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  1. Tito Ortiz on The Apprentice???
    I was watching t.v. yesterday and saw tito ortiz on the commercial for celebrity apprentice...i'm not joking. is this another cry for attention on the part of tito? i mean, why would the guy do a...
  2. Fedors next fight
    link what do you think of this video lol true or not true
  3. Ouch
    link omg
  4. Funny
    link lol this is funny because i remember trainin we i was a kid
  5. Official Late Night Chat Thread with everyone
    Hey how you guys doing? I'm just sitting here listening to some Trivium and In Flames. What are you doing? Props to the latenighters
  6. Some Random/Funny videos for all! Happy Holidays!
    Just thought I would post some ridiculous videos from my favorite movies/t.v. shows Family Guy: Peter vs Chicken RD 3 Dumb And Dumber: Fight At Dinner Fun With Dick And Jane: Mr. Roboto Family Guy:...
  7. secrets of your job
    i saw this on sherdog and it was a great forum of discussion..... basically tell something about your job that the average joe does not know, or wishes he did not know haha (ex: food services) im a...
  8. Awesome Game it's a must see
    Ray Part 1 This isn't just a movie. You will choose your own fate and every decision has its corresponding number. Add those numbers at the end to see how you fare with the other players. In this...
  9. How's everyone been?
    Well I took a break for a while off of MMA forums but I'm back baby! Hope everyone has been doing well and hope to have some good discussions again.
  10. Since It's That Time Of Year In Some Parts Already...
    Merry Christmas, everyone!
  11. Funny jason miller interview
    Alot of people might of seen this before, but i thought id post it again for people who havent. He pretty much takes the piss out of the interveiwer all the way through....
  12. chuck hits a skater
    link lol smart skater
  13. Can Pats finish season a perfect 16-0?
    I think that the pats can finish the season 16-0 if they start everybody for their game against the giants, if they sit some of their starters like Tom Brady, Lawerence Maroney, Randy Moss and Wess...
  14. ouch 2
    link dead or alive idk
  15. octopus v shark
    found this on front page honestly didnt know this stuff happened...
  16. HAppy Hoildays
    i just hope you all have a great,safe xmas and new years. i will be gone tell next year have fun and i hope you all have fun and i will be givin props to those who give me props, ONLY if the props...
  17. How do you burn videos downloaded to blank disks?
    I need to know because I want to free up space on my computer.
  18. Its almost the 1 year anniversery
    Of this site...Glad i found it way back in January when it all started.At first i wasn't sure how a fantasy MMA game would turn out but,In the end it is pretty awesome and gives me and my drunken...
  19. Merry Christmas
    I aint been around lately but rest assured it's just that I've been busy and such. Hope everyone has a merry x-mas and all y'all are doing well. Can't wait for the 29th!!!!
  20. Merry X-Mas from the other side of the world!!!
    i've been deployed here (can't really say where) since Sept 07, i didn't get to see my son's birth before i left, i was also deployed last year when my daughter was born. Anyhow, i just wanna say...
  21. Santa
    Ho Ho HO!!! tell me what you got for Christmas anyone to post here today will get props make sure you all give people props for gifts HoHoHo!!!
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  22. Does anyone remember this pay-per-view?
    I must of missed this paperview this comedian is talking about. comedy
  23. What to watch during the television writers' strike...
    Whether by DVD or download, there are about a zillion good television shows available, and even the best of us (or is it the worst?) have only seen half-a-zillion of them. So here are some...
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  24. *** MMA Playground End of the Year Awards Ceremony ***
    MAKE THIS THREAD TTT I WANNA THANK THE MODS FOR A GREAT YEAR ! Yes ! The year is coming to an end, it was a great year on MMA Playground ( 3 months for me ). Now is the time to vote your favorite...
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  25. The Evil Look
    May be stupid to some of you guys, but I think if you have kids you'll find it amusing. The Evil Look
  26. Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter
    Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter which one do you like more and why
  27. MMO Fans
    what is your fav MMO and why tell a story about cool things you have done in mmo games have fun
  28. Fast KO
    link now that was fast
  29. 1010lb bench
    link Dam
  30. dont bench like this
    link omg
  31. Video Hound
    Yes I did it ! I'm going to post some more videos tonight so go check those out, Probably some K-1 fights with my favorite K-1 fighter Kaoklai Kannorsing
  32. Fedor Emelianenko and Kevin Randleman are Drinking Buddies !
    Check this out, it's so funny how Fedor looks when he asks Kevin if he wants to drink Vodka Link
  33. Anyone catch WSM 2007 today? ( I guess a spoiler)
    Anyone? It was actually a really good competition. Its tough to beat him He is the closest thing to Fedor this sport has after CRUSHING the competition in 2007. Polska Duma!
  34. The Ten Dimensions
    LINK I'm pretty sure this is going to blow your mind.
  35. I got a AV
    lol ive been ask why no AV for a long time, so i got one, what do you all think lol
  36. What did YOU get for Christmas...???
    Eternal Sonata - Xbox360 video game(kickass game) Dallas Cowboy - Cap,Shirt,and... Pajamas HP All-in-one Printer,Scanner, and Copier..(needed one) friend got me a set of 4 kickass Metallica Beverage...
  37. *Vid* Fedor asking Coleman to drink
    Link Not sure if this is after he beat Coleman or Randleman, but it shows how classy he is. And his English is underrated, this was 3 years ago so it's probably even better
  38. i love watchin this
  39. Mad genius at work.
    Watch this video all the way through. It won't make any sense at first, but bear with it. I can't explain it without spoiling it.
  40. Call Of Duty 4 xbox 360
    Anyone play on xbox live? My gamertag is a40oz2freedumb..Me and some of my buddies who are also members on here try and play at night wether it be ranked games or just private custom games but if you...
  41. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    This game looks crazy, even if you aren't a fan of the saga. (without derailing another thread ) Full trailer
  42. Anyone see Alien VS Predator Requiem?
    Saw it last night. It was far from being a master piece like it should have been,but I wouldn't say it was as bad as all the critics made it out to be.Had some decent action scenes and the Predator...
  43. photoshop time ...........
    Happy new year from keith-hackney1. See what y'all can come up with... have fun !!????
  44. Can you get the M1 event in England?
    can you or will i have to wait a few days an watch it on the net?
  45. Official Matt Hughes Version Of Lee Murray Knocking Out Tito Ortiz In A Real Street Fight
    Below is an excerpt (provided by The Sun) of Matt Hughes new biography entitled "Made In America". In the excerpt to follow, Hughes is relaying a story told to him by Pat Miletich: “Are you serious?”...
  46. LaDainian Tomlinson= All-Time Rusher?
    Today I was looking through Tomlinson's stats and added up the total for his rushing yard in his whole career 7 seasons so far.Just to see how close tomlinson was on trail to Emitt Smith (All time...
  47. Behold it is the Chrome Plated Lincoln
    I have seen this thing cruising around my neighborhood a few times. I decided to snap a pic of it this time so I could share with everyone. Look at all that chrome. I can't tell if he just couldn't...
  48. Can Anybody Help me ?
    If you live in California and have the Comcast cable package then what channel is Yarrenoka ! - Fedor returns on HD Net? Anybody who helps me gets Props
  49. What is you Favorite Nintendo Wii Game?
    I am looking for some more games to buy for the Wii, anyone have a game that they love and think that i should get? I have Wii Sports, Wii Play, WWE Raw VS Smackdown 08', Table Tennis, and Mario...
    I really want to work in the industry ideally representing fighters as their agent. But right now I'm just trying to get a footing in the industry over the summer does anyone have any good ideas for...
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