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  1. UFC 157 Av bet
    I have Machida - anyone want Hendo?
  2. need help: UFC 157 drinking game :)
    Years ago... my older brother used to work for Coors light. The time when my brother was employed with this company is now known as the "good ol days" by my entire family. There was a mini beer...
  3. AV Bet UFC on Fuel 8
    its an addiction I'll take Diego or Lombard shit I may even take Stun Gun
  4. UFC on Fuel 8 Lock Time
    The first fight is on Facebook at 7:30 pm EST on Saturday. Could we move the lock time closer to that? Right now it's set at Friday at midnight. I usually change my mind on a couple fights on...
  5. Bellator 91 / Legacy FC / CCCW Combo Card Results
    Bellator 91 Attila Vegh (29-4-2) defeats Christian M'Pumbu (18-5) via Unanimous Decision (48-47, 49-46, 50-45) Saad Awad (14-4) defeats Will Brooks (9-1) via KO (Punches) - Round 1, 0:43 David...
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  6. Lombard vs Okami AV bet
    I got Lombard if anybody wants Okami
  7. This place is dying?
    Soo I was checking Josh Koscheck's playground history and I found something startling. In his first playground fight against Sanchez nearly 4 thousand people picked that fight, in between there were...
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  8. Scoring error: UFC on Fuel 8
    Yushin Okami won a split decision didn't he?
  9. UFC 158 AV Bet
    Alright, let's do this. I want Daron Cruickshank or Jordan Mein. Daily posters only please
  10. Gif request
    Not sure if theres anyone who can do this, but if someone could put Hunts face on an animation of E.Honda slapping the shit out of the car in Street Fighter 2 I will never change my avatar again. 100...
  11. L2 Error
    Apparently I jacked up the scoring slightly on the most recent L2 event. Had Rickels winning a Unanimous Decision via Sub/Tap. It has been corrected and I will re-run the update when I get home...
  12. UFC 158 AV Bet----with a twist
    I'll take GSP.....I know, I know.....way to step out on the ledge Adrenaline....but here is the deal: I'll bet my avatar that Diaz does not win a single, solitary round. Nodda, zip, zilch, goose...
  13. L2: Check your picks on Aliev vs Marshall
    The profile link for Sultan Aliev has been corrected (used to be linked to the wrong "Sultan Aliev"s sherdog page), meaning that you need to make your pick for this fight again
  14. New UFC schedule
    So with today's news starting in August about the UFC having 12 shows on Fox Sports 1, how is that going to change how events are picked. Will cards be packed together, will seasons be longer (15...
  15. L2 Issue (BAMMA - Warburton/Ray fight)
    Apparently this is a 3 round fight, not 5, which is what Tapology has listes. I confirmed w/BAMMA that its indeed a 3 round fight. Its been changed. Update your picks if needed. Please pass the word...
  16. UFC 158 AV Bet
    Looking for a bet on Mein/Cruickshank/Ricci/GSP/Dillashaw Any takers? Send it and Ill accept
  17. Congrats to.....................
    BuffaloDave, airkerma and Sparky. They have all earnt the Top Poster Accolade. Well done all, its is much deserved.
  18. Bellator 92 / CWFC 52 / Predator FC / BAMMA Combo Card Results
    Bellator 92 Magomedrasul Khasbulaev (20-5) defeats Marlon Sandro (24-5) via TKO (Strikes) - Round 3, 2:38 Doug Marshall (17-6) defeats Sultan Aliev (9-1) via Split Decision (27-30, 28-29, 29-28)...
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  19. L2 Updates
    Lots of updates done in L2 tonight. Check your picks - make sure they're up to date. Party on, Wayne.
  20. UFC 158 Scoring Error
    Mike Ricci beat Colin Fletcher by UD
  21. Fighter Addition
    Can someone please add Johnny Hendricks to the database so he can be put in the top 10 rankings?
  22. Congrats to.....................
    SilentOutlaw of Dark Horse for becoming the first playground member with 1,000 Main league wins and 1,000 Secondary League wins. Congrats
  23. UFC on FUEL 9 AV BET
    I will take Pickett/Gustaffson/Pearson Just send me the bet.
  24. WSOF 2 / RFA 7 / Bellator 93 Combo Card Results
    Bellator 93 Dave Jansen (19-2) defeats Marcin Held (15-3) via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Ryan Martinez (9-2) defeats Travis Wiuff (68-17) via KO (Punches) - Round 1, 0:18 Marcus Davis...
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  25. Record low?
    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but I'm a little rattled that I got screwed on my parlay because someone put in JZ as the winner instead of Gaethje. All season, I've lost every L2 parlay, and...
  27. L2 Update
    2 fights have been added to this up coming weekend's L2 card. Get your picks in guys And thanks to Fleek (I'm assuming) for updating the card so quickly.
  28. URGENT: L2 Update
    Ronnie Mann vs. Rodrigo Lima has been added to THIS WEEK'S combo card. Revise your picks!
  29. Av Bet for UFC on Fuel 9
    I got Brandao
    There's an L2 event this week and it kicks off tonight. Get those picks locked in!
  31. Bellator 94 / Wreck / NAFC / CC24 / VFC 39 Combo Card Results
    Bellator 94 David Rickels (14-1) defeats Saad Awad (14-5) via TKO (Punches) - Round 2, 5:00 Emanuel Newton (21-7-1) defeats Mikhail Zayats (21-7) via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Rodrigo...
  32. Double Header Av Bet Challenge
    My European Wonders, Reza Madadi and Akira Corrasani are stepping into the cage next weekend as big time underdogs so here's my wager: If Akira OR Reza wins I control your av for 2 weeks If both...
  33. (L2) SEASON 18: Fat Stacks
    Season 18 kicks off this week with a HUGE 20-fight card.* Congratulations to Edwards for winning the points game in Season 17 and also to Basshandsome for taking home the wagers crown for Season 17....
  34. L2 Bankrolls = reset
    Sorry for the delay. L2 bankrolls have now been reset.
  35. Mousasi/Gustafsson = OFF | Mousasi/Latifi = ON
    Mousasi has a new opponent for Saturday. Update your picks accordingly!
  36. Bellator/OneFC/Invicta/MFW/ROC/HFC Combo Card Results
    Bellator 95 Pat Curran (19-4) defeats Shahbulat Shamhalaev (12-2-1) via Technical Submission (Modified Guillotine Choke) - Round 1, 2:38 Frodo Khasbulaev (18-6) defeats Mike Richman (15-3) via...
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  37. TUF 17 Finale Bet
    Browne (me) vs Gonzaga (???) Any takers?
  38. Looking for a few more players for a side game
    trevail's Camp Management/Draft Side Game Hey, I am looking for a few more interested players for a side game that I am starting up tomorrow night. It's more of a strategy style game than pick...
  39. TUF Finale Card Updated
    All fights are loaded and ready to go folks. Only a few days to pick so get 'em in ASAP. Good luck!
  40. TUF AV Bet: Line up for this one my fellow PGers
    I got Kelvin Gastelum
  41. Legacy FC 19/Road FC 11/Cage Warriors 53/KOTC Fighting Legends Combo Card Results
    Legacy FC 19 Rey Trujillo (underdog) def Chris Jones via KO/TKO, Punches at 3:59 of Round 1 Robert Drysdale def DJ Linderman (underdog) via Submission, Rear Naked Choke at 1:48 of Round 1 Georgi...
  42. mod question about logging on my phone at a friend's house
    If I'm checking the site on my phone at my friend's house, who is also on the site, & I am on his wifi, will the site see this as 2 accounts at 1 house & think we're cheating? I try to get off his...
  43. UFC on FOX 7 AV Bet
    Im looking for any of these AV Bets: DC>Mir Mein>Brown Larkin>Carmont
  44. Lock time for UFC on Fox
    Junkie is reporting the event starts at 4 EST, I think the timer for the event is off by about 20 minutes. Could be wrong.
  45. Avatar bet
    I got Leonard "hypno toad" Garcia over Cody "shit just got real" Mckenzie. Any takers
  46. UFC 159 AV Bet
    Looking for Phil>Vinny or Garcia>Mckenzie
  47. AV Bets Belcher vs Bisping
    The only fight that is really all that close IMO, I've got know the rules, you know the game...Don't be scared homie!
  48. reorganizing fight camp divisions
    Has there been any talk about reshaping the division sizes? I still feel that an 18 member camp should not be in the same division as those with 30+. Based on last season's totals for HW, if you bump...
  49. Avatar Bet Draft Special [Patent Pending] - FLEEK vs. BUDGE
    I need a challenger. We'll each take turns drafting fighters from the upcoming UFC 159 card. The winner will be determined by the overall W/L record for each team this Saturday Night....
  50. DEEP 62 / MMA Attack / Deep Osaka Impact Combo Card Results
    Deep 62 Satoru Kitaoka (31-12-9) defeats Daisuke Nakamura (27-14) via Unanimous Decision Daiki Hata (16-9-7) defeats Yoshiro Maeda (30-13-4) via TKO (punches) - Round 2, 1:41 Dan Hornbuckle (24-5)...
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