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    if your interested in placing ANY wager for pride 33, get at me. just know that im firm on the wanderlei silva and takanori gomi fights. the others i might bend on.
  2. Important Annoucement!
    After the first event picks, we have already receive several reports on possible wager frauds. Those found guilty will be dealt with accordingly. In the future, if you detect any suspicious...
  3. $400 left for Pride 33
    I got Like 400 left for Pride 33.......... who wants in. Okay here are guys i am willing to bet for Gomi Hayato "Mach" Sakurai 1:1.5 Sergei Kharitonov 1:1 Kazuo "Grabaka Hitman" Misaki 1:1 Alistair...
  4. pride 33 bets $135 left to wager
    i will look at any bet sent to me. my picks Silva over Henderson Kharitonov over Yvel Rua over Overeem
  5. who else bet on edgar?
    i put most of my money and edgar last night lol the only thing i know aboput the guy is hes a great wrestler
  6. I pick Overeem
    For $ 50 You pick Rua for $150 Deal or no deal
  7. looking for bets
    i need wagers for pride 33 let me know who you want and for how much and i'll probably do it, except gomi-diaz
  8. I got upsets taking Yvel and Misaki
    Thats right I am willing to put money down on Yvel and Misaki, I know there are people out there who think these guys dont stand a chance, so send me some offers. I also am willing to put 125 on Gomi...
  9. diaz vs gomi
    i got gomi
  10. PRIDE 33 wagers
    I got Kharitonov Gomi Misaki Nakamura Silva Shogun Sakurai I'm willing to go 2:1 in any of the fights!
    wand i'm willing to give 4:1 gomi EVEN sakurai 2:1 nakamura 1.5:1 shogun 2.5:1 kharitonov 1.5:1 misaki EVEN send your wagers!
  12. straight up
    gomi vs diaz i take gomi
  13. My picks
    Here is the fighter I want, and the odds I'll give for the next Pride FC event: Gomi -- 1.5:1 Kharitonov -- even Misaki -- even Rua -- 3:1
  15. Giving you 2:1 for Yvel and 2.5:1 for Overeem-$50 bet minimum
    Send me your wagers for these odds!
  16. 1st event congrats
    hey man, awsome job to PRIDEFC & TheAxMurdererz.
  17. pride 33 bets (new comer)
    This is my first time - would like to give it a try and see if i'm able to win some bets - anybody like to wager - ill look at all bets that are sent my way - with the fighter i dont pick - plus good...
  18. second coming bets
    wandy diaz kharitonov nakamura mach misaki rua still taking a few diaz-gomi wagers.. msg me if interested.. msg me if interested in any others.
  19. p 33 wagers!
    My bets are the highlighted ones Dan Henderson vs Wanderlei Silva - Even Sergei Kharitonov vs Gilbert Yvel - Your 1 to my 1.5 Kazuhiro Nakamura vs Travis Wiuff - Your 1 to my 2 Hayato Sakurai vs Mac...
  20. Shogun over Alister
    for $50 on Shogun you pick Alister for $100
  21. User opinions wanted: help decide the future of the wagering system
    In the forming of the wager system for this site we had the goal of making it easy to understand and use for everyone, even those without experience in +/- odds style wagers. Most all sports gambling...
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  22. whos got Kharitonov??
    Odds 2 to 1 you take Sergei for $300 I take Yvel for $150. Send a wager if- n-ya-ont-ta
  23. new poll for the wagering system
    i think everyone should go place a vote for the poll that the mods have set up to change or replace the wagering system we have now
  24. Pride & UFC 68 picks, wagers
    I'll got Gomi Nak Sergei Rua Sakurai Sylvia Babalu Send a wager.
  25. i am looking for wagers
    ill take bets of all kind just dont ask me to bet on sanchez to beat cro cop or any other dumb fights lol
    Hey guys! Great site... But i was planning to buy money, but now it seems that that option is gone. Where did it go? You can't keep us hangin'! TM2K
  27. Now accepting wagers for Pride
    So go ahead and send 'em in. I'll be waiting.
  28. diaz
    if any1 thinks diaz will win send me a wager
  29. 150 left to bet
    I got 150 left to bet on Pride. Send me offers on anything you think would be interesting. It can be multiple bets or one bet, here are my winners Silva Gomi Yvel Nakamura Sakurai Misaki Rua
  30. Need Bets
    i will take Gomi, Silva, Shogun,Kharitonov and Nakamura send me wagers against them
  31. Taking action on MIsaki/Kharitonov
    Whoever wants Trigg or Yvel please step up. Any amounts welcome. Even bets only.
  32. Wager
    PLZ anyone, just send me a wager i want to bet on all the bouts.
  33. Silva vs. Henderson
    I take Silva You Take Henderson 200 bux... who wants it..... I take Shogun You Take Alistair 200 bux....
  34. Thank You for Taking My Lutter Money
    I am making this confession as part of a 12-step program: I actually picked Travis Lutter to Defeat Anderson Silva. That's right--I picked a guy who COULDN'T EVEN MAKE WEIGHT FOR THE BIGGEST FIGHT OF...
  35. Wagers for Pride 33
    Send me wagers if you are interested betting against the following: Gomi > Diaz Wanderlei > Henderson Shogun > Overeem Sakurai > Danzig Nakamura > Wiuff Misaki > Trigg Up for...
  36. Wagering
    How exactly do you do it? When I search for a wager like say Gomi vs Diaz do I search for someone who picked Diaz?
  37. Somebody step up
    Willing to take the following at 3:1 odds Diaz Willing to take the following at 2:1 odds Hendo Trigg All others I'm taking at 1:1 with a max bet of $100 Nak Sakurai Shogun If added Lil' Nog Fujita Le...
  38. My PRIDE33 predictions
    Here are my PRIDE33 predictions. First of all, those big belts that the Brazilian guy with the funny name and "The Fireball Kid" have are clearly fake. Probably bought them at a rummage sale...
  39. No Kharitonov v.s Yvel fight!!!
    i was looking on the pride websight and they havn't said anything about this match. so then i went to to see if it was in the rumors page but it wasn't. but what i did see was antonio...
  40. Who's picking Sylvia to beat Randy?
    I"ll put $50 on Randy to win for a couple of bets. Just to win, no rounds or finishes.
  41. Pride Wagers (Silva, Gomi, Rua, Sergei, Misaki, Sakurai)
    I've got: Gomi Rua Silva Kharitonov sakurai misaki send me a wager if you think different. cheers.
  42. Wanting a Wager For the Wiuff fight for pride 33
    Im taking any and all wagers, come get u some of the #15 wealthiest player, Thats right take my money if u can,
  43. $170 left, want to put it all on......
    i would like to do one more bet and would like to put it all on shogun, send me a decent wager if anyone is interested
  44. Couture in late round
    Couture takes this fight because mongoloid Sylvia won't be able to knock him out in the first round. Any takers?
  45. Pride 33 picks
    I'll give you some odds on underdogs. I got: Wandy Gomi Sergei Nakamura Mach Misaki Shogun
  46. Wagers
    Looking for wagers for Pride 33. View my page and check out my picks and send me a wager
  47. McDonolad 2nd round win
    who wanna bet against it mcdonald wins i think he can take rich "ACE" franklin 2nd round tap out
  48. $95 left
    I want to put it all on Gomi, Rua, or the Hansen fight that was just announced. I will give odds, just nothing too ridiculous.
  49. diaz vs gomi
    if u think diaz will win ill bet u straight up no odds
  50. Giving 1.5:1 Gomi over Diaz
    My 150 versus your 100 I want Gomi over Diaz I'll also take Rua at 150 versus your 50
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