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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. Bellator 109 / RFA 11 / SC 9 Combo Card Results
    Bellator 109 Alexander Shlemenko defeats Doug Marshall via TKO (body punch) - Round 1, 4:28 Rick Hawn defeats Ron Keslar via KO (punches) - Round 3, 0:55 Will Brooks defeats Alexander Sarnavskiy via...
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  2. 25-fight L2 Card
    WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?! But seriously, this L2 season is coming to a close and it is ending with a bang. This event will cover cards put on by WSOF, Invicta, KSW, and OneFC all on one weekend. You...
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  3. TUF Finale Full Card AV Bet Challenge
    Fleek started this idea and a few others (Budge, Outlaw, Poor_Franklin, and Bubbles) have done this too. I want to do a Full Card AV Bet Challenge to whoever wants to play. Loser of this challenge...
  4. TUF18 finale av bet
    All female av bet yalll! I'll take Roxanne Modafferi, Jessica Rakoczy or Jessamyn Duke
  5. incorrect fighter name spelling
    Julianna Pena is spelled "Penn"
  6. Maynard vs Diaz
    Who you got and why ? I am leaning towards Maynard think he will take the fight to the ground and win a dec.
  7. Walter Harris vs Jared Rosholt
    Who you got in this one and tell us why ? I got the underdog Harris in this one cos i have seen he is really athletic and has a decent standup and i think he will be able to stop the takedowns on...
  8. Australian av bet (mate)
    I'll take Hunt
  9. My av bet record. GOAT?
    Image is too large
  10. Unable to place wagers for final L2 Card!
    All day I have been unable to make any wagers for this upcoming mega card for L2. When I try to place a wager, I get this Server Error in '/' Application....
  11. MMAPlayground Season 18: The Big Tebowski
    Come clean...who creates these names? This may be the best one yet.
  12. End Of Season Mega Combo Card Results
    One FC 13 (Friday-6am) Koji Oishi defeats Honorio Banario via KO (punches) - Round 3, 1:43 Kevin Belingon defeats David Aranda Santacana via KO (punch) - Round 1, 2:53 Vuyisile Colossa defeats Caros...
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  13. The AvBet before Christmas
    Who wants a piece of the av bet GOAT?! I'll take McKenzie or McDonald
  14. New L2 Season Starting This Weekend
    Just reminding everyone that an all new season starts this Friday. The first event is Bamma 14 / XFC 27 / VFC 41 combo card. This card features 13 fights with 7 former UFC fighter; Ryan Thomas, Paul...
  15. Bamma 14 / XFC 27 / VCF 41 Combo Card Results
    XFC 27 (Friday, 9pm ET) Deivison Ribeiro defeats Farkhad Sharipov via Unanimous Decision (50-45, 49-46, 50-45) Dom O'Grady defeats Eric Reynolds via SUB (rear naked choke) - Round 2, 1:42 Dave...
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  16. UFC on FOX 9 AV BET
    I will take Benavidez/Faber/Barboza Just send me the bet
  17. need help on SN change
    Whats up guys havent been in here for awhile and would like to change my screen name if possible. Anybody know how to go about doing that? Thanks
  18. Av Bet for Holidays!
    I got "the best of all time" in Anderson Silva, you got Weidman! Who is man enough?
  19. Last AV bet of the year
    I will take Poirier/Barnett/Rousey I would take Silva to but I'm not going to ask for it. Just send me the bet
  20. tate vs rousey
    Why are the odds so low on this fight here? Tate is at +380 and at every betting website theyre around +650 for tate and -1000 for rousey.
  21. Last minute av bet / Bring it !!!
    This event snuck up on me! Where did the year go? Any of you last minute mothers wanna put some money where your mouth is! Money of course meaning avatar pic. I'll take the Spider
  22. how do i delete a post?
    how do i delete a post?
  23. Singapore av bet
    The prelims are a little too early for me but iama be watching the main card with a pile of scrambled eggs, half a pound of maple bacon & some of those little round breakfast sausages! Wooooo can't...
  24. Av Bet- Fight Night Singapore
    I'll take Luiz Dutra or Leandro Issa if anyone is interested. There are plenty of others I'd take too but these 2 fights are very close to even.
  25. Sherdogs Fantasy game is over
    Might see some new members coming through
  26. Gay Avatars
    It's frustrating trying to read the forums at work, or any place where other people are around, and having gay pictures scrolling on my screen. There are way more clever/funny avatars to pick than 2...
  27. Whats the latest? The dark truth about 2013
    So the last event had 1249 people making there picks Now I understand the UFC card was early for you Americans and I understand you guys had to sign up to a website to get access the fights free for...
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  28. Av bet
    ill take dillashaw,larkin,miller,and romero
  29. Year end awards
    Hey dudes, I got a PM not too long ago asking who I thought the best posters are and such. I'm just curious if winners have been awarded. I'd like to prop some of the peeps that make this site cool
  30. The L2 break is over, WSOF/MFC/RoadFC card this week!
    After a brief holiday period with no L2 cards, we are back in action! Make sure to get your picks in for this weekend's event, and make sure to check back because new events and fights are already...
  31. WSOF 8 / MFC 39 / RoadFC Combo Card Results
    MFC 39 Anthony Hamilton defeats Darrill Schoonover via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 50-45) Tom Gallicchio defeats Kurt Southern via SUB (rear naked choke) - Round 2, 4:41 Gilbert Smith Jr...
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  32. AV Bet for UFC on Fox 10
    I'll take either Daron "Detroit Superstar" Cruickshank, Stipe Miocic or Daron Elkins if anyone is interested. I'd also be willing to do a full card AV Bet Challenge too. If someone decides on this Av...
  33. Miocic vs Gonzaga av bet
    I got Miocic. Who wants Gonzaga?
  34. Av bet (Stipe, Elkins, Camus, Harris).
    I have Stipe, Elkins, Camus, and Harris. Who's picking against any of those guys and wants an av bet?
  35. Missing Event
    One of your local card sharks here. Just noticed all the new events that were added, well done mods Just wanted to let you know that you missed one event though, between UFN 38: Shogun vs Hendo II...
  36. av bet ufc 169
    ill take hester,varner,lineker also ill take ''the cobra'' just send me bet.
  37. Bagautinov vs Lineker av bet
    I'll take Ali. Who wants Lineker?
  38. Varner vs Trujilo AV Bet
    I got Varner any takers on Trujilo? If so send me an invite.
  39. Av bet (Barao, Linekar, Varner, Umalatov)
    Anyone picking against any of these guys?
  40. Have any long term players got or had an over 70% win rate?
    I've only ever seen a long term player with around a 56%-67% win rate.
  41. Machida vs Mousasi AV BET
    I will take Machida or Souza Just send me the bet
  42. Fight Night 36 Av bet
    I'll take either Albert Tumenov or Joe Proctor if anyone wants that action.
  43. Says wrong division when clicking on camp profiles
    Not that it matters much. But it seems the division listed on camp profiles is still for how the divisions used to be divided into # of members. For example: CPT says #1 in LHW, DH says #2 in MW, BE...
  44. Last minute av bet !!!
    I'll take Doug Silva
  45. L2 Fight Changes
    There have been several new fights and cancellations to this week's upcoming L2 card. So make sure to update your picks! Also, get ready for a great run of L2 cards with the beginning of a new...
  46. UFC 170 AV BET
    I will take Rousey/DC/Rory Mac/Fun Size/Wonderbread Just send me the bet
  47. AV Bet for UFC 170
    I'll take Rory MacDonald (HB) or Alexis Davis which is near 50/50. Any takers? First one to accept gets the bet.
  48. HELP!
    What's up everyone- I'm brand new to this site. I created a fight camp so my friends could join and it doesn't show up anywhere. Am I doing something wrong?? Any help would be real swell. Thanks
  49. 170 av bet
    I got Sampo
  50. WSOF 9, Legacy 28, CFCC32 and more combo card results
    WSOF 1 Ryan Ford defeats Joel Powell via KO (headkick and punches) - Round 1, 0:53 Legacy FC 28 Damon Jackson defeats Hunter Tucker via Submission (rear naked choke) - Round 2, 3:24 Cosmo Alexandre...
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