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  1. $50 left, looking for a wager on Misaki (my pick) vs Trigg (your pick), 1:1
    Send me the proposal if you're one of the 57% of site users who think Trigg is going to take it
  2. pride 33
    Im willing to be money on : Trigg over Misaki at 1:1 up to 250$ also Shogun over Overeem at 2:1 (I bet up to 300, u 100) pm me or send wager
  3. Giving 4:1 odds on MacDonalds vs Franklin.
    I'm taking Rich Franklin to beat Macdonald. I'll give you 4:1 odds. send the bets over.
  4. pride wagers
    trying to finish off my money send me wagers: silva--i'll give 2:1 overeem--asking 4:1 misaki--asking 1.5:1 kharitonov--i'll give 1.5:1 mach--i'll give 2:1 diaz--asking 3:1 even bet: nakamura or...
  5. What will the 2 hot matches be for pride 33?
    Well we know from the last ufc and from todays news that they'll be having 2 hot maches worth x2. So we know the 2 fights that are close in our picks will be the fights they pick. As of now we know...
    send me decent wagers and i will put my genius to work and let you know if i accept them
  7. problem with wagering?
    i have been trying to send a wager but after i select which fight i want, the option for which of the two fighters i want to wager on will not come up (the click down menu is just empty, instead of...
  8. Anyone going to bet against Nogueira?
    I'll give odds if anyone wants to bet against Nogueira.
  9. send me some wagers
    i have yet to make any wagers for pride 33. send me your wagers and i will get back to you soon..........this means you!
  10. Come get some!!
    Here are some of my picks...Come look me up to wager!! Gomi via decision over Diaz Silva via decision over Henderson Rua over Overeem Misaki over Trigg
  11. Pride 33 Wagers
    My picks are: Henderson Diaz Yvel Wiuff Danzig Misaki Overeem Sokoudjou Am open to interesting wagers. Msg me if interested. sorry people, I set things up wrong. things should be all good now. open...
  12. Overeem Lovers
    Anybody thinking Demo Man's got a puncher's chance?? Send me a wager request (or a pm with suggested wager/odds) I will be happy to take your money
  13. Bet me I have Nakamura, Rua and Gomi
    Bet me I have Nakamura, Rua and Gomi come on put your money where your mouth is I will pay up 25% more then you if I have the money
  14. Bring it on...
    Click on my profile and check my picks for Pride 33... You want wagers? I've got Sergei, Silva, Gomi, Nog, Misaki, Nakamura, Sakurai... I could be leaving some out, but you can click on my account...
  15. 2:1 on Rua, Silva, Kharitonov, Nakamura, Gomi or 3:1 on Sakurai, Nog
    2:1 on Rua, Silva, Kharitonov, Nakamura, Gomi or 3 (me):1 on Sakurai, Nog... Those are my picks. Any takers? Who here has balls?
  16. Giving 3:1 odds on Rua/Overeem & Nogueira/Sokoudjou
    That's right, 3:1 on either of these fights. In other words, my $300 against your $100. (or whatever denomination) My picks are Rua & Nogueira of course. I'll also take Misaki over Twinkle Toes even...
  17. Pride 33
    I'll take Gomi Nakamura and Shogun, either send me wagers with the odds you want or ask if I will accept them here. Thanks
  18. Im lookin for PRIDE 33 bets
    My picks: SILVA DIAZ NAKAMURA SAKURAI MISAKI RUA NOG I will give fair odds. If interested PM me with offers
  19. Why can we see everyones picks?
    I can go personally look at the picks of everyone on the site. So that means I can copy anyone on the site. Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else. If some guy is dominating all I have to do is...
  20. im looking for any bets
    ill take any bet if its resonable
  21. Cancelling bets?
    is there a way to cancel a bet when someone has already taken you up on the offer?
  22. Bets on Trigg vs misaki
    I`m going for misaki...anyone?
  23. Me Wiuff 100 - You Nak 200 (CLOSED)
    Got it Me $100 on Wiuff You $200 on Nak or some variation in $ amount. I also pick Trigg and Kharitonov if anyone wants to bet on those fights
  24. Two Fight Cards Announced for THE SECOND COMING it is up on the pride web sight we already know the one match Antonio Rogerio Nogueira VS SOKOUDJOU adthe new one Joachim Hansen...
  26. Jon Fitch vs Luigi Fioravanti on ufc 68 card looking on the ufc websight and saw they had this match posted up hope i can make my pick on it soon.
  27. Wager System
    What would I win if the odds were 2:1 on a fight and I bet $100:$50? If I win how much do I get?
  28. Who would like to have added organizations to the game?
    I know more people than me is tired of waiting a month between anything ever happening in here, so I thought I'd set up this poll to convince the people with power in here that we should add some...
  29. Who wants this bet? I take Trigg.....
    Who wants this bet. I take Trigg for 20 you take Misaki for 60. This amount only!!! LMK!!!
  30. Acceptable Bets (UFC 67)
    If people made even money bets on the crocop fight are these going to be ruled against or left alone. Or silva lutter even money bets. If someone put 500 vs 500 on silva vs lutter that is kinda bs....
  31. Anyone not taking shogun or think he wont end the fight in round 1
    i got 165 to lay down on shogun the fight is ending in round one, if you think shogun is gonna win but isnt gonna end in round one wager me if you think overeem is gonna win wager me
  32. Wagers: My PRIDE Pics
    Silva Gomi Kharitonov Nakamura Sakurai Misaki Rua Nogueira BET ME!!!!
  33. Pride 33 bets?
    Check my picks history if your interested.
  34. Willing to take Misaki
    Make me an offer ... I got Misaki, you got Trigg. Please make it interesting too.
  35. waiting for bets to be accepted
    how long will be be b4 a bet expires if person dont reply to your wager propasal i.e he dont accept or decline your bet
  36. Misaki over Trigg
    Anyone willing to take Trigg? Good offers considered.
  37. 4 more fights added to the ufc 68 card!!!
    looking on the ufc web sight and saw that they added 4 more fights to the ufc 68 card. Drew McFedries - Martin Kampmann Rex Holman - Matt Hamill Gleison Tibau - Jason Dent Jason Gilliam - Jamie...
    I'll take these straight up: Misaki Nak Sakurai Hansen Will give 2:1 on Gomi -$25 minimum bet against my 50 Will give my 50 or 55 against 20 on Nog (GOT MY WAGERS SET NOW-THANKS!)
  39. 200 left want to put it on silva v corture silva to win
    any takers
  40. PRIDE wagers ....straight up! (no odds)
    I'll bet on any of these guys straight up. . Takanori Gomi Sergei Kharitonov Kazuhiro Nakamura Kazuo "Grabaka Hitman" Misaki Do you have the sand?
  41. [Diaz] 8======D~~~ all over [Gomi]
    It's finally time to prove how Over-hyped/Overrated/Protected gomi is, i'm taking wagers. Put your fantasy cash where your mouths are.
  42. have $$$ will bet
    here's my picks, looking for straight up bets Silva Gomi Kharitonov Nakamura Sakurai Rua Lil Nogueira Hansen send offers no more trigg bets
  43. Looking for even money bet on Nakamura > Wiuff
    I've got $200 left to bet, and I wanna put it all on Naku winning a unanimous decision.
  44. Wagering Question
    So this is a proposed wager: ________ wants to wager you that Dan Henderson (for their $50) will defeat Wanderlei Silva (for your $100) in their upcoming fight at Pride 33: The Second Coming and that...
  45. Ill take Diaz
    I got $50 to your $100 on Diaz. Send the wager to me.
  46. Wnat Diaz over Gomi?
    Think Diaz can pull off a win? I'll bet Gomi Rd 1 vs a very dishearten sanchez. You can bet Sanchez just to win, you don't have to bet a specific rnd versus my specific rd 1. There are good odds that...
  47. Hellboy?
    I'll give odds for anybody that takes Ireland.
  48. Diaz bettors look here
    I have $125 left, I'll put it all on Gomi for $100 of yours on Diaz. If you are interested send me a wager.
  49. Anybody want Randy/Trigg/Diaz?
    Will take any bet on these guys to lose. Send wagers
  50. Trigg/Misaki-Nak/Wiuff
    Sup peoples.. Anybody picking Trigg or Wiuff give me a holler..
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