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  1. Post random videos
    Just post all of your hilarious and random videos... I'll starts here's some Rally Car Driver Gets Raped Literally Classic Beavis and Butthead Powerthirst Let's see em'.
  2. Toney's steroids suspension reduced
    Former three-time world champion James Toney had a one-year suspension for failing a steroids test reduced to six months on Monday by the California State Athletic Commission. The 38-year-old Toney...
  3. New York Knicks player Randolph Morris charged with reckless driving
    New York Knicks center Randolph Morris was arrested early Tuesday and charged with reckless driving. Morris, who was released from jail on $100 bond, didn't appear in court Tuesday for his...
  4. Please hurry up and get the record Bonds...
    I am sick and tired of hearing about Bonds every day all day. If I were a pitcher and my team had a big lead against the Giants I would toss some pitches over the plate batting practice style and...
  5. A good waste of time
    Another simple, yet surprisingly addictive game Too Many Ninjas
  6. Pathfinder
    If you guys haven't seen this movie yet, don't bother. I didn't think it would be anything except a bloodbath, but it wasn't even a good bloodbath. The fight scenes are the same two moves over and...
  7. Tomb Raider: Svartorm's Looting Spree
    While I was in Montana, my friend Wayland and I ran across an abandoned copper mine on the road to our property. Being reckless idiots, we decided to strap on ridiculous amounts of guns, grab a...
  8. Cousciousness/Awareness.
    I had been contemplating what exactly was the difference between consciousness and awareness (it seems simple at first glance) and this is what I came up with. Consciousness is the collective name...
  9. Nature/Nurture
    I know this is a topic that is discussed quite often, but it is fascinating when you really think about it. On one hand you have Nature - The fundamental substance of humans (ie.the particular trait...
  10. 10 Clothing Styles i Dont Get
    I Gotta say i agree, i put popped collar as number one though 10 Styles I dont get
  11. Upset about modern MMA Style!!!
    Just wanted to mention that the modern style of MMA fighters dressing like surfers has almost persuaded me to stop watching mma. I shouldn't have to view a sweaty grueling mma fight then have to...
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  12. 50 Cent: I'll Quit if Outsold by West
    50 Cent believes his new album will outsell Kanye West's upcoming disc, and he's betting his solo career on it. Both 50 Cent and West have albums due out Sept. 11. 50 Cent, who has sold better than...
  13. Some stuff you might want.
    Hi. My sister decided to sell some of her stuff. Sence she helps me out with studying martial arts and Japanese I decided to help her with this. This is not realy related to martial arts but you...
  14. The Top 10 Overquoted Movies
    The ten movies that people almost ruin by over quoting them Link
  15. The Man Code
    A must-read for any of your buddies who seem to struggle with the code Man Code
  16. Attn: hippysmacker... how do you do it???
    No only did you get a convincing lead ahead of me, but you're the first person on this site to break 100 props. Congratulations!!!
  17. new reggie video, best one yet
    sorry if its been posted but here it is reggie
  18. Anyone want to play in my fantasy college football league?
    Its just like Fantasy NFL Football leagues. You pick college players and go head to head against other teams. If your interested go to this link If it asks for a...
  19. The Worlds weirdest animals
    Weird Animals
  20. I need some James Toney hating!
    The man reduced his steroid suspension by half by cussing and telling the commissioners that they disrespected him. read! Toney and those six commissioners who voted for a reduced penalty make me...
  21. Svartorm vs. Canadian Border Patrol (long story)
    This is a story worth recounting, only because I lived through it and didn't end up in prison. One of the dudes helping us work on our place in Montana this summer was denied entry to the US after...
  22. Guy Vs Girl Fight
    a guy fighting a girl in felony fights.... GUY VS GIRL
  23. MMA Fantasy football leauge
    Post if you are intrested I need 10 teams and we will use!!!!! CBSSPORTSLINE
  24. Hong Man Choi vs Urijah Faber
    Hong Man Choi 7 ft 2 360 lbs 1-0 vs Urijah Faber 5 ft 6 153 lbs 19-1
  25. Deepfield
    I was introduced to this new band called, Deepfield, by my co-worker at fontana, which I really like. They just came out with a new album titled, "Archetypes and Repetition" on July 24th. The album...
  26. HLs
  27. The Top 10 Office Scenes
    The Office's Top Ten Scenes
  28. prank call to dana white
    prank call
  29. Can you manage your own MMA Stable?*GREAT GAME*
    Hey guys, Do you think you have what it takes to run your own stable of fighters? Are you looking for a good MMA Management sim? Well look no further. Deckagon is a great MMA Management game and I...
  30. Felix "Tito" Trinidad coming out of retirement to fight Roy Jones Jr...!!!!!!!
    Source wow...this is amazing!!! now more big names are coming back into the boxing scene,this will just make the sport blow up again! this fight has been announced for early next year..most likely...
  31. Has anyone played the BioShock Demo thats on XBL?
    Damn,this game if frekkin impressive! I swear you will think you are playing a cut-scene on some parts of the game! Amazing graphics,and gameplay is fun...cant wait till its release next week
  32. where can I get an avatar
    Where can I get an avatar?
  33. UFC 77 Cincinnati Pre/Post party
    UFCJUNKIE had mentioned something about this and was thinking about getting something together. I just wanted to see how many people on here were interested in this. I just bought my plane ticket...
  34. TOP 5 Most underrated fighters?
    who do you think are the top 5 most underrated fighters out there????
  35. How do these standings look to you guys??
  36. The race is tight!!!what do you guy think??
    As of right now every division is pretty close in the MLB.Who do you guys think will be the final teams to get into the playoffs? Heres the races American League East- Wild Card Red-Sox -...
  37. anyone have the versus network?
    I hear that they show WEC and other mma shows.but to get it I have to upgrade my dish crap, so i'm wanting to know is it worth the extra $15 a month?
  38. Madden 08-360
    Gets Fu#kin worse every year.......last year is the was the deep ball that killed you this year its just ridiculous to try even pass the ball.Its like the DB'S have a magnet that sucks them into the...
  39. Who is the greatest of the greatest?
    Who is the greatest of the greatest?
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  40. Good News For Horny Men Everywhere
    Did the movie, Chuck and Larry leave you wanting more from Jessica Biel? Well here's some good news for bielaholics and perverts alike, in her next movie "Powder Blue" she will be showing a lot more...
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  41. Who Have You Recieved The Most Props From?
    for me its 3 from ydoc
  42. Friends Drunk Father...
    So my buddies dad wanted to basically kill me last night over absolutely nothing at all. I was at a friends college graduation party it was a mix of family and friends so my buddy and his girlfriend...
  43. Don't mess with the french
    ok, the rugby world cup is just a short little while away, and the teams are playing warm up matches. and over the past week, some of the national teams have been playing smaller, semi-pro, or...
    The only social network worth socializing on. It's made by the Nobody Likes Onions guys and is kind of an anti-social network site and a parody of sites like pownce and twitter. If you havn't...
  45. Michael Vick to Plead Guilty
    Do people agree with the organization to not allow him to play football for them again? If he is to do time, do you think another NFL team will pick him up? Should he be allowed to play pro football...
  46. I found someone alot better than Alex CroCop!
    This is without a doubt the soon to be UFC Champion of the World. He has brutal Muay Thai elbows and knees and he has the most up to date training methods. Check Him Out!!! WHOA!! Brutal Knees and...
  47. kickboxing money
    what sort of money does an elite level k1 kickboxer make? just curious as id imagine it to be much less than mma fighters and so many of them make so little. thx
  48. The hot cheerleader from "Heroes" is 18 today
  49. Pro boxers don't have anything on this chick!
    No pro boxer can hit the speed bag as good as this girl! I know it's not to effective but it's still impressive! Speed Bag Champion
  50. watch transformers for free no joke
    TRANSFORMERS If you have any requests of movies just pm me
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