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  1. Reminder: Fall Back This Weekend!
    Don't forget that if you're on DST, set your clocks BACK 1 hour at 2 AM ET Sunday morning. Extra hour's sleep! Too bad there's no late night MMA Saturday night.
  2. Tom from MySpace finally gives Facebook a shot
  3. OK, So Just When Did "Comparable" Come To Mean "Crossover"?
    It's almost funny. As a few people might know already, I was in a serious car accident last week that left my old car totaled (physically I'm fine, was shaken up and a little sore from my seat belt...
  4. Fedor! Oh Fedor! (must see)
    Classic! Pure Awesomeness
  5. Dynasty Mode on NHL games
    Anyone play this? I love this mode lol making trades and signing free agents is the best.
  6. mmap: zombie survival thread
    Ok, here we will debate what items to have to survive the zombie apocalypse. I will update the thread with agreed upon items. Things to remember. Lets say the spread of the disease is equivalent to...
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  7. War Machine Now Doing Porn,Signed With DigitalPlayground
    Well, this new development is appropriately terrifying for Halloween. War Machine, the fighter formally known as Jon Koppenhaver, has decided to do away with any lingering shreds of dignity that...
  8. Matt Hughes is a Bad Dude
    saw this, the first minute made me crack up, the rest got repetitive. Youtube Link
  9. Happy Halloween
    happy halloween everyone
  10. Interior Crocodile Alligator. Well worth the check out, trust me.
    Interior Crocodile Alligator (I think this would be worth your time)
  11. MMA Shocker: Fedor Mending Fences With Armbarred Bear
    Uh...yeah, it's weird but funny. From Weekly's blog: The MMA media can ask some pretty darn funny questions at times, and not intentionally. Of many zingers on Monday's Strikeforce conference call...
  12. WWE Finishes Production On MMA Film "Knucklehead"
    Coming next spring starring WWE giant Paul Wight, aka WEEEEEELLLLLLLL, Well It's The Big Show! Now before you start thinking about how...
  13. POLL: Cotto vs. Pacquiao
    Who and How? Pac, Decision
  14. Whether you're white or black, the Red House furniture store is for you.
    Red House
  15. Movie Review: Paranormal Activity
    My Ratings System based on Midgets and Hot Dogs. Midgets 1 Midget - This movie was cool. 2 Midgets - A pleasantly surprising movie. 3 Midgets - Really cool movie. Had a story /made me laugh. Circus...
  16. For all the DMX fans excited to see him fight...
    interview this guy is what most pro athletes should aspire to be like...
  17. Daft Hands
    Hopefully i dont waste peoples time with this one Heres the Link just think of the amount of practice this took
  18. # 27, Congrats Yankees
    Congrats to the NY Yankees for finally bringing #27 home. Ill be at the parade on Friday. Go Yanks
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  19. Dana Is Heartbroken...
    Because his Ferrari loses to a "Hyundai-Rent-A-Car" by TKO (rear-ending said Hyundai) in round 4. Dana White's custom Ferrari just got its ass kicked by something with a total disregard for the...
  20. ESPN Trade Machine Generates The Best NBA Trade Ever!
    Chicago gets Carlos Boozer, PF. Utah gets C. Tuna, Fish. And another 70+ wins all for the low, low price of $1.99. To me this is legit very funny.
  21. SURVEY: Most over-rated rapper of all-time?
    My vote...
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  22. Is it possible to be too pretty?
    I was looking at one of those muscle ads on mmaplayground today where the guy gets a perfect 6 pack in like, 9 hours. Anyway, alot of these guys are like models, the women too, and they aren't...
  23. The Best Skilled Boxers of all time
    What do you think are the best skilled boxers of all time. I think Ali, roy jones, tyson, sugar ray.
  24. David Haye v Nikolai Valuev
    Probably not a lot of press coverage around the US about this - partly due to it being a WBA title - but there's plenty over here with one of the fighters (Haye) involved. Aside from the expected...
  25. Ochocinco's antics,200914 Hilarious, or despicable?
  26. Visually Impaired Gamer Sues Sony
    It's not uncommon for blind gamers to feel invisible in addition to visually impaired. For instance, when gamer Brandon Cole wrote THQ a letter suggesting changes to make its Smackdown series of WWE...
  27. 12 Pound Root Looks Like Little Boy
    Baffled scientists are trying to get to the root of this astonishing plant dug out of the ground by a Chinese farmer. The two foot tall root weighs in at a massive 12 lbs and bears an amazing...
  28. Modern Warfare 2 is KILLER!!
    I got this gem at the midnight launch in Aus. I cant believe the improvements they have made, It runs so smooth and just plays plays really well. Who else is getting this game?
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  29. Elizabeth Lambert
    Didn't see this posted on here,sorry if it was but DAMN! She should get into womens MMA if she's got that much anger built up in her.
  30. Pat Barry is hilarious (with pics)
  31. who's gonna win Superbowl XLIV
    hey whats up fellow Americans I'm really getting into the NFL this season since it became available on our free to air sports channel in Aus i thought i might make a poll on who's gonna win the next...
  32. Happy birthday to me!
    Meh, just felt like the playground should know it is lol Oh and also happy remembrance day
  33. Happy Veteran's day
    To all the playground vets and active duty or reservists. Please pass this along from me over to any of your family members who may be veterans as well!
  34. Universal Truths
    Points of observation from my years on this rock. Feel free to share other "truths" that you have discovered. No religious/political. 1) When getting nekkid in front of a chick never let the last...
  35. I need some help
    My most recent assignment in my English class has me stumped. I have to write an essay on "Am I worthy of living". I'm not asking you to tell me whether or not I am personally worthy of life, but I...
  36. Ronnie Coleman vs. Jay Cutler
    in an actual fight....who takes it??? haha i would choose Ronnie by complete decimation! thoughts?
  37. And Now, As I Like To Say, The News Of The Night...
    Remember that thread I made a while back about a drunk La-Z-Boy driver? Now there's a drunk lawn tractor driver...busted while going to get more beer. EXPORT, Pa. (AP) - Pennsylvania State Police say...
  38. Any Wolfmother fans here?
    What do you think of Cosmic Egg ? I'm loving it.
  39. Video of Liddell, Intoxicated and getting annoyed at the paparazzi!
    He is a little drunk and maybe about to do something silly, I hate the damn paparazzi. They are trying SOOO hard to make him mess up.
  40. UTenn. to unveil new logo on helmet to draw attention away from the robbery scandal...
    in case you missed the story...
  41. Amazing Horse
    Alright, my turn to post a stupid video. I found it hilarious, now I want to see what the MMAPlayground video death squad thinks of it lol...
  42. We need a chat room!
    Anyone else think a chat room so we can BS during the fights would be cool? Or maybe a facebook like Chat where you can have one on one chats with others on the site. Just a thought.
  43. Patriots had to get all cocky!
    I am a Patriots fan, but to play that 4th down with 2 minutes left in their own territory was absolutely stunning, I couldn't believe they did that. That was a sheer cocky move and one that didn't...
  44. "Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer."
    R.I.P. Edward Woodward, English actor and star of the American television series, The Equalizer , one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. Fans of La Femme Nikita may recall that Woodward played...
  45. Randy Vs Coleman *spoiler*
    Pre-recorded fight?! whaaat? Youtube caught all the action! LINK
  46. Pacquiao-Cotto: 1.25 Million Buys
    Decided not to put this in News Share since it's boxing-related: ESPN is reporting that the fight Saturday night did 1.25 million PPV buys. Keep in mind that this went opposite at least part of UFC...
  47. Work In Progress
    I have a few writing projects that I'm working on. I started this one recently, so it's a quick read thus far and decided to submit it here for your possible enjoyment/critique. This particular work...
  48. Looking back at my past picks...
    I was lookin back at my past picks just now, lookin at who I picked, and how drunk I was while makin em. 2 came across as funny as hell Look at the pick for the Houston Alexander Link#1 Look at my...
  49. Why Brock would beat Fedor (Video)
    Link: This makes me mad
  50. Swine Flu (H1N1) - Anybody Got/had It ?
    So yesterday i was diagnosed with Swine Flu. It's getting to be pretty common in the UK, with quite a few people i know being struck down just recently. I feel like crap and i have to stay indoors...
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