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  1. Need Help Fast
    I have a fight coming up on the 27th and i need to lose weight fast...I am about 170 right now and i need to get down to if anyone has any ideas please let me would help me a lot
  2. First time being dominated
    Last night we had a grappling "tournament" where I do BJJ. There was a judge(instructor) and then you had someone corner you, it was just for fun, but we were supposed to go 100% like in a...
  3. Just advanced!
    Hey everyone just got done taking my level 2 test at the gym. Been doing MMA for 4 months and movin right along. Rampage look out!!!!! :
  4. Fight
    i got a fight oct 13, im fightin with a hurt ankle, im not sure if i should wear something on it or just fight with nothing on it. i dont wanna let the guy know that it is hurt but i may have to what...
  5. Odd rash on leg?
    So friday night/saturday mourning i noticed i had a odd looking rash on my leg near my ankle, i figured it was a mosquito bite and thought nothing of it. well now it kind of looks like ringworm......
  6. Is it good to have a "button"?
    Chris Leben said it best, "When someone hits me, it's like a button and when they hit it my hand just shoots out." I seem to do the same thing, is it a good thing or not? Should I work on getting out...
  7. wrestling In mma?
    what can you use from the 4 main types of wrestling for MMA. Folk/collegiate? Greco-Roman? Freestyle? Sumo? thanks i appreciate it.
  8. football/hockey/rugby in mma?
    this may sound stupid but can you use any of the things you learned from these sports in mma?
  9. does anybody use nitro tech?
    if so, does it really work? i used to left weights in high school. i just started and bought nitro tech, is it really that different from whey protein?
  10. lifting question
    i use to go to a gym and lift but i had to save more money so i got a gym set. but i got a standard gym set . i wanted to know how much do you think the standard bar can hold? i have about 170lb on...
  11. Football/muscles
    Allright guys i got a huge question.Right before football season started i was benching 145.We have not worked out since we do not even have a weight room in our field house.What do you think my...
  12. First Grappling Tournament
    So, last week or so I saw a flyer for a grappling event in Biddeford, Maine. At first I was like "Maine? F*** that shit".. but my buddy talked me into registering for the beginers no-gi divison.. so...
  13. Rubber Guard pros and Cons
    Okay so I know this is a bit of a sensitive subject for some people, but let's have it out and hear the sides. Personally my BJJ style incorporates the rubber guard, but many others have thrown it...
  14. 14 year old needing advice
    i dont have very good arm strength but I have very good leg strength. any recomendations on how i should train my arms?
  15. weight help for wreslting
    im 157 pds. i have 3 options to wrestle at. 145, 152, and 160 what do you think i should wrestle at. im 6 ft 1
  16. Pavel Tsatsouline's, Power to the People, a strenght training book for fighters
    Hey guys, I just wrote a review of Pavel Tsatsouline's strength training book Power to the People. It is one of the few strength training books for fighters so check out the review if you might be...
  17. looking for help
    so I'm 16 and I'm really intrested in training mma but not sure what to get into, our school wrestling team can only have so many people and its already filled. so what should i do? train in what ,...
  18. chest work out
    hey guys i need some pointers for a good free weight chest workout besides your normal bench press
  19. Training with rib injury?
    I injured my rib in training last night. I landed funny after getting taken down (double leg takedown). My rib was making a popping sound. My physical therapist checked it as she works there and said...
  20. blocking punches
    in boxing to block a punch you just put your fist to your head and take the punch on your fist. how should u do this in MMA with the small gloves?
  21. MMA training
    hi I'm looking for someone or a good camp to help train me cause I want to compete in mma in 2-3 years i love this sport, it would be a dream of mine to compete. I'm very willing to learn and open...
  22. Foot work?
    How much does footwork differ between wrestling, boxing, and MMA? I would assume boxing and MMA would be the closest.
  23. Cutting Weight FAST
    I'm a 15 year old high school wrestler. No matter what iv'e dont i can't make 160 pounds. I'm currently 167, 165 on a good day. I can't go higher than that no matter what I eat. But i can't go lower....
  24. diet question
    i am 158 and m supposed to wrestle 145 by early december ny diets you recomend? Edit: i think i should add in that i do either boxing/wrestling/ or BJJ everyday. and i do body weight circuit 3x week
  25. stomach/sides/ribs tougheingi
    how should you go about doing this? im guessing itup type excercises and side bend type excercises and dropping med ball on the abs obliques and sides, but what about the ribs? and is this correct?
  26. New Guys. JUST TAP!
    I wish guys who are new to BJJ would tap. At a pratice there is no point in being a hero through a Triangle. I freerolled with this guy at the end of pratice yesterday. Much smaller and a bit weaker....
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  27. Favorite Leg Lock
    Just did A LOT of leg locks tonight in class, and made me curious as to what everyones favorite one is. My personal favorite is just a straight kneebar from half guard. Get a high half guard, and act...
  28. supplements
    i am not well rounded in the supplements game. all i use is whey protien and creatine. what do you guys use and what are the best ones with the best results. there are so many out there.
  29. Strawberries and cream? more like strawberries and death!
    I bought protein poweder the other day. I just can't down the shit. The smell and taste just sicken me. How do you guys suggest making it taste better?
  30. gyms???
    does anybody know any mma jui jitsu or mui thai gyms in the upstate NY area? they're so hard to find.
  31. What's this submission?
    What's the name of the submission mark hunt used on fedor in their fight? its like a keylock, or is it the same thing as a keylock?
  32. Gear
    So I am gonna be marking stuff off in my Combat Sports International catalog for Christmas but i have a question. Fairtex standard thai kick pads costs $120, while Combat Sports pad is $80. And there...
  33. How effective is this guard pass in MMA?
    You're in your opponents guard and you reach under both of their legs and scoot them close to you and then push their legs to the side. BJ Penn demonstrates it here at about 2:23 into the video. How...
  34. Closed Guard
    So just recently I've been training with some way bigger/stronger guys in preparation for an openweight class, and I've had a lot of trouble in the closed guard with a much stronger guy. Any...
  35. Muai thai or BJJ
    Hey I'm new around here, My names Ken. I have 2yrs of boxing experience, but quit about a year ago. I'm looking to get in the mma game, I'm 16 yrs old 5'9 170. My question to you is, for a smaller...
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  36. Training
    I was wondering what everyone else does weekly for training. Mondays - Boxing, BJJ. Tuesday - BJJ Wednesday - Kickboxing, MMA Thursday - BJJ Then after training I go to my other gym to work out....
  37. whats better
    going to a gym strcily for mma or going to aboxing gym and then another day go to BJJ and another day go to wrestling?
  38. Latest Diet Attempt
    To keep weight off, I read an article stating eating 5 or 6 small meals a day keeps the metabolism going. Eat healthy and often is the key supposivley. So eating healthy and often will shed the...
  39. wrestling wat leg forwrd?
    i box with my left leg forward should i do the same with wrestling? its my first year and mycoach said to use my right leg forward.
  40. vancouver, bc training
    i am a 16 year old male looking to find somewhere to train i am 5 9 weigh 155 and was wondering if anyone knows anyone or anywhere i can train or if someone is willing to take me under there wing and...
  41. Best strength training for MMA
    Poll I guess the hard part would be to define 'regular weightlifting' but i guess it should include anything not related to the other styles mentioned.
  42. Preperation
    I have been a MMA fan for quite a while and i love boxing too. I was dabbling a bit in boxing training, but decided I would go into MMA instead. I can't find anyone to teach me around here but i will...
  43. First day, First Tournament!!
    Okay boys, today was my first day of BJJ/MMA. I have 2 years of boxing behind my belt, but I realized today that won't help me in BJJ. Now my trainer said theres a tournament at the end of January,...
  44. need help!
    i am 169lbs i have to make it to the mid 150's by early January. im cutting weight to fight a kid who is 145ish and is extremely athletic. ive been training for MMA for 3 months and have a year of...
  45. Opinion?
    I need an opinion from you guys... I have been boxing for a few years now and I am starting a combat sambo class in 2 weeks. My question is should i continue to train pure boxing and pure combat...
  46. Cheap Grapplng Shorts
    I've been looking for some cheap ones but they all come to about $50. Anyone know where some cheap shorts can be bought?
  47. bjj school
    hey everybody i was wondering if anybody in here knows of a good bjj school in south florida it could be in dade or broward county, was wanting to start training but i wasnt sure were to go thanks in...
  48. Almost There
    I weighed out at 164.5 yesterday. only 4.5 pounds to go. Just gotta work that off
  49. magnets\titanium healers
    do the products like Phiten bracelets work? you know the ones with titanium or magnets or some other piece of metal do they help with pain or blood flow or anything at all
  50. Back at it... Judo blog
    I've recently moved from my home in Southern Ontario to Calgary, Alberta. I was training with Bill Thompson (amazing judo player, he beat the best judoka in Canadian history: Nicholas Gill), and I...
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