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  1. What are you listening to right now?
    ...a must for just about any off topic forum Me: Sublime - Badfish
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  2. Where is the best place to live?
    Here in scotland its cold, wet and miserable. Having travelled a bit I would like to live in Puerto del carmen, Lanzarote, canaries. (for a while anyway). Where would you guys like to live?
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  3. Post pictures of your self.
    What he title says.. POST UP BOYS!
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  4. Whats your official record?
    Myne is just around 20-15 wins and 0 losses. All Tkos/Stoppage/KOS
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  5. So how far out of bounds.....
    I come from bullshido where there's almost no moderation. How badly are you going to beat us down with the moderation and toleration because we (meanin me) will pimp this site with many member (oh...
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  6. Are we aloud to verbally rape our team mates?
    I mean I have a cruel sense of humor and most of my team knows it. Are we allowed to be truthful and call them pussies?
  7. Best football team
    who is it
  8. favorite of my favorite teams?
    Which of these teams are good?
  9. Best Baseball Team?
  10. Favorite College Sports Team?
    I love all of these teams, which is best?
  11. Best NBA team?
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  12. Favorite Athlete?
    These are my favorites. which one is best?
  13. Poker?
    do we have any poker fans? Any online players, serious players? If so what sites do you frequent, how do you get on, and what is your username? It would be funny to play some games against each other...
    OHS NOS!!!! SICKRICK posted a thread in Fight Camp Central entitled EVIL SLUT , and I being the lover sluts I am- even evil ones- decided to check it out. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered...
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  15. Best NFL Defensive Player?
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  16. Your Friday night weapon of choice
    Well, choose your poison
  17. i have important news!!!
    Dai From the Omega camp keeps sending me Naked Pics of him and his cats... its pretty gross......
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  18. Sorry Randy Couture, but all your base are belong to us
    There's just no way that Randy can defeat big Tim. Big Tim wins via brutal scootbike collision. End of UFC68. Ok, j/k, but I honestly don't think Randy can beat Tim... just wanted an excuse to post...
  19. Favorite UFC fighter
    who is the best?
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  20. Awesome Japanese educational system video
    No wonder so many Japanese can speak English... Video highlites include: an awesome unexplained armpit zoom and the clever way in which the mugger wears his...
  21. Super Bowl
    who is going to win bears or colts
  22. Which bad NFL team will do good next year?
  23. Pride, UFC, or MMA altogether?
  24. Who would win if their was an MMA tourney?
  25. Best all around athlete?
    who djodfijfelkjelkej
  26. MMA Podcasts
    Anyone know of any other good ones? I've got the following in iTunes already. Fightworks The SavageDog Full Contact Fighter MMA Cast MMA Radio Those ones are cool, but having more variety is always a...
  27. End of ?
    So is this site going to end the legacy of the Sherdog forum? Hopefully the forums on this site stay more professional with none of that National Enquirer type crap!
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  28. Just Wondering
    Who else is on here while at work?
  29. melvin gulliard
    will melvin gulliard ever be champ?
  30. Your REAL Friday night weapon of choice.
    I actually thought the drinking thread was about weapons, so I figured I'd start a weapons thread. Does anyone carry anything for protection when heading out to town or somewhere potentially...
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  31. What is your favorite fight wear?
    I like Koral, Chute boxe, Nogi, Red nose and more whats your favorite ?
  32. Who would you love to see fight?
    I'm not talking about pro fighters here. Myself and a buddy of mine compiled a list of celebrity fights we'd like to see in High School. I could list them here but we came up with 183. So if you want...
  33. Rashad Evens super kick?
    describe it in one word
  34. Should fighters be penalized for marijuana use?
    Why is it such a big deal if someone has traces of marijuana in their blood, its not going to help them perform any better, its no different than having alcohol in your blood except for the fact that...
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  35. favorite cut of meat
    i must choose the almighty cow. you got burgers, steak, roasts etc.
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  36. Gif Thread?
    does anyone want to attempt to make a gif thread?
  37. Who Should be Number 1 in NCAA Baskeball?
    Look at poll and do it
  38. Super Bowl XLI Champs Poll
    Point spread is 7 points favoring Indy via badlands. Over Under is 48 Points and its on this weekend.. Lets get some feedback on this game! I got the Bears Upsetting Indy. Indy defense stepping up...
  39. What do you think is the best system to game on?
    I was wondering what you all think about which (next gen) system is the best for gaming. PC, 360, PS3, or Wii?
  40. can CC KO a horse
    haha i was reading the description of this forum and i seen this as an example. Do you think CC could KO a horse? I think the horse would look like this afterwards
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  41. How are you?
    whats your name, how old are you and where are you from? My name is Haraldur Óli 21yr old from Reykjavík, Iceland
  42. What's the best show within a show?
    So you see the poll. Go ahead and vote and if there are any you feel deserve to be on this list that aren't just vote Other and be sure to post your feelings.
  43. What is your favorite toilet paper?
    The question is what is your preferred brand of ass wipe. Cottony soft or do you prefer a quilted quicker picker uper.
  44. Strangely addictive stupid flash game Can barely break 1,000 on it
  45. Could Fedor destroy the "300?"
  46. I sponsor fighters.
    Hey everyone come join my fight team. I write my team name on my pants in PERMANENT marker and then go to bars and start calling people pussies. So if you join my fight camp it's like you are...
  47. Pepsi or Coke?
    Which Cola do you think is better?
  48. funniest shows still left on TV
    I'd vae to gop with 1. Physch 2. Scrubs 3. Dexter (yes , I know it's probably not supposed to be funny, but it cracks me up everytime Dex and Dokes are in a room together)
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  49. Favre's back
    just had to post, we wisconsinites are celebrating with a UFC event tomorrow, some brats, and many many Miller products
  50. hmmm crocop vs horse
    anybody have a pic of cro cop koing a horse? we all know hes tried it
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