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  1. One FC 16/ SCC 2/ Road FC 15 combo card results
    One FC 16 Ben Askren defeats Bakhtiyar Abbasov via Submission, Arm Triangle Round 1 Vincent Latoel   defeats   Eddie Ng via KO/TKO, Punches Round 1 Jadamba Narantungalag   defeats   Honorio Banario...
  2. Decision wins?
    I'm not sure if this is how it's always been, but I thought that decisions, like taking rounds and finishes were capable of scoring 7 points if you don't get the correct UD/SD, but maybe I'm wrong?...
  3. Av bet
    I'll take Pearson, Perez or Hallman
  4. Is there a member search button?
    Ever since the new site launched I haven't been able to find a member search. I have a buddy on here that I'm trying to find. I wanna see how he's been doing on his picks.
  5. Bellator 121 / BAMMA / CWFC 69 / WSOF Canada card results
    Bellator 121 - Friday, June 6th Rodney Wallace vs. Kelly Anundson - Kelly Anundson via Unanimous Decision Egidijus Valavicius vs. Carlos Eduardo - Egidijus Valavicius via Split Decision Rameau...
  6. All Canadian av bet
    I'll take Rory, Jimmo or Delorme eh
  7. UFC 174 AV Bet
    Haven't had an AV bet in a while so thought I might as well since we got some hometown fights goin' on I'll take Arlovski, Bader, or Letourneau Who wants some!?
  8. UFC 174 AV Bet
    I'll take any of the following: Rory>TWood Jimmo>OSP Sarafian>Kiichi Tanaka>Delorme
  9. Site Load Speed
    This was briefly brought up by kopower in off topic, but has there been a downgrade to the server or some other IT term I am not familiar with? My phone, laptop, and work pc all load this site much...
  10. Invicta Question
    Since Invicta is now going to be broadcast on UFC Fight Pass, will all of their fights also be moved to the primary league instead of BOTR?
  11. UFC Fight Night 43/44 Combo AV Bet
    It's been a little while since I made a bet. I'll take Gastelum/Swanson/Oliveira/Grujic/Magny Just send me the bet
  12. UFC Fight Night 43/Fight Night 44
    I'll take any of the following: Marquardt>Te Huna Hioki>Oliveira Braga-Neto>Hester Borg>Benoit Guimaraes>Enz
  13. WSOF 10 / Legacy 32 / more Combo Card Results
    Legacy FC 32 Thomas de Almeida defeats Caio Machado via TKO (liver shot and punches) - Round 1, 4:17 Derrick Krantz defeats Kyle Bradley via Submission (rear naked choke) - Round 1, 3:44 CFFC 36...
  14. Who are you sucker enough to pick 9 times out of 10 regardless of match up?
    I don't know if any of the rest of you have guys that you find yourself generally unable to pick against regardless of situation. I have/had a few. I always picked Brian Stann to win, and I don't...
  15. 43/44 av bet
    ill take Lamas,gastulem,marquardt,hester,swanson just send me bet
  16. Feedback poll: should Fight Pass cards be moved to Best of the Rest?
    Would love to hear your feedback and see the votes. Would the pick burnout be less if Fight Pass cards had their best fights moved to Best of the Rest? Is there some alternative that you think would...
  17. AV bet mistake
    I won my AV bet last night and it said I lost. I had Oliveira Can someone from the playground please fix this .Thanks
  18. UFC 175/TUF 19 Finale
    I'll take any of the following: Lee>Ronson Edgar>Penn Struve>Meathead Would consider taking Robertson>Alcantara as well, still a bit undecided.
  19. UFC 175/TUF 19 Combo AV Bet
    I will take Weidman/Rousey/Edgar/Scoggins/Faber I know Rousey/Faber is going for it but you never know what people are thinking. Just send me the bet
  20. What the 411?
    What happened to the WSOF card for l2? What the blood clot did I miss? I see it has been removed. Some good fights too.
  21. UFC Fight Night 45: Cerrone vs Miller
    I will take any of the following: Alex White>Lucas Martins Leslie Smith>Jessamyn Duke
    I will take Cerrone/White/Sterling Just send me the bet
  23. OneFC 18 / FightNights 16 / Grandslam / THF Combo Card Results
    One FC 18 Eric Kelly defeats Robert Lisita via Submission (rear naked choke) - Round 2, 3:43 Koji Ando defeats Rafael Nunes via Submission (rear naked choke) - Round 1, 1:43 Koetsu Okazaki defeats...
  24. UFC FN 46 AV Bet
    I'm only looking for 1 fight on this card because I feel a lot of fighters are descent underdogs. McCall>Pickett
  25. Av bet for this weekend!
    I got Cathal Pendred ( real odds -165 ), you got Mike King ( real odds +140 ). I will even do McCall if someone wants Pickett.
  26. Legacy 33/RITG/Grachan 14 Combo Card results and discussion
    Legacy 33 (Tonight 9 PM) Eli Tamez def Kory Vialet by Unanimous Decision (30-27) x 3 Steven Peterson def Johnny Ray Rodriguez by Unanimous Decision (30-27) x 3 Kamarudeen Usman def Marcus Hicks by...
  27. Idea: Points For Both Fighters' Round/Method
    It's common to say "If he loses, it will be because he gets caught by a ____ sometime in the ____ round". This isn't a workaround just to get points even when you lose. I see it as a legitimate...
  28. UFC on Fox 12 AV Bet
    I'll take any of the following: Lawler>Brown Cummins>Kingsbu Masvidal>Cruickshank (Idk who I'm picking yet but will take Masvidal for the hell of it.)
  29. UFC FOX 12 AV BET
    I will take Bermudez/Burns/Cummins/Masvidal Just send me the bet
  30. Bellator 122 / Road FC 16 / Deep card results
    Bellator 122: - Friday, July 25th Sergio Rios vs. Stephen Martinez - Sergio Rios via 2nd Round TKO, (Kick and Punches) Saad Awad vs. Joe Duarte - Saad Awad via 1st Round TKO, (Elbows from Triangle...
  31. UFC Fight Night 47 AV Bet
    I'll take any of the following: Bader>OSP Tavares>Peralta Makovsky>Jussier Would consider taking Watson>Alvey as well. I'm not 100% who I'm going with yet but if I can't get 1 of the...
  32. WSOF 12 / CFFC 38 / NFA 4 Combo Card Results
    NFA Valley Invasion 4 (Friday) - Jared Papazian defeats Ara Muradyan via Unanimous Decision Fight Time in the Valley (Saturday) - Roger Carroll defeats Dan Hornbuckle via Submission - Round 1 CFFC...
  33. Fight Night 48/Fight Night 49 AV Bet
    I'll take any of the following: Bisping>Le Mein>Pyle Carmont>Leites Garcia>Magny Martin>Dariush Phillips>Hobar Would also consider taking T-Wood>DHK.
  34. Titan FC 29 / IGF 2 / CW 71 / CFFC 40 - Event 1, new season?
    Did we skip this L2 card this weekend as event 1 of the new season in favor of One FC 19 / Fight Time 20 / Legacy FC 34 next weekend or did I miss lock? It had hours left and then disappeared next...
  35. Titan FC, IGF 2, Cage Warriors 71, RFA 17, CFFC 40, Circuito Talent de MMA Combo Card Results and Discussion
    Cage Warriors 71 - Friday August 22, 12:45PM ET Jack Hermansson def. Deyan Topalski via KO/TKO, Punches 4:09 Round 1 RFA 17 - Friday August 22, 10:00 PM ET (AXS TV) Christos Giagos defeats Dakota...
  36. Seeking 2 new moderators
    Duties include regulating on the forums and helping to keep fight cards in both leagues up to date. If interested please send me a PM Thx!
  37. UFC 177 AV BET
    I will take Dillashaw to shock the world again or I'll take CDF/Correia Just send me the bet
  38. One FC 19 / Fight Time 20 / Legacy FC 34 results -
    One FC 19: - Friday, August 29th Shinya Aoki vs. Kamal Shalorus - Shinya Aoki via 1st Round Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Ben Askren vs. Nobutatsu Suzuki - Ben Askren via 1st Round TKO (Punches)...
  39. Can we get the card updated ASAP
    With Barao and Cejudo out the card needs to be updated ASAP.
  40. UFC 177 AV Bet
    I'll take Ferguson>Castillo.
  41. UFC Fight Night 50 AV Bet
    I will take Jacare/Lewis/Scoggins/Overeem Just send me the bet
  42. UFC Fight Night 50 Av Bet
    I'll take Lauzon over Chiesa, Natal over Camozzi or Scoggins over Moraga. 3 fairly even matchups. Do I have a taker. Or we can do an L2 Av bet. Even though It'll be unofficial. I'll take Jinh Yu over...
  43. UFC Fight Night 50 av bet.
    Never done one before. Figured I would try it once. I will take Mousasi.
  44. UFC FN 50 AV Bet
    I will take any of the following: Lewis>Meathead Scoggins>Moraga Lentz>Oliveira
  45. UFN 50 Main Card update
    At some point in the last 48 hours it appears as though the UFC main card for tonight's fights was changed from 6 fights to 4 fights Because the Hot Bout is 1 of the 2 fights which would be truncated...
  46. Bellator 123/Invicta 8 Combo Card Results
    Bellator 123 Patricio Freire defeats Pat Curran via Unanimous Decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46) Muhammed Lawal defeats Dustin Jacoby via TKO (strikes) - Round 2, 1:13 Tamdan McCrory defeats Brennan Ward...
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  47. UFC FN 51 AV Bet
    I'll take any of the following: Big Foot>AA Tibau>Hallman Alcantara>Doane Pepey>Johnson Trinaldo>Silva Spencer>Thiago
  48. UFN 51 Big Foot vs. Arlovski 2 AV Bet
    I'll take Bedford, Big Foot, Tibau and Santos.....hit me up
  49. Bellator 124 / One FC 20 / WSOF 13 / and MORE Combo Card Results
    One FC 20 Adriano Moraes defeats Geje Eustaquio via Submission (guillotine choke) - Round 2 Bellator 124 Emanuel Newton def. Joey Beltran via knockout (spinning back fist) – Round 3, 3:07 Liam...
    I will take Bigfoot/Pepe/Pacheco Just send me the bet.
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