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  1. who makes you lol the most
    ok for whatever reason the poll got screwed but ok well who is the best stand up comic of all time for me its Carlin he is just the man flat out genius
  2. Teen Attacks School Bus Driver
    Be prepared, this is pretty bad. link
  3. Police seize 1.5 million in drugs from Phish concert
    LINK Wow. Talk about profiling... this is crazy! I don't know whether to laugh out loud or be pissed as hell.
  4. Awesome UFC drinking game!
    Cagepotato have come through for us all in the past but never like this! I doubt anyone will last out the first round if the rules are followed but here they are!: - Take a drink if Mike… -Says,...
  5. What does one TRILLION dollars look like?
    I saw this in Sherdogs WR..I like it LINK
  6. Interested In Being An MMA Reality TV Family?
    Click "but there must be at least a few teens living in the home". Uh, don't we already have such a show with that premise? I think it's called The Ultimate Fighter. (They do act like it sometimes)
  7. Spike's Deadliest Warrior
    Just saw the promo on Spike looks like it could be kinda cool, especially if you are a history buff. It showed Liddell on there, wonder in there will be more MMA guys participating. Spike's Deadliest...
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  8. Any Photoshop studs here???
    If so, I'm wondering if you'll do something for me. I'd like to use the layout of the "Tapout" logo, which can be seen here... BUT...I'd like for it to say "RIP" instead. Any takers?
  9. Papelbum Calls Out Manny...Again?
    Too bad the Dodgers & SAWX won't meet this season unless it's in the World Series after Jonathan Papelbum's latest comments on Manny Being Manny: Jonathan Papelbon is apparently still unhappy with...
  10. Army Intelligence Analysts
    I have to tell everyone... The recruiter finally got my ASVAB results back and i got a 90. I have chosen to be an Intelligence Analysts and will be shipping out in just over 3 weeks! I cant wait!!!...
  11. Chain Reaction Story
    I'm bored and thought of a something to do, I start out using 3-5 words and the next person uses 3-5 words and so on until it eventually makes a tall tale or story of different thoughts. Make sure...
  12. UFC Undisputed 2009 video game introductions preview
  13. New BJ Penn Shirt
  14. vampire remains found
    Well its somthing I have never heard of what they would do to vampires LinK
  15. Nagging Wife For Sale
    A British man fed up with his wife's complaints advertised her for sale -- and got a number of offers. LINK
  16. Your Opinion: "Fighting In Hockey"
    I'm a die hard Hockey fan, and a die hard Bruins fan, however with the recent talks of eliminating Fighting from hockey, i'm questioning where this league will go. Recently, general managers from all...
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  17. Favorite Boxers of All-Time
    Here's a list of my favorite boxers ever...Feel free to share all of yours. 1. Mike Tyson(mainly because of his ko's, his trashtalking and interviews were hilarious) 2. Rocky Marciano 3. Arturro...
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  18. cheick kongo = sagat (Jimbo vs LaosPowerHouse)
    My buddy LaosPowerHouse challenged me to a photoshop-off, we had to change Cheick Kongo into Sagat from Street Fighter. The playground is going to have to decide a winner. For mine i tried to...
  19. Another Tragic Pro Wrestling Death
    Andrew Martin, best known for his days as Test in WWE, has been found dead in his apartment at the age of 33. He would have been 34 in four days. Authorities in Tampa, Florida, where Martin lived,...
  20. Go buy Resident Evil 5
    Wow. This may have THE best co-op story mode ever. Redonkulous. I have been waiting for this damn game to come out forever. Lets hear what games you guys and gals will be or have been cheesin'...
  21. What do you really get what you pay for?
    just thinking of things you should not try and save money on, or in other words what do you truly get what you pay for. just a couple from me are, dont try and save money on: Tattoos- seen too many...
  22. slideshow gif
    does anyone know of a site where i can make a slideshow gif, that i can stick a whole bunch of pictures together for a signature gif.
  23. Mask crash photos
    For those of you who haven't seen them:
  24. Louisville Cardinals baby!!!!!
    Were the Big East Champs and the #1 overall seed in the NCAA tourny!!!! this is our year to win it all. I love march madness
  25. Why You Don't Leave a Child Alone With a Terrier. Where's The Parents
  26. BJ Penn New Navy Secretary
    The 74th Secretary of the Navy, Donald C. Winter, resigned his office today as planned. Winter had agreed to remain in office until March 13, 2009, to ease the transition of the Department of...
  27. Street fighting with Lee Murray
    Lee Murray was/is a bad man. Fightlinker's 'best bits' Original Sherdog thread
  28. Jack Osbourne Training Muay Thai
  29. mma dvds
    Does anyone no where i can get any dvd with full fighters career from i downloaded fedor's the other week. I bought anderson silva out of a magazine just wondering if anyone has got any and where did...
  30. resident evil 5 online doesn't work for me on ps3
    does any one know whats wrong? each time i try to play online with my friend it says, "The host has ended the game" when he's telling me on the phone he's still playing, vice versa too.
  31. Best reciever in the NFL?
    Is it Larry Fitzgerald who used to be a water boy. Is it Randy Moss who was charged with battery before going to the NFL. Is it Jerry Rice, who may have been, just a product to the brand new west...
  32. Scars, birthmarks or injuries you've had
    (Scars) *Right Elbow, fell skateboarding *Right Hip, fell skateboarding -Right Shoulder, fell biking or street hockey, idk -Left Hand, dug a pebble from my hand from skateboarding -Right Hand, cats...
  33. Best running back in the NFL?
    Who is the current best RB in the NFL today? Williams - 1518 Yds, 18 TDs, 0 Fum, 121 ReYds, 2 ReTDs Turner - 1699 Yds, 17 TDs, 2 Fum, 41 ReYds Peterson - 1760 Yds, 10 TDs, 4 Fum, 125 ReYds Jones -...
  34. NCAA Tourny Upsets
    Just curious, what upsets do you have picked in the 1st round? I have seed 12 Arizona beating 5 seed Utah, 9 seed Texas A&M beating 8 seed BYU (not really a upset), 10 seed Michigan beating 7 seed...
    If you want to join one last bracket competition before the tournament start, drop me a line IMMEDIATELY. There's one stipulation and I'll discuss that with you through PM. me via PM as...
  36. SURVEY: How many pages of PM's do you have in your Playground Inbox?
    48 pages here. I could probably delete them all but it's almost fun (I know, I'm lame) to go back and read some of the older ones occasionally.
  37. NCAA Final 4 Predictions
    Wake Forest -vs- Memphis Pittsburgh -vs- North Carolina Memphis 74 - UNC 70 Memphis = NCAA Champs
  38. need help finding a band
    Heard a band on the radio, it was exilis or something close to that. Hard rock type music, I can't remember any of the words to the song lol, if anyone can tell me what band it might be there are...
  39. DVD Ripper
    Does anyone know of a good dvd ripper, and if having such dvd ripper, would be able to hook me up with it? Thanks ahead of time.
  40. Bully Beatdown Trailer
    Brand new MTV show, hosted by "The Craziest Man in MMA" Jason Mayhem Miller. Premieres Sunday March 22nd at 9:30 Pm only on MTV. link
  41. am i the only one who......
    Still loves Fruity Pebbles...those things are incredible!! I just finished a bowl and it reminded me how it stomps all of its competition... "Fruity Pebbles is the Fedor of the cerial bowl" - Me
  42. Battlestar Galactica Finale
    Decided to wait until the morning after to post this, but it's finally over...perhaps the greatest series of our time. A hell of a last 2 hours it was last night! It answered pretty much all of my...
  43. Robin Van Persie vs. Jay Baruchel - Look-a-like
    Anyone else see it?
  44. Antonio Silva loses foot?
    Anybody heard anything about this? I heard a rumor that one of the nog brothers had a mortor cycle accident and was going to loose a foot, but word is now it was apparantly silva? I figured id put...
  45. NCAA div. 1 wrestling finals
    Does anyone know where i can find the live stream for the NCAA div. 1 wrestling finals?
  46. Fedor on Sport Science
    Anybody catch it? Supposedly his rear naked choke is 12 times more powerful than a 9 foot constrictor's. 500 lbs of force, and he held it for 10 seconds. Pretty intense, although I think an Anaconda...
  47. Former EliteXC champ K.J. Noons drops decision in weekend boxing bout
    Former EliteXC champ K.J. Noons' stumbled in his return to boxing on Saturday when he suffered a unanimous-decision loss to James Countryman at TKO Boxing's "3 The Hard Way" event at U.S. Bank Arena...
  48. More Dana Being Dana
    Some recent comments/soundbites from Dana I just found on Cage Potato: (The #1 clown in Las Vegas poses with some guy named Charlie. Props: via MMA Splatter.) “How do I feel about...
  49. World Baseball Classic - Championship
    Anyone watching it tonight, or watched it earlier tonight. Korea rallies in the bottom of the night to take this game to extra innings. Japan has men on third and second with two out and two strikes....
  50. Joe Rogan's ink (sleeve)
    Not sure if it's been posted yet but i couldn't find anything Check out Rogan's sleeve link As with the guy in the link I don't normally like sleeves but this ones pretty awesome. Must have taken...
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