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  1. FEDOR vs MEATHEAD Bellator meetup
    February 18,2017 SAP CENTER SANJOSE CA Fedor vs Meathead......where will you be? Im gonna be in attendence just wondering if any of you will be going to this? Only fedor fight is announced but its...
  2. Oakland Raiders
    Lasted 6 more days this season.
  3. One and done
    The tale of the Oakland Raiders best season in 15 years.
  4. West Coast Storm Surge
    Hey all, Hope everyone on the PG is doing well. I am sitting here (Jan 8 @ 11:18am) bored at work right now because of the storm moving through the pacific northwest. I work for a winery and weather...
  5. Anybody going to watch Conor McGregor race a horse this saturday?
    I am. If I can. Why the hell not? lol
  6. MMA Playground - where has everyone gone and WHAT can we do?
    I haven't posted in a while, and I hope everyone's doing alright. I've noticed over the past few years the numbers here on MMA Playground have gone down. When I say that I mean in terms of posts,...
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  7. How 'bout them Pats?!
    Well that was one hell of a comeback, let alone to win the Super Bowl! Down 25 points and score 31 unanswered points, that's just nuts!!! Not only a great job done by the offense and Tom 'fucken'...
  8. I have been putting my t-shirt on wrong this whole time!!?!!
  9. Tony Robbins: Mayweather spends $75mil+ per year
    On the heels of James Toney being forced last year to sell many of his belts, awards and other prized possessions; it's important to talk to young, up and coming athletes about why Mayweather Jr....
  10. Judo on youtube
    Does anyone here watch the IJF World Judo Tour live streams on youtube?
  11. UFC vs the World: just an old fun match up forum
    Pick 1 UFC star/champ/fav in their current form, match them up with a fighter of the same weight class in their form then say why the fight would be fun or matter for the sport. Not "prime"...
  12. Best of the Rest Betting
    What is up with this? Hours left and there is only one fight up that isn't even on the next event.
  13. United Airlines incident gets the Gracie Breakdown treatment
    The Gracie Breakdown is back with a new self-defense video — and a timely one, at that. Rener and Ryron Gracie, who run Gracie University, created a tutorial following the notorious viral video...
  14. UFC internet/social media dissertation short questionnaire!
    Hey guys, For my dissertation I am following the research question of: 'Exploring how the internet/social media as a marketing communications channel could aid the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s...
  15. Santa Rosa native waiting tables in Hawaii receives tip worth tens of thousands of dollars
    Kind of an uplifting story from my local newspaper here... Cayla Chandara is 21, living in Hawaii and believing more than ever in angels. Chandara is a Santa Rosa native who’s waiting tables at two...
  16. NBA Playoffs 2017
    Who you guys got?
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  17. Meet F.E.D.O.R., Russia’s new target-shooting, car-driving robot
    How many times have you looked over the fight footage of Fedor Emelianenko and thought to yourself, ‘He’s a terminator,’ only to immediately dismiss it as fiction because there are no killer robots...
  18. New Ads in Posts
    I just noticed them today. Really don't like them. Wondering what other people's thoughts are and the possible reasoning behind why the mods are using them now. If I click them do they get revenue to...
  19. This Forum Is Awesome
    Yeah I don't know if this belongs here, but the forum has been very friendly and thought provoking. Much friendly than others. Happy to have been active here for a short while.
  20. How People REALLY Act When They Browse Facebook The one about relationships is spot on.
  21. Just noticed
    This month is my 10 year anniversary on the PG. I know a few others are the same month as me. The 7/07 crew. KoPower is one of them. We're getting old dudes.
  22. 10 years strong!!!
    Barely hanging on. Stopped by to say hi
    With the Autumn winds coming just around the corner and preseason starting very soon i thought I'd start this years Football thread. Feel free to talk all things football.........
  24. UFC Highlight Video 2017
    Wsup guys new to the forum but a veteran in the love for this sport please enjoy my video I made
  25. Just had my wisdom teeth cut out.
    This morning I finally got all 4 wisdom teeth and 1 other tooth that needed to come out cut out. I'm not concerned about the non wisdom tooth. Even with it finally be in done and over with after...
  26. RIP Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
    One of the best heels that pro wrestling has ever seen. RIP Source
  27. Rams vs 49ers live
    <a href="">Rams vs 49ers</a><br /><a href="">Rams vs...
  28. Rams vs 49ers live
    Rams vs 49ers Live
  29. Rams vs 49ers Live
  30. Rams vs 49ers Live
    Rams vs 49ers Live Rams vs 49ers Live
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