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  1. UFC 159 Lockout Time --> changed to 6:50pm
    Since Catone isn't getting Head on the prelims tonight, the start time has been moved back to 7pm ET. Lockout time changed to reflect. Good luck.
  2. UFC on FX 8
    I want RDA>Dunham or Souza>Costa
  3. Don't forget to make your Secondary League picks
    We have a event NEXT weekend so get those picks in STAT
  4. Suggested New L2 Event
    Just submitted this, thought I'd put it here as well. New Event Flawless FC 3 - May 18, 2013 Igor Araujo (22-6-0) vs Nic Herron-Webb (12-4-0, TUF 16 vet) Chris Tickle (8-6-0, UFC vet) vs Christos...
  5. New L2 Event Added for Weekend of 5/18
    I realize that the majority of the fighters (most had to be added) don't have pictures - my bad. However, that's the most time demanding part of adding these fighters. When I have to add 25 of the 30...
  6. L2 Lockout Changed
    L2 lockout time has been moved back to 12pm ET. Tell yo' peeps.
  7. DFC/SF11/MFC/CWFC/CFFC/UPC Combo Card Results
    Dubai FC 4 Paul Daley (32-13-2) defeats Rodrigo Ribeiro (9-11) via KO - round 2 Showdown Fights 11 Justin Buchholz (15-7) defeats Gordon Bell (8-2) via KO (spinning back fist and punches) - round 1,...
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  8. L2 Issue: Bellator Summer Series on Wednesdays
    I have a question for the L2 governors regarding the upcoming Bellator Summer Series, which will take place on Wednesdays instead of Bellator's customary Thursday night time slot. Since Bellator...
  9. UFC on FX 8 Av or Sig Bet Thread
    Just for a week. Just the tip. Regular poster or whatever. No anti-Larry-Merchant or anti-Hong-Man-Choi avatars allowed, or anything against forum rules of course. Open to an Av or Sig bet or both. 2...
  10. Get those picks in boys
    So we can wager on the secondary league fights, lots of good bets on this card
  11. UFC on FX 8 Lock Time
    According to MMAJunkie the first fight is 4:30 p.m. ET on Facebook. I think it's set for 5 PM right now?
  12. FFC3/AFC/NEFFN/VCS/Pancrase Combo Card Results
    Fight Night MMA 7 Marcus Davis (22-9) defeats Darrius Heyliger (5-2) via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) Tyler King (6-1) defeats Travis Bartlett (5-4) via SUB (arm-triangle choke) - Round...
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  13. Most Predictable Card Ever
    So this is a bit rant, bit random break down of scores from the sites history, I apologize if there are any inaccuracies in my analysis. So tonight I was watching with my printed out fight companion,...
  14. UFC 160: AV BET
    I will take JDS or Maynard Just send me the bet
  15. *** NEW L2 EVENTS ADDED ***
    Added an event for next weekend. Kicks off Thursday with M-1 39. Get 'em in boys!
  16. Avatar Bet Draft Special #2 [UFC 160]
    Challenge issued. Who wants in? If you're not sure how it works, check out this thread --> LINK . RULES: - Regular posters (TBD by myself) only please. - 1 week bet. (or until the next event) -...
  17. UFC 160 AV Bet
    Im looking for JDS>Hunt, Story>Pyle, or Bermudez vs Holloway. Any takers? Send & Ill accept
  18. New Secondary Event - Get your picks in
    need people to get their picks in so the odds come up.
  19. Possible L2 Error
    The L2 results from this past weekend have: Green beat Martinez TKO rd 2 BUT sherdog states that: Martinez beat Green TKO rd 2 link Sherdog is usually pretty accurate with fight results. May want to...
  20. M-1/FA8/CFA/GC/IGF Combo Card Results
    M-1 Challenge 39 Vyacheslav Vasilevsky (19-2) defeats Charles Andrade (24-12) via Unanimous Decision Fighters Arena 8 DJ Linderman (14-5) defeats Michal Kita (14-7) via TKO - Round 2 CFA 11 Mike Kyle...
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  21. Is there a way
    To go back and view the end of the season rankings for the fight camps. Example: I wanted to see what the end of Season 5 rankings looked like, is there a way to find that?
  22. UFC on FUEL 10 AV Bet
    Looking for any of the following. Send me a proposal if interested. Werdum>Big Nog Cavalcante>Silva Hirota>Damm
  23. L2: Last minute fight addition
    Antonio Banuelos vs Alptekin Ozkilic has been added to the L2 card this weekend. Lock time is in less than 48 hours, so get your picks in!
  24. L2 Start Time Error? I think the event cutoff time for OneFC tomorrow is late. If you look at the bottom of the...
  25. Brazilian Wax AV BET
    Who ever loses has to get there bathing suit area completely waxed. Pictures will be posted as proof Ill take Feijao, Hirota or Castro
  26. OneFC/Legacy/Cage Warriors Combo Card Results
    One FC 9: Rise to Power Koji Oishi defeats Honorio Banario via KO (punches) - Round 2, 1:45 Bibiano Fernandes defeats Koetsu Okazaki via Unanimous Decision Masakatsu Ueda defeats Kevin Belingon via...
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  27. UPDATE: New L2 Event Added
    I noticed earlier that we were set for a week off without an L2 event so I pieced one together for next weekend. KOTC/TitanFC/Havoc/KSW/Rings Combo is now ready for picks. Good luck!
  28. Avatar Bet Draft Special #3 [UFC on FUEL 10] - CHALLENGE
    Challenge issued. Who wants in? If you're not sure how it works, check it out - We take turns picking fighters that are fighting on the card. If your pool of fighters ends up with more wins than my...
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  29. UFC Fuel TV 10 AV Bet
    I will take Neto/Rony Jason/Werdum Just send me the bet
  30. UFC on Fuel 10 Lock Time
    According to MMAJunkie - it's starting at 4:30 PM EST on Facebook. And it look's like the lock is at 5:45 PM EST. It'll need to be changed. Thanks.
  31. KOTC/TitanFC/Havoc/KSW/Rings Combo Card Results
    Havoc FC 2 Josh Machan defeats John Fraser via Technical Submission (guillotine choke) - Round 1, 0:22 KOTC: Earthquake Tim Hague defeats Jordan Tracey via TKO (punches) - Round 1, 2:25 Titan FC 25...
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    I got this from a member who has issues with the way the Secondary League is ran. I'll post the conversation in it's entirety for you to read. If you agree, click the appropriate option above. If you...
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  33. Marcario/Santos mistake
    Just noticed Santos' win was put in as a KO/TKO but he won by submission. Just a heads up.
  34. UFC on FUEL 10 Scoring Error
    Leonardo Santos' victory was accidentally entered as a TKO win when, as we all know, he won by Submission. Error correct and stats have been updated. Apologies.
  35. Yay
    After 6 years finally a top 10 Finnish and a #1 too, so I thought I'd celebrate with my very first post. Keep playing guys.
  36. UFC 161 Main Event 3 or 5 rounds?
    A lot of publications are saying its still only 3 rounds. Playground has it listed as 5 rounds.
  37. UFC 161 av bet
    Anyone have Shields? I'll take Twood
  38. Post Count
    Is post count updated in real time? Because if it is something is not working for mine. yesterday was at 4404 now before this post it was 4403 what's up?
  39. WSOF/XFC/KOTC Combo Card Results
    KOTC Trevor Prangley defeats Tony Lopez via SUB - Round 2 XFC 24 Scott Holtzman defeats John Mahlow via TKO (punches) - Round 2, 2:53 Luis Santos defeats Dave Courchaine via KO (head kick and...
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  40. Scoring error UFC 161
    It is listed that James Krause won via submission/decision. As we all know he won via 3rd round submission
  41. UFC 162 AV BET R.I.P Weidman
    Alright Weidman fans here is your chance to prove that Weidman is as good as you think he is.I think Silva blows Weidman out of the water easily but people actully think he has a chance to win and is...
  42. UFC 162 AV BET
    Well i'm not going to play with Silva/Weidman I will Take Tim Boetsch if anyone has Mark Munoz.... If ya 'aint chicken
  43. Bellator/RFA/VTJ/KOTC Combo Card Results
    Bellator 96 Keith Berry defeats Cortez Coleman by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Muhammed Lawal defeats Seth Petruzelli via KO (punch) - Round 1, 1:35 Jacob Noe defeats Renato Sobral via TKO...
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  44. L2 Event Added - help needed
    I added an L2 event for next weekend - didn't realize the current event was the last one scheduled. It's only 8 fights right now but there are plenty of events taking place. I'm not all that familiar...
  45. League 2 Wagers
    Are these due to be reset ? as I think the 10 events are up. If so will it be before tomorrow's events ?
  46. GWC/TopFC/DEEP/Pancrase/Epic Combo Card
    Top FC 1 Dongi Yang defeats Jae Young Kim via TKO (body kicks and punches) - Round 2 GWC 1 Marcin Lazarz defeats Ricco Rodriguez via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) Andre Winner defeats Drew...
  47. Invicta 6 card...
    Next weekend's Invicta card has been made in to a combo card. 8 new fights added. Huge card. Enjoy. EDIT: Also, a new L2 event has been added for the weekend of July 19-20th. Thanks to Budge for...
  48. 162 Lockout
    Lockout time has been moved back to 6:45pm ET since prelims don't kick off until 7pm.
  49. An idea
    What would everyone feel about adding to the list of fighter rankings, the GOAT? I think it would either settle quickly and quietly a lot of things after a brief opening of heated debates. I know how...
  50. AV Bet
    I got Rory Mac if anyone is taking Ellenburger
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