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  1. UFC FN 52 AV Bet
    I'm only looking for 1 bet. Big Country>Mark Hunt
  2. Av bet time
    Missed the last event I'll take Hunt, Hooker or Sexyama.
  3. UFC FN 52 LOCK Time - Please Read
    Event locks in 28.5 hours but starts in 19. Be aware of a lock change, I've let mods know. Current lock is Saturday 10am (Saturday 7am PST) but first fight is 12:30am Saturday (Friday 9:30pm PST) so...
  4. Bellator 125 / ROC 49 / KOTC / Prestige FC 6 Combo Card Results and Discussion
    Ring of Combat 49 Andre Harrison def Jeff Lentz by split decision. Prestige FC 6 Tim Hague def Dwayne Lewis by rd 1 TKO King of the Cage: Madness Joe Doerksen def Tony Lopez by Unanimous Decision....
  5. Sparky, get out of your hole and take this av bet
    At long last, Dustin "The guy who got wobbled by Akira" Poirier vs Conor "The self hyping machine" McGregor. I look forward to browsing Lisa Ann pictures to find you an adequate avatar.
  6. UFC 178 AV BET (Eddie vs Donald)
    I will take Alvarez, you take Donald. Hit me up!
  7. UFC 178 McGregor/Poirier EPIC Av Bet
    alright McGregor nuthuggers! put up or shut up! I take Poirier with supreme confidence. how much confidence you ask? Not only do we make the av bet, but we make a Gentleman's (or woman's) agreement...
  8. UFC 178 AV BET
    I will take McGregor/Alvarez/Thompson Just send me the bet
  9. Best avatar bet you've ever tasted.
    I'll take the Predator Coté
  10. Titan FC 30 / Bellator 126 / Legacy FC 35 / XFCI 6 Combo Card Results and Discussion
    Event doesn't start until tomorrow but I started the thread early so everyone would know that a few of the fights were cancelled and had to be removed from the card. Below are the 3 removed fights....
  11. UFC 178 lock time
    I emailed DoTheMMAth - but maybe someone else can change it? It's locking at 5pm. Fights don't start until 7pm. Thanks.
  12. Fight Night 53 / Fight Night 54 Av Bet
    The Detroit Superstar is one of my favorites also my Tapology Username. If anyone would like to go against me, let's do it. Also I know they're a lot of Rory haters. I'll take him too If anyone wants...
  13. UFC FN 53/54 AV Bet
    I will take any of the following: Rory>Tarec Cruickshank>Njokuani Laprise>Cedeno Elias>Santos Aubin-Mercier>Lindsey
  14. Nova Scotia av bet
    I'll take Kelades
  15. MFC 41 / Bellator 127 / VTJ 6th / KSW 28 Combo Card Results and Spoilers - Battleground O.N.E. Results as well
    Early start to this thread to announce changes. Marius Zaromskis has dropped out of his fight with Karo, so Parysian is now facing Fernando Gonzales in the Co-Main event. Bellator 127: Straus vs...
  16. TUF 20 Finale
    Needs to be added in between the UFC 181 and the UFC on Fox 13 events. December 12th, 2 confirmed fights thus far: -Jeremy Stephens vs Charles Oliveira -Joe Procter vs Yancy Medeiros Thanks.
  17. 53/54 AV Bet
    I'll put down a few of the guys I'm taking...hit me up with an Av bet if you;re taking the opponent Daron over Njokuani Askham over Cedenblad OAM over Lindsey Theodoru over Santos Pendred over...
  18. UFC 179 AV Bet
    I'll take any of the following: Aldo>Mendes Glover>Davis Ferreira>Dariush I will consider taking Elkins>Martins, if I decide to go with Elkins.
  19. Av Bet: reloaded!
    I'll take , Martins or
  20. Bellator 128 / WSOF 14 / RFA 19 / FEFoMP - Results and Discussion
    Bellator 128 Friday 7 PM Joe Warren def Eduardo Dantas by unanimous decision Michael Page def. Nah-shon Burrell by Unanimous Decision Emiliano Sordi def Bubba McDaniel by Submission (guillotine)...
  21. UFC 179 Av Bet
    I'll take Carlos Diego Ferreira over Benny Dariush Darren Elkins over Lucas Martins Or Andre Fili over Felipe Arantes Any takers?
  22. L2 Betting lines
    Can we please have this fixed? We have two events left in the season, and with this current event, only 14 hours left till it locks. With that being said, we currently can only bet on 4 fights out of...
  23. One FC 21/ M-1 Challenge 52/ Bellator 129/ Legacy FC 36 Combo Card Results
    One FC 21 Marat Gafurov defeats Robert Lisita via Submission (rear naked choke) - Round 1, 1:08 M-1 Challenge 52 Ivan Buchinger defeats Tural Ragimov via TKO (punches) - Round 4 Murad Abdulaev...
  24. UFC 179 Av Bet Mendes
    Yup, I got Mendes over Aldo, who'll take it?!
  25. Bellator 130 / Deep 69 Impact / Fall Brawl 20 Combo Card Results and Discussion
    Bellator 130 Aaron Derrow defeats Nate Jolly by Unanimous Decision Darrion Caldwell defeats Anthony Dizy by Unanimous Decision Sam Oropeza defeats Gary Tapusoa via KO/TKO, Ground and Pound Round 1...
  26. UFC FN 55/FN 56 AV Bet
    I'll take any of the following: Rockhold>Bisping Seery>Vaculik Zachrich>Kelly Brenneman>Silva
  27. Titan FC 31 / Cage Warriors 73 / CFFC 43 / Invicta FC 9 / FFC 15 Combo Card Results and Discussion
    New Stream Konstantin Erokhin (8-1) def Dave Huckaba (21-6) by Round 1 TKO Final Fight Championships Alessio Sakara vs Maciej Browarski (Rescheduled at the last minute for a card at a later date)...
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  28. Tachi PF 21 / ONE FC 22 / RFA 20 / ROAD FC 19 Combo Card
    Just a heads-up to everyone that this event starts on a Thursday rather than the usual Friday. Get your picks in early so we can get some betting odds up. Here is the card. Tachi PF 21 Thursday 9 PM...
  29. Av bet: the legend continues
    Who wants a piece ? I'll take The Hippo, Leonardo Silva or Warlley Alves
  30. UFC 180 AV Bet
    Werdum > Hunt Lamas > Bermudez Eye > Smith Gastellum > Ellenberger First come, first serve.
  31. Av bet (with subtitles)
    yo te llevaré Kelvin , Lamas o Enrique Briones muchas gracias señor
  32. Av Bet
    I've got Werdum, Ellenberger or Lamas. Who wants some? Frequent posters only please
  33. Legacy FC 37 / Cage Warriors 74 / WSOF 15 / Bellator 131 Combo Card Results and discussion
    Legacy FC 37 - Friday, November 14 (10pm ET) Daniel Pineda def Leonard Garcia by Submission (Kimura) Round 1 Mike Bronzoulis def Justin Reiswerg by Submission (RNC) Round 2 Larry Crow def Quentin...
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  34. UFN 57 Av Bet
    Edgar > Swanson Ho-Choi > Puig Barnatt > Narvaez Curran > PVZ PM away
  35. UFC 181 AV BET
    I will take Hendricks/Showtime/Browne Just send me the bet
  36. UFC 181 AV BET
    I'll take any of the following: Hendricks>Lawler Ferguson>Trujillo
  37. Av bet: the force awakens
    you bet your ass I'm betting another av
  38. One FC 23 / Invicta FC 10 / Bamma 17 / KSW 29 Combo Card Results
    One FC 23 - Bibiano Fernandes defeats Dae Hwan Kim via Submission (rear naked choke) - Round 1 - Brandon Vera defeats Igor Subora via TKO (punches and soccer kicks) - Round 1 - Roger Gracie defeats...
  39. UFC 181 Av Bet
    I'll take Tony Ferguson or Josh Samman if anyone is interested. Also if anybody wants to shake things up a little bit I'll take Robbie Lawler over the wrestling Johny Hendricks. Here's the catch...
  40. Av Bet for Tonight
    I got Browne, Hendricks and Pettis. If anyone has Schaub, Lawler or Gil send me an invite and expect a hot pic of Zooey till next week.
  41. Ultimate Fighter 20 Finale/UFC on FOX 13 Question
    Why isn't this a combo card? Could we get the tuf fights that have been announced added as well?
  42. Tyson Cunningham
    Excited to see you in the secondary league, dude. Kick his ass and win me some points!
  43. Av bet: battle of the five armies
    I'll take RDA, Gonzaga or Do Bronx
  44. TUF 20/Fox 13 AV Bet
    Who wants to Av Bet? I'll go with Daron Cruickshank or Jeremy Stephens.
  45. Av Bet for Tomorrow
    I got Overeem and JDS if anyone's got Struve or Miocic send away.
  46. TUF 20/Fox 13 AV Bet
    I will take JDS/Rose Bud/Brunson/Cejudo Just send me the bet
  47. WSOF 16/ Tech-Krep FC/ Hard Knocks 40/ XFCi 8/ CFFC 44/ Cagesport 33 Combo Card Results and Discussion
    Tech-Krep FC : Battle of Heroes Dec. 12th 10AM ET Alexander Volkov defeats Roy Boughton by TKO Round 1 Hard Knocks 40 Dec. 12th 8PM ET Rodney Wallace def Clay Davidson by Unanimous Decision XFC...
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  48. Av bet: the next generation
    I'll take Dias
  49. UFC FN 58 Av bet
    Carlos Jr > Cummins Means > Alexandre Jr de Lima > Igor Who wants some? I'll also do... Collier > Miranda
  50. Titan FC 32/ One FC 24/ FEFOMP/ Fight Nights/ Deep 70 Combo Card Results and Spoilers
    One FC 24 Dec. 19th 8AM ET Adrian Pang def. Vincent Latoel via submission (guillotine choke) - Round 3, 2:15 Xian Ji def. Yadong Song via unanimous decision Titan FC 32 Dec. 19th 9PM ET Desmond...
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