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  1. Matt Cassel traded
    matt cassel traded to the chiefs for undisclosed draft pick
  2. I hate
    People who have profile pictures on like myspace, or facebook, or whatever, of themselves in sparing gloves, shirts off, striking a pose. Its gay. Dont do it, unless you want everybody to know you...
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  3. Haha what are the odds
    I was watching Criss Angel (I know I know its bad but its all thats on.) Anyways he's doing a trick on Gene Simmons and standing in the background watching it all go down is Randy Couture. It's just...
  4. American Gladiators Who Didn't Make The Cut
    Just saw this. Werd
  5. 'Fighting' Trailer
    See if you can spot Cung Le LINK
  6. Biggest impact player in the NFL draft?
    Im curious who everyone thinks will make the biggest impact coming out of the draft this season. If anyone needs to see a draft prediciton or a few here some are: Draft 1 Draft 2 Draft 3 Draft 4...
  7. Season record
    Do any mma fighters have your mmaplayground season record. I'm still trying to find a 31-9 fighter
  8. Man accused of stuffing his cat in to a bong...
    STORY As horrible as this is, I can't help but laugh my ass off. "This cat was just dazed," Sgt. Andy Stebbing said. "She was on the front seat of the cop car, wrapped in a blanket, and never moved...
  9. NHL trade deadline
    Alright guys the trade deadline is coming up. Use this thread to post updates on trades your team is making or just big trades. Jersey traded Salmela to Atlanta for Havelid but that's it so far. They...
  10. Marty Brodeur
    Just came back after missing 50 games with an injury, and has won his three games since returning, two of those games were shutouts, earning him his 100th career shutout, and bringing him even closer...
  11. Songs that are perfect fit for a scene in a movie
    I gotta go with Stuck In The Middle With You in Reservoir Dogs while the guy is dancing around torturing the cop. Gotta be one of the best movie scenes I have ever seen, and definitely one of the...
  12. Addicting Game
    Used to play this in class all the time. It's really addicting especially when you figure out how to do well at it. Pinch Hitter 2
  13. Unbleached Wheat Flour
    Does anyone here know if eating foods with unbleached wheat flour is bad for you?
  14. Funniest Expose Video Ever
    Funniest Expose Video Funny ****!!!
  15. Can Quinton Jackson Say A Sentence That Doesn't End With "Whoop(ing) Someone's Ass?"
    I don't think so after this tidbit from Weekly's blog: "Me, I'm the type of fighter, I don't deal with other types. I want to be able to whoop somebody's ass knowing that I whooped their ass because...
  16. How to Stack Tires
  17. Any trivia fans out there?
    i love useless trivia and playing along with shows like jeopardy at home thinking im smarter than the contestants on there(which anyone thats read my posts knows isnt true) and my buddy sent me a...
  18. Look at how Gay Hardcore Dancing is
    I couldn't stop laughing Vid 1 Vid 2
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  19. Need your help
    So my sister decided to try and download Kazaa lite on my i'm up to my ass in pop ups and my comp runs like ****. Anyone have any free programs like ad aware to remove this crap? Help...
  20. The Future Of MMA, Straight From Japan
    Hilarious video I found on Cage it any wonder why we love the Japanese so much? Much...
  21. Interesting Read
    I am Jack's younger self
  22. you know you are fat when... do this ah stereotypes, you can be funny just as you are cruel
  23. Edgar Cayce the lesser known American Nostradamus
    I was wondering how many people have heard of this man. He has a VERY impressive track record (check out his WWII readings). Rasputinlike. Even if you are anti Nostradamus and anything of that nature...
  24. Dog sleep walking on Yahoo (video)
    I can't decide if this video is flat out hilarious, or just really sad. Either way, it'll make you laugh and then cry, and who can ask for more than that?!
  25. who's your guitar hero?
    so, who's your favorite guy(s) you like to listen to shred the guitar? hands down, mine would have to be tom morello from rage against the machine
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  26. If you're going to hide an engagement ring in your girlfriend's food...
    propose before challenging her to an eating contest! Story
  27. The Half Million Dollar Shot Prank
    Link The guys over at college humor have had a prank war going on for some time. pretty awesome one if you ask me.
  28. Dallas cuts TO! AHHHHHHH HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA! Justice! Finally! The dream is alive! We actually have a chance to be win this year now. This makes my...
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  29. Did anyone ever start a Playground March Madness league on Yahoo?
    DCRage? RampageOwnedYou? I remember someone saying they were going to do it, but I can't remember who it was. If not, I can do it... Let me know.
  30. I'll have the Poo Poo Platter, please...
    Diners eat from toilets and drink from urinals... Strange!!!
  31. I'm feeling lucky
    Haha you know how there is that I'm feeling lucky button under the search bar on google? There are a couple that are pretty funny when you search. Find Chuck Norris French Military Victories
  32. George Bush Singing Sunday Bloody Sunday
    lol. Here it is
  33. Banzai
    Anyone ever watched this show. You bet on the outcomes of a whole bunch of stuff. It's probably my favourite show of all time but its not on tv anymore where I live at least. I'll post some of the...
  34. Skeletor vs Beastman
    Funny song by Gnar Kill Not work safe though boys sorry. Skeletor vs Beastman
  35. Who's been to jail?
    I'm curious who here has been to jail? Maybe only a day or a few days or a year? I went to jail in 04 for reckless driving. BTW street racing is bad! I got clocked at 82 in a 35mph zone and the cops...
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  36. Haye vs. Klitschko Set
    It looks like IBF/WBO heavyweight champion will be facing David Haye on June 20 after all. The Ring Online is reporting that the match-up has been agreed on following final negotiations on a venue....
  37. What did/will you have for lunch today?
    Fried Shrimp Po' Boy w/jalapeno tartar sauce ...and Scooby Snacks (basically seasoned potato wedges) w/Cucumber dipping sauce. Lunch will be delivered at noon. I'm so friggin' hungry right now. The...
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  38. Who Wins?
    Techno Viking vs Keith Jardine
  39. The Watchmen (no spoilers, please)
    I went and saw it today. Let me get some quick details out of the way- First off- I've never read the comics. This movie is about 2 hrs and 40 minutes long. Only about 20 minutes of that is action....
  40. Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe - Wrestling vs. MMA
  41. Movies to be re-made?
    it seems that hollywood is in a remaking old movies phase. some have been good, some have sucked. with that said what old movie would you like to see get remade? and if you want to go further, who...
  42. Owens is now a BUFFALO BILL!!!!
    YYYEEEEESSS!!!!! My team for 21 years now, has finally made a signing I approve of!! One of my fav wide receivers of all time has signed with my favorite team, the BUFFALO BILLS! Yes we all know T.O...
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  43. Your most annoying song of all time
    I'm not sure if this question has been posted before but , I am curious to know which song in your opinion is the most annoying of all time. This question is sparked by the choice selection of fine...
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  44. girl scout cookies...
    I love these things. they are delicious. thin mints and carmel delights. but the cut their portions and upped their prices. but they are still delicious. anyone agree?
  45. Weather-Man With Tourette Syndrome
    i just came across this on youtube link makes you wonder why would they hire someone with tourettes for this job
  46. Khan In Great Shape for Barrera on Mar. 14
    Amir Khan showed all the benefits of a lengthy training camp in California today as he wowed the press during a media workout in Bolton. Looking in the shape of his life, Khan vowed to set up a...
  47. survey for my business class.
    I had to make a market analysis survey for a fake business plan for my business class. I chose my business to be an MMA gym. and I need at least 10 people to take the survey. problem was I left my...
  48. UFC 96 entrance songs
    anyone know them because these songs were pretty damn good.
  49. UFC Undisputed roster
    I just thought it would be cool to have a thread we can keep updated with the roster for the upcoming game which we can drag back up whenever somebody finds a new confirmed fighter or whatever....
  50. Super UFC Bros.
    Funny video that won it's creator a trip to Dana White's St. Patrick's Day party in Boston....
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