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  1. Happy 60th, John Carpenter
    Today we toast one of the great Black Belts of film-making (my ratings are out of 5 stars). Dark Star * * * (1974) Weird little movie, this. Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) * * * Halloween * * * * *...
  2. The importance of a good education.
    Old, but I still laugh everytime. Link
  3. do you remember highschool?
    this is probably the coolest aussy kid ive ever seen. he just flat out doesnt give a shit hahah. link
  4. Who's your Favorite/ Best Drummer ever ?
    Mine is Chris Adler , he was a bass player who took up the drumsand started tearing it up. As the best drummer goes I would have to go with Virgil Donati Tell me what you think
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  5. Guy plays an amazing version of Pride FC theme on the guitar.
    Pretty talented guy for sure. Link
  6. funniest thing ive seen on teh internetz
    this has got to be one of them: field sobriety test
  7. The Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientology Tried to Suppress
    I'm not normally into celeb news, but I saw this mentioned in the paper today and it piqued my interest. See it while it is available because the CoS is closing these down ASAP. Video From the site:...
  8. Trailer for a movie I made
    LINK Whats up guys. My names Kev ive been a member for a while. Me and my friends are MMA fans but we also like to have a good time. This is the trailer for a video I made some footage is pretty old...
  9. NYC where do you watch the fights?
    Hey, I live in NYC and been going to this shitty BW3 to watch the fights. I wondered if anyone knows a better place in the city that may not be that crowded where I can watch the fights. Reliablity a...
  10. If you want to help speed up the release of UFC for 360 and PS3 *READ*
    If you are like me and want to see this game get released, rather then it happening in 09 or not at all go check link. Its a petition that will be sent to the UFC to let them know how many people...
  11. Chuck...the pimp? LOL
    Here is a small video clip of Liddell pimping those hoes....I mean, just another ordinary night out on the town for the Iceman. Is it just me, or does he sound a little wasted? here's the clip:...
  12. The Five Most Horrifying Bugs in the World
    Damn, i thought i was scared of bugs before Link
  13. This Guy can Shred
    Link My buddy showed me this one day theres few different versions but this kid can play..
  14. MMA Movie Advertisements
    I know not great quality so i dont need critisim feel free to make your own or add some
  15. Addicting Painting Game
    I know the rule about addicting games here, but you cant really call this a game. Just a strangely addictive...thingy? Link (the faster you move the mouse the less concentrated the light is, and the...
  16. WE ARE GOING TO BE #1!
    This is Blakeon making an avatar bet that team powerplay is going to winwhatever division they are in in the end of season three any takers i know this is cockey but hey, when your #1 you want to...
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  17. Saw Cloverfield
    Thought it was really good.Anyone else see it?
  18. Fantasy Baseball
    Anyone do fantasy baseball? I do all sports, but I came across not sure if anyone is willing to put down this much money, I am. But its a...
    Please tell me UFC 80 is going to be aired at 10pm EST. If not, I f*cked up and missed it.
  20. UFC 80 Videos : The Ultimate Video Hound
    Just uploaded 1 fight from UFC 80, Joe Stevenson vs B.J. Penn, I'll have all 9 of them up as soon as I get them uploaded. I'll keep on adding videos on this thread on a direct link so you can just...
  21. Trinidad and Jones VS UFC 80
    Who had the largest amount of viewers? (stadium + PPV)
  22. JBL returns to the wwe ring.
    JBL " Jhon Bradshaw Layfield" returns to the ring. For more info go
  24. warm and fuzzy feeling
    check out this guys face hahahha LOL
  25. Avengers Assembling, in Hollywood.
    Marvel Comics has long been rumored to have an "Avengers" feature film on the drawing board . Then, it was confirmed that Samuel L. Jackson has a cameo in the upcoming "Iron Man" film , as an...
  26. Kimbo Slice + Mayhem Miller do lunch
    sorry not sure where i can post links to interviews. Fight Instinct
  27. Nationwide Arena
    Anyone been to Nationwide Arena ever? I'm lookin for tickets to UFC 82. So i'm tryin to see if even the upper deck seats are a farely good view. So just tell me if they are pretty good seats. Thanks.
  28. Randy Couture Meets Fedor Emelianenko in Los Angeles(different)
    i know this has been posted before, but the other posts only had a couple of pictures, and i found a link where they show all of them ,i its about 50 or so pictures LINK
  29. Need help identifying a fight I saw on Max Exposure (tv show)
    I was watching the TV show Maximum Exposure the other night and they showed a clip of a UFC/Pride style fight a huge black guy and smaller (but still pretty big) asian guy. the black guy tools on the...
  30. *Pic* Chris Farley lives on!
    Apparently he hit up the ol' sperm bank before he left us
  31. here some good KO to watch
    link get the pop corn
  32. watch this
    idk if this was posted on here or not but for the people who have not seen it, its pretty funny makes my wanna see tank vs kimbo, has some f bombs in it just so oyu no link
  33. ref or fighter? lol
    lol this ref is the king of the ring link
  34. Brock Lesnar better than Anderson Silva!!!!!
    I know it is crap.... but funny!!!! Lesnar beat Kim, who beat Punk Minowa, who beat Phil Baroni, who beat Chonan, who beat ANDERSON SILVA!!!!! Mir doesn't have a chance against that pedigree!!!!!
  35. Car of Choice?
    i'm in the final stages of selling my car and have the car i want to buy narrowed down to two choices: 2002 BMW 325Ci or 2002 lexus is300 from what i hear, the lexus' service is much better than bmw,...
  36. Heath Ledger found dead in New York apartment.
    Hollywood actor Heath Ledger has been found dead at a downtown Manhattan residence, a New York Police Department spokesman has said. Heres the Link I know this has got noting to do with mma but he...
  37. Create your own superhero
    Hero Machine 2.5
  38. Great video! CroCop punks Mauro
    Lol you can see the fear in his eyes Link
  39. The Beatles Survey
    I need to do some primary research for an essay. Do my survey :) Age group: 10-15 16-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51+ 1. Preferred music style: (e.g rock, pop, r+b, jazz, etc) 2. Are you familiar with the...
  40. The Falling sand game
    Hopefully this isn't the straw that breaks the camel's back. i.e. too many games posted. Falling Sand
  41. pros vs joes
    lol kurt looks like he would kill those guys, anyone like this show?
  42. How do I Delete an account completely?
    Please help me with that... I have two accounts..
  43. Hopkins vs. Calzaghe
    Another big boxing main event is coming up on April 19 as Bernard Hopkins will face unbeaten super-middleweight Champion Joe Calzaghe in Las Vegas in a non-title match, to be broadcast live on HBO....
  44. MMA newsworthy? or not?
    At the moment of this writing, this article is the first item listed on the homepage of Why o why? Who knows?!
  45. Couture wants Fedor (video)
    Fight Instinct
  46. Starting this season out alot better than last season
    Im finally back on track with my picks i started out horribly last year but this year im doing better did anyone else have a hard time getting there picks right last year? There were alot of upsets...
  47. Animated MMA Gif's I know several people have asked for help with creating animated Gif', if you've never seen the site before, then enjoy. They seem to create a handful of Gif's after each...
  48. Is THIS What MMA Is Coming To?
    From today's Wrestling Observer news update: Tonya Harding has an MMA match tomorrow night in Mobile on a show headlined by Butterbean vs. Tom Howard...
  49. Frank Mir: "Show him what kind of mistake he made." Talk about Brock Lesnar (video)
    Fight Instinct and heres a pic of stevenson vs penn. blood squirt
  50. Great UFC Fight hype Parody Video
    Very well put together and funny. Its a little old but I don't think its been posted here before. Link
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