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The place to discuss any events that you've seen already that may not be available for viewing yet by others around the globe. Do not post spoilers anywhere else but here, seriously.
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  1. WEC 28: Results Live FABER VS. FARRAR
    link Televised Bouts Chance Farrar vs. Urijah Faber Urijah Faber wins by rear naked choke at 3:19 of the first round. Rani Yahya vs. Mark Hominick Rani Yahya wins by rear naked choke at 1:19 of the...
  2. UFN 10.
    I'll be updating this as each Main Card fight goes on... What a CRAZY KO from McFedries, I did not expect that whatsoever. Knocked him on his ass and socked him up hard. Better KO from Anthony...
  3. dustin hazelet v. steven lynch result
    hazelett submits lynch in 1st round
  4. eddie sanchez v. colin robinson resut
    eddie sanchez knocks out robinson in 2nd round
  5. marcus davis v. jason tan result
    davis knocks out tan in 1st round
  6. scott smith v. ed herman result
    ed herman submits smith in 2nd round
  7. tyson griffin v. clay guida result
    tyson griffin wins by split decision
  8. Forrest Griffin VS. Hector Ramirez
    Griffin by UD
  9. Rich Franklin v. Yushin Okami
    Rich wins by UD
  10. Harry Potter Spoiler Thread
  11. Elite XC
    That was quick Edson Berto submits Joe Boxer with a Heel Hook 37 seconds into the 1st round
  12. K-1 Amsterdam
    Didnt keep track of all results, but a few of the bigger names... Manhoef won by KO in about 30 seconds... Peter Aerts def. Bob Sapp 30 seconds into the first with a single knee to the body. Sapp...
  13. Brian Geraghty vs. Matt Wiman result
    matt wilman wins by tko in 1st round
  14. Alan Berubie vs. Leonard Garcia result
    leonard garcia wins by 1st round tapout
  15. Robert Emerson vs. Gray Maynard result
    the fight is ruled a no contest in the 2nd round after maynard kncoks himself out and the ref stops emerosn cuz he was screaming in pain
  16. Andy Wang vs. Cole Miller result
    cole miller wins by 1st round tko
  17. Brandon Melendez vs. Joe Lauzon result
    joe lauzon wins by round 2 tapout
  18. Roger Huerta vs. Doug Evans result
    roger huerta wins by round 2 tko
  19. Thales Leites
    I called it 1st round Submission!
  20. pulver or penn?
    who is going to win?
  21. CFFC Results
    - Al Buck def. Brian Demuro by Unanimous Decision - Lyman Good def. Doug Gordon by Unanimous Decision - Nick Cantone def. John Howard by Unanimous Decision - Jim Miller def. Anthony Morrison by...
  22. RNC - Spoiler
    Good god that was a beautiful rear naked. The way BJ tied Jens' arm down with his leg was frickin awesome.
  23. Mark Bocek vs. Frank Edgar result
    frank edgar wins by 1st round tko
  24. Jason Gilliam vs. Chris Lytle result
    Chris Lytle wisn by 1st round tapout
  25. Diego Saraiva vs. Jorge Gurgel result
    gurgel wins by UD
  26. Mike Nickels vs. Stephan Bonnar result
    bonnar wins by 1st round tapout
  27. Heath Herring vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira result
    nogueira wins by split decision
  28. Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans
    It's a draw. Round one: 10-9 Otriz Round two: 9-9 (Tito lost a point for fence grabbing) Round three: 10-9 Evans
  29. florian vs. alvin
    kenny florian by submission first round
  30. Tito Vs Rashad fight....*Spoilers*
    Macarthy ****** Tito's fight up...... Who else does a ref deduct a point for holding the fence? Bs.... Guess thats what you get for being Tito Ortiz... I would include a poll to see who you all think...
  31. Rashad Takes Tito
    This is simply an IMO post. But i think in a rematch Rashad would take Tito and could've in this first fight. First round, Hands down Tito takes it. Rashad was very tentative; more so than in any of...
  32. Herb Dean/Dave Legeno - CR 22
    - - - - - - - - Dean unable to continue due to not being able to see out of his eye (no cut or anything) after winning the first round. He may have gassed, lol.
  33. butterbean lost
    by ground and pound.. wow
  34. Bodog July 14th results
    http://www.411mania.com/MMA/news/57084/411Mania%5C%5Cs-Bodog-Fight:-Alvarez-VS-Lee-Live-Play-By-Play-Coverage.htm David Love>Eben Oroz split dec Mark Bursh>Yoshiki Takahashi via TKO round 1...
  35. Harry Potter 7; spoilers.
    Here's what happens.
  36. IFL Play-by-play anywhere?
    Does anyone know when the event starts?
  37. Gonzaga's weaknesses & Poll (Read This)
    I just reviewed the 3 round fight that was Gonzaga's lone loss, it was against Fabricio Werdum, a top BJJ guy who had a weak showing against Arlovski in UFC 70. It was fairly a close match perhaps...
  38. Couture
    Couture is my hero. Wow! is all I can say. Absolute Street Beast
  39. Could Liddle step up to fight randy again
    Would the Couture War wagon keep oh a rollin!!!!! Or would Liddle be the second man to have held both belts
  40. Couture vs. Gonzaga, UFC 74 Video
    join the full fight on http://www.crocop.de/mirko-filipovic/ftopic80.html
  41. Jeremy Horn
    Jeremy Horn just lossed yesterday at an Art of War show, im pretty upset about this, what do you guys think about this?, and other thoughts on Horn as well, such as should he keep fighting, w/e you...
  42. Art of War III Play-by-Play
  43. I lost all my money again, this time in the Primary League, lol.. (Spoiler Alert)
    I had 2515 on Naoyuki Kotani and just lost it all. I guess if anyone wants to know who not to put their money on, all they have to do is ask who I am putting my money on, lol!
  44. UFC 75 Results (Spoilers)
    Live results from UFC 75: Jess Liaudin beat Anthony Torres by TKO (strikes) at 4:10 of round 1. Dennis SIver beat Naoyuki Kotani by KO at 2:04 of round 2. Thiago Silva beat Tomasz Drawl by KO at 4:23...
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  45. Kongo top 10 now
    God am I shocked , Kongo took it to Mirko , he landed some knees to the head and worked some good leg kicks
  46. Bullshit decision [Spoiler]
    Micheal Bisping got damn lucky. Damn, it helps being the fan favorite sometime, I am totally disgusted by the judges' decision. I thought Matt Hamill clearly won the 1st and 2nd round (some could...
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  47. Rampage vs Henderson.
    Rd 4 in Progress.
  48. nice k.o houston alexander
  49. CroCop...(spoiler)
    ...is never going to be successful in the UFC, and it pains my heart. I am such a big fan of his and was severely disappointed this evening. I don't know what the reasons wer, but Cheik was the...
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  50. Bisbing vs Hammil
    I voted for Bisbing to win this fight. However, I've never seen such a horrible decision in the entire time I've been an MMA fan. Hammil simply OWNED that wanker the entire fight.
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