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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. was too good not to try
    i just bet the house on Melvin. With those odds, it was too good not to try. I recently just started to get in depth with picks and wagers, I know Cerrone is a better fighter and the huge fav, but...
  2. UFC 150 Avatar bet
    I will take Lawrence if someone wants Holloway any avatar bet
  3. AvBet for UFC 150 ;)
    I put the wink face in the title to seduce you in here. Obviously it worked so let's tango ! NOTE: I couldn't partake in an avbet last event for some strange reason.. I had one set, the fight gets...
  4. UFC 151 AV BET
    I doubt anybody will take this bet but I will take Jon Jones if someone wants the miracle H bomb
  5. Re-evaluation of the "No Fighter Bashing" rule.
    I love the PG. It has become sort of my internet home away from home and I would do everything in my power to not let a sour apple or a rule be the reason to not post anymore. Having said that, I...
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  6. 5 years of mmapg
    Does it really feel like it's been 5 years fellas? I can still remember staying up till 5 in the morning to match pride and dream with you guys, all the the propfests that happen during christmas,...
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  7. Two cancelled bouts in secondary league
    Alvin Robinson vs. Christian Uflacker and Dustin Ortiz vs. Jeff Curran have supposedly been cancelled. I was going to report it but my only source is Tapology.
  8. Rousey vs Kaufman Avatar Bet
    I got Rousey. 2 weeks and 3 posts a week minimum. Bring it.
  9. Rousey/Kaufman Scoring Error
    Rousey won by Armbar in the first but it is scored as Kaufman with a Round 1 submission both on score and wagers. Please update.
  10. Upcoming Event - UFC on FX 5
    After UFC 151 , is UFC 152 then UFC on Fuel Struve vs Miocic. On upcoming events at My Fantasy Picks it says UFC on Fx 5 is the event after UFC 151
  11. The KING OF SEPTEMBER mini-tournament
    Hey everyone, is holding a real money buy-in tournament for the 3 UFC events this september. The buy-in is $10.00 USD, and it's WINNER TAKE ALL. Click on the link below for more details....
  12. Some more errors in the wagering on the last L2 event.
    First I hope I put this in the right forum. There was the 1 error with everyone that wagered on Sarah Kaufman getting paid on that fight. And that error has been fixed. Now I was looking at my wagers...
  13. Just a reminder
    Another L2 event this weekend with Bellator in the spotlight. No L1 events so it's a perfect time to jump in. The event will be locked in 1 day 15 hours.
  14. UFC (new) 151 av bet
    I got Bisping
  15. Bellator 73/CFFC 16/TFC 24/Shooto 33- combo card Results
    3 of the 4 cards have happened now so I figured I should post the results so far. Bellator 73 LINK Attila Vegh defeats Travis Wiuff - 1st round KO (punches), 0:25 Marcos Galvao defeats Luis Nogueira...
  16. next L2 event
    after the ONE FC card, the next L2 event is a month away. Can someone come up with a set of fights for a weekend in between? I will give you 2 props
  17. LFC 14/ROC 42/BAMMA 10/KSW 20/AFC 11 combo card SEPTEMBER 14-16
    Hey guys, Hippy put together another Secondary League card for us. 13 Fights! There are some great fights on here so make sure to get all yours picks in asap so we can get some wagers calculated Here...
  18. UFC 152 AV BET
    I will take Bones/Bisping/Pokrajac if anyone wants to bet. Any AV any ONE just send me the bet
  19. UFC 152 AV Bet
    I didn't fair so well in my last bet so let's see if I can rebound. I've got Pokrajac, Oliveira, or Vladdy. Any takers?
  20. Real Cash Fantasy
    Whats the word in here? Do people play fantasy mma for real cash?
  21. League 2 Full Results: LFC 14/ROC 42/BAMMA 10/KSW 20/AFC 11 combo card
    Legacy FC 14: Pimenta vs. Rexroad - Jeff Rexroad defeats Lucas Pimenta via submission (triangle choke), 3:17 rd2 - Josh Sampo defeats Antonio Banuelos via Unanimous Decision Ring of Combat 42 -...
  22. The Radio Thread
    Something should be done in that thread, the show is gone, last participation was 3 months ago. Just wondering if this has came up and any plans for it?
  23. UFC 152 AV Bet
    Alright, let's try this again. I'll take Igor Pokrajac, Charles Oliveira or Michael Bisping. Any takers?
  24. Av Bet: Take the Favorite
    You take Nipple Rings Benavidez <---------- I rolls with the mouse Others fights I would possibly go for Grant vs Dunham Baczynski vs Thoresen
  25. The Perfect Score (or almost)
    So I was looking back over my playground history (almost 5 years now) and I realized that I've never had a perfect event. I've had several events where I only got one fight wrong, but I've never had...
  26. Much love for the playground!
    I will upgrade to a member once I deposit this bad boy!! Thanks to all who work hard so we can have such a kick ass website!
  27. just wondering who has the most posts on the playground ?
    just wanted to know which one of you heavyweights has the most posts on the playground.
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  28. UFC 152 Thank you GOD
    Thank you GOD for keeping the " injury bug " away from UFC 152 It has been almost six weeks without a UFC event and I can't take it anymore I need some head kick throwing,uppercut landing,skin...
  29. UFC on FUEL TV 5 AV Bet
    I've got Miocic, who wants Struve?
  30. British Av bet
    I'm 101% sure that the UK is gonna clean sweep this weekends event. I'll take Sass, Watson or Ogle PROJECT GAYHEM 4 LIFEEEE!!........... er i mean.... MAYHEM 4 gayLIFEEEESTYLE.... oops i meant...
  31. L2 - This weekends event
    As Strikeforce has been cancelled we have added some other fights that are taking place this weekend. Please make sure that you recheck and complete your picks.
  32. ufc fighter bonuses
    Can they add a section for us to predict who gets bonuses for fight of the night/submission of the night / & knockout of the night for all UFC we can have an added dimension to earn...
  33. XFC 20/BFC 74/SHOOTO/M-1- combo card Results
    Bellator 74 - Lyman Good defeats Jim Wallhead via Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27) - Marius Zaromskis defeats Nordine Taleb via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) - Michall Tsarev...
  34. It says I lost my avatar bet when I didn't lose
    I wont say which fight it is because that would be a spoiler but does it change when the event ends? I figured I'd wait until the event ends to ask.. but I'm impatient
  35. Rankings request
    Could we have Chael Sonnen added to LHW rankings and Clay Guida to FW? Only matter of time before they make a splash.
  36. Merging divisions for next season?
    Fight camp count - Heavyweights: 8 Light Heavyweights: 4 Middleweights: 18 Hi guys, Maybe an idea for next season - we could change the Member Count requirements so we have an even spread between the...
  37. Only 9 events in this L2 Season?
    May be a stupid question but, if you go to the L2 'Stats per Event' page, doesn't it look like there are only 9 events designated as being in Season 15? I only ask because there are already some...
  38. Fun Av bet !
    Who wants to face off in an av bet for UFC on FX 5? Ill take anyone Happy Thanksgiving... motherfuckers
  39. Avatar bet, i got yves edwards
    i think this fight is 50/50 anyone wanna take stephens ?
  40. Callin you out Rabi
    Since you were the first person in the Surprise Van to offer an av bet on the fight, I'll grant it to you. I'm not sure you know quite what you're getting yourself into so I'll just make it one week,...
  41. Gifs as forum avs
    I can't get gifs to work for my forum avatar. Even this one I have now is less than 240KB but it's not working. Can anyone give me a hand? I'd rather have a different gif for my av but this one is...
  42. BFC 75/SC 8/One FC 6/CFA 8 combo card results
    Bellator 75 - Thiago Santos defeats Eric Prindle via DQ (axe kick to the nuts...) round 1, 4:54 - Alexander Volkov defeats Brett Rogers via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) - Richard Hale...
  43. UFC153 avbet of love
    Listen I aint picking Bonnar okay so don't even suggest it! haha i'd take Sergio Moraes Rony Jason Jon Fitch Rick Story
  44. UFC 153 av bet
    You take Fitch I got Erick Silva (would even be willing to take herman over nog if there are no takers)
  45. UFC 153 AV Bet
    I will take Silva or Texeira if someone wants Bonner or Maldanado
  46. Jon Fitch will beat Erick Silva and I will bet my Av on it!
    Anyone man enough to take this bet on!? Jon Fitch is the second best WW in the world and Erick Silva will be gridded down just like all the others.
  47. MFW 1 main event (Cameron Dollar vs. Chris Manuel) cancelled
    Not sure how long it's been cancelled but I reported it and wanted to let the other secondary players know. The main event is now Joe Riggs vs. Josh Cavan. EDIT: Same for Salter vs. Kimball
  48. Is the L2 card time gonna be extended???
    It's going to close in about 8hrs and there are no events starting until tomorrow??? Any chance to extend the time, so more people can get their picks in?
  49. Petition to get Mods more power or another Admin
    I'm not trying to be an asshole by doing this, but there needs to be more power giving out to the Mods or add another Admin. Reason being is that the closing times for fights is a bit ridiculous, the...
  50. BFC 76/MFW 1/FF 32-combo card Results
    BFC 76 Eddie Alvarez (24-3) defeats Patricky Freire (10-4) via KO (head kick and punches) - Round 1, 4:54 Rad Martinez (13-2) defeats Nazareno Malegarie (22-3) via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27,...
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