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  1. We all know who's winning, lets bet on rounds!
    I got: Gomi: Decision Silva: Decision Shogun: Round 2 You pick a round and go 1:1 odds, neither opf us pick correctly neither of us lose money. Also, If anyone has Yvel i'll throw some money on...
  2. Looking for a Trigg backer
    I've got Misaki at even money, who's biting?
  3. Trigg Misaki
    If anyone is real confident on Trigg, im looking for a 500$ bet on Misaki. Just send me an offer
  4. looking for some bets
    i made my bets. im ready to put some cash on the line. make me a bet
  5. Any J-MAC fans wanna put wagers on him
    Send me wagers ill take Franklin
  6. hendo/silva
    henderson over silva, unanimous decision.
  7. back out of bet?
    are you able to back out of a bet on here?
  8. GIving 2:1 for anyone who wants MacDonald vs Franklin.
    I'm picking Franklin to beat MacDonald. Will give anyone 2:1 odds. Send me the bet.
    nobody seems to be answering my wager proposals so I guess I'll just put my picks out here and see if someone here is interested.. I've got: Kharitonov Nakamura Sakurai* Shogun* Nog* Hansen* *will...
  10. Pride 33: Make me an offer
    these are my picks which I'm willing to wager on. Silva over Henderson Gomi over Diaz Sakurai over Danzig Trigg over Misaki Rua over Overeem Nogeura over Sokoudjou Make me an offer if you want to bet.
  11. Pride 33: i pick gomi. u pick diaz.
    I'm choosing Gomi over Diaz. I will give you 1.5 odds. I would love to have a 750:500 bet but whatever is fine: 150:100, 300:200, 450:300 etc... Send me offers!
  12. ive got diaz
    send me a wager with 2:1 odds, ill take diaz 50:100 , 100:200 , w/e
  13. Here's my picks! Make me an offer.
    Wanderlei over Henderson Gomi over Diaz Sergei over Yvel Nakamura over Wiuff Sakurai over Danzig Misaki over Trigg Shogun over Overeem Nog over Sokoudjou Hansen over Ireland
  14. I've got Sylvia over Randy, who's taking?
    Say, $100?
  15. money in the bank
    im tryin' to make sum more $$ i got 115$ left and still taking bets on pride 33 annnnnd ufc 68 wandy diaz (2:1) kharitonov nak sakurai misaki shogun nog Hansen the natural hughes franklin babalu...
  16. silva vs henderson
    ill take henderson
  17. UFC Fight Night 9 (4/5) available
    I am just hoping the moderators post the upcoming UFC Fight night on the sight for us to wager and make picks on. Wondering if they do not why they wouldn't and if they could. We can't afford all of...
  18. My Underdog Picks - First Offer Accepted
    I have 100 that I want to bet on an underdog. Here are some offers that would be accepted: I only have 21$ left for Diaz and I would give it to someone who's willing to put 100$ on Gomi. All my other...
  19. henderson
    i take henderson some1 send me wagers
  20. send wagers
    i got henderson
  21. henderson
    if u think silva is gonna win then send me a wager i got henderson
  22. $175 Sergei / Gomi / Nak
    I just freed up my last $175 no bets yet on sergei gomi or nak. Let's get this all tied up in 2 or 3 bets. Send me a wager.
  23. UFC 68 wager requests wanted
    I'll consider all UFC 68 wager offers that are sent to me.
  24. My Picks
    Picks Edited. UFC 68: Sylvia - UD Hughes - Sub Rd 1 Babalu - Sub Rd 1 Fitch - UD I wont turn down any wagers on these fights, will wager until my money is gone. (I will wager up to 150 on 3:1 and 100...
  25. My picks .
    My picks: silva , Kharitonov , Nogueira , If you want to bet on the opposition , send me a wager.
  26. MadDog wants U!!!!!
    Pride33, I'll take any bet for the right odds...I will Bet HIGH&LOW just send me your Wagers and Picks ....asap......and good luck..
  27. Looking for a big bet for the Diego/KOS fight???
    I got Diego 1 rd KO..........looking to place a large wager
  28. Sergei/Yvel Wager Proposal.
    I've got Sergei, i'm offering 2:1 odds, if you're taking Yvel send me an offer.
  29. Silva/Henderson.
    I'm taking Wandy, i'll give you 2:1 odds if you're taking Hendo. Send me a wager proposal if you're interested.
  30. $100 on Misaki, Silva, Gomi.
    Ok i am wiling to lay down $100 on Misaki, Wand, Gomi, Sergei, Sakurai, or Nog. Betting Odds even, 1:1 or th,e minmum difference for a event. Send Me a GOOD WAGER!!!!
  31. Im taking Overeem
    I believe he has a good chance of causing an upset. He has an habit of doing that and Shogun has looked pretty horrible lately. Overeem can get the KO before he gasses. Send me bets on 1/3 odds.
  32. I'll take Henderson and Diaz
    Send me 1/2 odds. I've got 900 available so there is plenty to give away. Henderson over the Axe Murderer Diaz over the Fireball Kid
  33. Picked Sergei, takers?
  34. I got some money to burn.
    Come get some. Raaaarrrggggghh!!!!
  35. Wager Forum
    It seems like this section of the forum is mostly getting used for wager proposals, why dont we just have a seperate section of the forum for that? Theres plenty of relevent topics in this forum that...
  36. Koscheck vs. Sanchez
    I will take Koscheck over Sanchez....I don't care what anyone says....just send me the wager if you want need to tell me what you think Koscheck is going to KO him.....Odds Plzzzz...
  37. Nogueira to win in the 1st bet
    I would like to put some money on Antonio Rogerio "Minotoro" Nogueira to win in the 1st round. In his last 11 fights he has only stopped 1 in the 1st round. Send me some offers.
  38. $50 left to wager on the pride 33 card
    i will take a look at any wager sent to me if you want me to take a underdog i will want some good odds.
  39. delete wagers??
    Is it possible to delete wagers after u accepted em? I fuked up,, someone sent me an offer for 2:1 odds on diaz vs gomi, i automatically thought diaz was teh underdog with the money and accepted...
  40. Here are my picks send wagers pleaase
    wanderlei diaz nakamura sakurai trigg shogun nog hansen I have about $400 left and would like to get it all out there before this pride card. Happy to give good odds on fights that they should be...
    Here are my picks make me an offer... PRIDE 33 Silva over Henderson Gomi over Diaz Sakurai over Danzig Rua over Overeem Noguera over Sokoudjou UFC 68 Silvia over Couture Hughes over Lytle Franklin...
  42. I wish to wager
    If someone would like to wager with me please feel free to send me one. I have not made any wagers here yet and I am new here. I am wagering on all the favorites and will take any kind of spread....
  43. 100$ for Trigg
    I will accept the best offer for 100$ on Trigg. Please send your wagers now! PS: Trigg is the underdog, don't try to fool me.
  44. Looking for wagers on Pride 33,picks included.
    I've got $255 left to wager. Not looking to put it all on one fight though. Wandy over Hendo Gomi over Diaz Trigger over Misaki Shogun over Overeem Nogueira over Sokoudjou Send me some wagers. I...
  45. Pride 33 Picks In
    My picks are in, feel free to send some wagers my way. Thanks!
  46. lookin to wager on anyone
    lookin to make any bets on pride 33 i'll take underdogs if the odds are right or ill give odds
  47. All my money on Misaki...
    More people on here think Trigg will win, so man up and take the bet, $250 make the bet if you believe in your boy Trigg. Send me the wagers.
  48. Send Bets Please
    Having trouble getting wagers so to expedite matters here's my picks: Silva Gomi...........................will give 5:3 odds (my 50 for your 30) Nakamura Misaki Rua ............................will...
  49. Here are my picks, send me your offers
    I'm taking Diaz over Gomi at 3:1.... Overeem over Shogun at 5:1.... and Silva over Henderson at 1:2. Send me your offers...
  50. Anyone wanna bet 60$ on Henderson?
    I got Wanderlei over Henderson. I'll bet all of my 120$ if you put up 60$. Feel free to send me a wager if you're interested.
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