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  1. Muay Thai Combinations
    Here are quite a few combinations you can practice while hitting the bag, check them out. Basic Entries: 1. JAB, JAB 2. JAB, HOOK 3. JAB, UPPERCUT 4. JAB, OVERHAND 5. JAB, ELBOW 6. JAB, CROSS Basic...
  2. Xyience NoxCG3??
    Anybody currently taking this. I just ordered some the other day. It will be my first time taking it, just seeing if anybody knew anything about it??
  3. First grappling tournament
    Got a question. I got my first grappling tournament coming up in May. My problem is I'm in college right now and don't have anybody to roll with. What type of training should I work on to prepare...
  4. Any Great Boxing Drills
    I am getting into boxing now, i am wondering if any body has some good drills for me. I only have a heavy bag so, i might be getting a speed bag set right away... anyone have any drills?
  5. Open or closed gloves?
    Which one do you prefer open or closed palm gloves? Closed gloves don't let your opponent to hook a finger in the glove, but some people grapple better with open gloves. I was looking to get a new...
  6. Judo competition in May I'll be competing in the white, yellow, orange, green catagory, most likely at 198lbs and under (although I should be fighting at 178.5lbs)... anybody else going, anyone...
  7. Darce Choke??
    Kendalls choke was legit, i just had never seen it before, is that how it is spelled.....and why has it never been used??
  8. Mark Kerr: Fundamental Takedowns
    Fundamental Takedowns It's an oldie but it's still useful. This video is directed more towards the posters who are still relatively green to certain grappling aspects... anyways, if youre going to...
  9. Flexibility Exercises
    Hey i've been training in MT for awhile and i'm just wondering if you guys have any good exercises for flexibility for high kicks and so on.
  10. ATTN: KY, OH, IN Members, Ken Flo seminar 4/22
    Hey everyone, Wanted to give you guys a heads up and let you know that Kenny Florian will be giving a seminar at SACAN Martial Arts Center in West Chester, Ohio on 4/22. The facility is not that...
  11. Anyone punch like Fedor?
    I love to punch this way, it takes alittle getting used to, but after awhile it becomes easier than punching traditionally. You get more speed, without sacrificing power. For those of you who don't...
  12. The 20 fundamental moves of Jiu-Jitsu – Part 1
    link Experienced black-belts speak of the moves that every good fighter must master
  13. excercise advice appreciated
    this summer im going to start attending bjj classes here; and I'm here to ask what kind of things i should do to prepare for the classes besides cardio?And also do i need more...
  14. I Need a Routine
    so i finally started lifting weights at a gym and i realized... i dont have a clue what im doing. i started stretching and then i lifted some dumbells and then from there i just wondered aimlessy...
  15. Has anyone promoted a show
    I am looking to put on a show here in wi, but i really want to cover my bases. Any info would be helpful. Things you did, things you wouln't do again. Fighters pay? shows cost. Lic?
  16. Instructional Videos
    Here is a post for everyone to link instructional videos. I'll start Re-shooting
  17. Fight day meal?
    What do fighters usually eat the day of their fight, how much do they eat, and how long before a fight do they eat?
  18. Hand Wraps
    When I punch the bag, my wrists hurt cuz of how i put my hand wraps on, do u guys have any advice on how to wrap?
  19. Signature Punches
    Do you guys have signature punches that u train for. Mine is Fake the body shot, with a huge right, then hit ya right in the jaw. Or uppercut (x5) to the body, then a huge uppercut to the face, but...
  20. Anyone do weight training
    I have some dumbells and a great gym, a block from my place. We have benchpress, dumbells, and some machines for the legs. What kinda weightlifting do you guys do?
  21. Glaube Feitosa kicks Awesome fighter, and Im interesting in learning the kicks that he uses. IM talking about the chopping style of kick, where he seems to kick over his...
  22. Gracie diet
    has anyone here tried the gracie diet . I have a upcoming bjj tournament and was wondering if this would help. the tournament is in one month.
  23. anyone know of a good MMA facility near atlanta?
    i have trained in boxing for a couple years but i would much rather go into mma but have no idea of any good training camps or gyms around the atlanta, GA area. i would prefer something like...
  24. Good Gyms in Columbus Ohio?
    Any good MMA, MT, or JJ gyms in Columbus? Im still in high school so about 90 a month is my limit. I am a beginner but I want to learn and I learn quickly. Also anybody ever been to or heard anything...
  25. MMA equipment
    does anyone know where to find good quality punching bags, speed bags, cages, rings, etc?
  26. Stretching
    As some of you may know, Im attempting to add this to my arsenal Ive got a few stretches for my legs, but what I want to know is; How long should I hold...
  27. i need some grappling advice
    Im a grappler (a nub) and i have good defence but when an opponent gets my back i have trouble breathing w/ my chin down making me weak to choke any advice. record 8-2 (amature of course) both losses...
  28. Awesome strength feats vid.
    Awesome video to get you pumped up to lift! Check out the little kid at about 3:02 absolutely insane strength!
  29. Bodyweight for Upper Body
    I need a good bodyweight routine to build upper body strenght.... ANY ADVICE?
  30. Captains of Crush torsion grippers
    Anyone try these before? A customer at work brought in a #2 for me to try out, and it was pretty sweet, and apparently you get some kind of certification if you can close a #3 or #4. Anyone tried...
  31. Looking at body while fighting
    I see some people looking towards the torso of the person and some look straight at the person's head. My question is are you supposed to focus on their torso or their head. It feels more comfortable...
  32. Sweat suits
    I saw on TUF that they use sweat suits to cut weight. I was wondering where i can find some, that are black And if taping up the wrists help any more that it normaly does?
  33. Boxing Training
    What kind of drills do u guys do, when ur training boxing?
  34. Cardio Training
    I run 1.5 miles on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays ... i was wondering how long u guys run and wat other exercises do u guys do?.... I want my cardio, and i am still young, so i...
  35. Doug Rogers judo documentary
    Another oldie, but a goodie... Olympian judo player Doug Rodgers in a short documentary of his run in Japan under the legendary Kimura. Part I Part II Part III
  36. BJ Penn's MMA Book of Knowledge.
    I highly recommend this book to everyone, it is the most complete book I have ever seen, it touches pretty much every aspect of the game and is described well and can be easily learned. Penn and...
  37. 67 Judo Throws
    I stumbled across this the other day, it's old (looks like it's off VHS). It goes through all 67 official throws (I think it does anyways, if it doesnt let me know)... so enjoy, and take notes... 67...
  38. Dieting advice
    I need some advice on dieting. Some meal ideas because I’m pretty much clueless on what I should be eating. How many grams of this and that I should consume etc.. I’m 5’7 and my walking weight is...
  39. Back from the AmCan
    Me attempting an armbar from a backmount... came close... real close: Me getting a shido against me within 10 seconds of the end of the match, cost me a decision: ...more to come, maybe...
  40. standup defence
    can anybody give me a link for standup defence moves, such as how to block jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts and kicks, i do sparring twice a week and i get caught with a lot of stuff going in, i dont...
  41. Video of me shadowboxing
    Alright here is a short video of me shadowboxing. Any tips would be appreciated. Oh yea sorry no sound, I don't have a videocamera, so I had to record it on a digitalcamera....
  42. Fairtex Bangkok
    hellooo... Ok i know this isnt MMA but im doin this to improve my standup in MMA so i hope it in somewhat way fits here :P im soon heading over to Bangkok to train with the fairtex camp in Bangplee....
  43. Tips on gaining weight?
    like i play football for my school and i weigh 138 playing linebacker and running back. my strenght coach tells us to eat 6 meals a day and i did but i lost 5 pounds doing that, any advice?
  44. Dumbbell exercises?
    Does anyone have a good site to go to for good dumbbell exercies, like photo by photo?
  45. MMA Training in Maryland
    My younger brother has an interest in sparing and I am trying to find a place he can train that would be close to where he lives. He lives near Westminster, Maryland (if you don't know where that is...
  46. nitricoxide supplements
    anyone take them, u think they work? have u cut weight or gained weight? i started a month ago and i swear i feel a difference lifting.. or it might just be the good old placebo scheme goin on in my...
  47. McDojo or not?
    I want to get into MMA, but there's no place around here, so I have to settle for BJJ. This place is about 30 minutes away from me and the class days are good for me also. When I went to look at the...
  48. trying to get into mma
    hi i am 15 16 in 2 months. and i really love MMA but i cant find a gym. anyway i am already a boxer so i decided to base my striking off that and i recently joined my HS wrestling team to help my...
  49. stretching
    what kind of stretches do you want to do for MMA? i do yoga do you think that is enuff?
  50. Need advice with BJJ
    This sounds dumb, but it is a serious problem, and I am curious if it happens to anyone else. When I am trying to finish a triangle or arm bar I squeeze my legs together to apply pressure, and my cup...
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