a 3rd round. I totally agree with hughes when he got pissed at the judges and commissioner. and dana agreed to. I hate to bash but the ufc judges suck ass....
  26. K-1 Hero's Korea Results
    Choi Young (RYO) def.Masanori Tonowoka Rd.1 TKO Magomed Sultanakhmadov def. Eun Soo Lee Rd.1 (pounding) Poai Suganuma def. Bernard Ackah Rd. 1 Referee stoppage (reverse armbar) Daisuke Nakamura def....
  27. IFL GP Play-by-play
    PBP I'm off to bed now. I've got all my money on Nelson and Fabiano so hopefully I'll read good news here when I wake up tomorrow. Good luck gentlemen!
  28. Shooto Back To Our Roots 6 Quick Results (Possible Spoilers)
    Just found the results for those interested, no further details or match times available yet... Takashi Nakakura def. Yusuke Endo by Unanimous Decision, 3 30-26s, to retain the 154 pound Pac-Rim...
  29. Elite XC Renegade Play by Play WARNING! SPOILERS!!!
    Elite XC Renegade
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  30. Mac Danzig
    Unbelievable domination on tonight's TUF. He really looked calm and in it to win it. Personally I haven't doubted him since the beginning, but I'm wondering if there are those out there who did doubt...
  31. omg salmon got f'd up again
    reminds me of the first crazy salmon ko
  32. prangley vs. vitale
    what a strange ending, i think prangley got the nod so he could continue, you hate to see a fight end in that fashion but what can yo u do.
  33. Overeem vs. Buentello
    Round By Round, Play By Play Coming Up
  34. Trevor Prangley Jorge Santiago
    Strike Force MW Tournament Finals. Play By Play Coming Up
  35. Cung Le & Sammy Morgan
    Round By Round, Play By Play Coming Up
  36. UFC 78 Results/PBP. Spoiler!
    Akihiro Gono vs. Tamden McCrory Round 1 McCrory roughed up Gono's body with knees from the clinch throughout the first three minutes and 45 seconds of the opening frame. Gono landed the occasional...
  37. Ryo Chonan (spoiler)
    What is with Asian fighters in the UFC!? Yushin Okami is one of the only fighters who has been effective in the UFC, and they gave him the boot. Is it the transition between cultures? Ryo Chonan I...
  38. Bisping v Evans (SPOILER)
    Rashad lucks out again! Rashad won round one obviously, even with the hug fest he put on during that round. Bisping out struck Evans slightly in the second. Evans got a couple of big shots in with...
  39. Tonights TUF
    I don't know if I can post it on the UFC section since it might be a spoiler since in other countries can't view yet or some crazy stuff like that I just saw this and it pissed me off... Hughes is...
  40. MMAJunkie confirms who comes back on TUF
    Anybody who doesn't want to see it, don't read this, but MMAJunkie confirms that......................drum roll...
  41. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER for last episode of TUF6
    The semifinal replacement for the guy who will be dropping out is John Kolocsi. No info on who the guy dropping out is though. It has to be a team Serra member otherwise they wouldn't have brought in...
  42. BodogFight 11/30 Quick Results With Oleg Taktarov (SPOILERS!)
    Quick results from yesterday's event in Moscow: Oleg Taktarov def. John Marsh by Submission (Kneebar) at 0:33, R2 Andrei Semenov def. Emyr Bussade by Unanimous Decision, R3 Alexander Shlemenko def....
  43. Cage rage 24 : feel the pain live result ( spoiler )
    i will uptade the post as soon as i can after each fights !! Murilo "Ninja" Rua vs Xavier "Professor X" Foupa-Pokam = RESULT Ninja rd 2 sub Drew Fickett vs Mark "The Wizard" Weir = RESULT Fickett rd...
  44. MAC VS TOMMY for the finale !!
    I am so happy with those 2 fighters in the finale !! And i was stunt by the beautiful KO that Tommy did to Georges !! It will be hard to pick the winner for the finale for sure ! also, i am already...
  45. K-1 starts in 10 minuets
    I'm so jacked! I'll be on here after to scream who won! I'm pulling for Remy, Aerts, or JLB. I just don't want Semmy, hong or Badr to win. Who's as jacked up as I am? I will stay up until 5 watching...
  46. TUF 6 Finale Live Results (Spoilers)
    Live results/updates: Unaired prelims: Jonathan Goulet beat Paul Georgieff by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:42 of round 1. Roman Mitchiyan beat Dorian Price by submission (ankle lock) in 23...
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  47. Floyd vs Hatton
    Sorry guys Floyd was just to great of a boxer for the Hitman. Floyd KO'd Ricky in the 10th round.
  48. WEC 31 Live Results Play by Play ( Spoilers )
    Here is the play by play for the people who can't watch the event Sherdog Play by Play
  49. WEC 31 in fight comments
    Here comes my boy Gandulla....THE NEW CHAMP BABY!!!
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  50. Wicked Suplex
    That suplex by Valencia was crazy. Haven't seen a good suplex in a long time. That got my blood flowing a little bit. Way to kick ass Valencia
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