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  1. I've got $100 on Smith over Cote
    I got $100 on smith....send wager.......
  2. Jackson over Eastman
    I've got $300 on Jackson to your $100 on Eastman....any takers?
  3. Win big on the upset of the night!!
    I've got $300 on Silva to $100 on Lutter...easily the upset of the nite, come get this money....any takers....?
  4. Silva Lutter odds (negotiations)
    I'm willing to give good odds on Silva...... I'll start at my $300 on silva to $150 on lutter
  5. I got $500 to put up
    I got $500 to put up My picks: Silva Cro Cop Jackson Smith Huerta Rivera Ryoto
  6. Anybody going against Silva or Cro Cop?
    I got $145 left and it's starting to burn. Come get some.
  7. Wagers for UFC 67: Need to wager last $75, new bets
    I have $75 left. Would like to get one of these bets... Rivera over Martin My $75 for your $60 Hazelett over Saraiva My $75 for your $55 Huerta over Halverson My $75 for your $55
  8. Someone make me an offer!!!!
    I'm willing to risk all of my last $100: Here are my picks I will give you good odds too. Silva over Lutter = I bet $100 you bet $30 Filipovic over Sanchez = I bet $100 you bet $10 Jackson over...
  9. Anyone want to bet against shogun?
    anyone want to bet against Shogun? Im betting he will win, anyone want to bet against me
  10. Good luck to Everyone!
    I'm leaving work so and won't be on the computer till Monday. So I'll just say this now. Good luck to everyone on their bets!!!! WAR VALCOM!!!!!
  11. I got anderson silva......3 to 1 odds
    any takers
  12. silva v. Henderson : let's get this money: I got Silva
    throw out some offers..
  13. $50 on Machida winning by Judges Decision..any takers?
    I got $50 on Machida winning by Judges Decision to your $50 that machida will win in the [blank] round. any takers. send me the offer.
  14. There should be an extra option for Crocop only. KO/TKO/LHK
    I'd wager $100 on LHK straight up
  15. I'll give you 7:1 on Sanchez over Filipovic.
    Min Bet, 5 Max Bet, 10 If you win you will get Min Bet, 35 Max Bet, 70 . Whats 10 fake dollars anyhow? Easy Money ;) ;) Any takers, send me a wager.
  16. $$$ left to wager
    i have $90 left to wager before tomorrow and i'll take cote over smith straight up or saraiva straight up over hazelett, send an offer
  17. 450$ to wager on Cote (my 450 for your 400), Martin (your 500 for my 450) or Saraiva (even odds)
    Send your offers!
  18. overeem over shogun $100 any takers
    i bet 100 on overeem over shogun
  19. Cote over Smith
    I will put my last $90 on Patrick Cote, in the 2nd Round by Submission over Smith. First person to send me the wager will get the bet. Remember this is a hot event so it doubles your points for the...
  20. Post UFC 67weigh-in bets anyone? still got $500
    Silva @ 4-1 Griffin @ 2-1 Rivera @ even Eastman @ 1-6 Anybody? Name your price...
  21. Pride wagers wanted
    I know UFC is tomorrow but I've placed my bets for it already. Anyone wanting to get a head start on Pride... send me any and all wagers. Long Live MMA! -Boondock
  22. BETS
  23. $300 Left, bring on the wagers
    UFC 67 - My winners Silva Crocop Rampage Cote Lyoto Griffin Diego Roger Jorge If anyone wants to bet against those fighters, feel free to send wagers
  24. i got hundred on lyoto for 40 on hoger any takers
    im on lyoto 100 u put 40 hoger and we got a bet....any takers?
  25. How much could you guys make tonight???
    If all fights go my way (not including the money I would make off correct picks) I'd make $350 off wagers, then again if it doesn't go my way (and martin did look like a beast at 185, bad news for me...
  26. wanna bet
    got money left send me ur bets people cote over smith my 100 on griffin on ur 50 over edgar any others just ask
  27. UFC 67
    150 bucks left . Willing to go against my picks for good odds. Will bet on fight end times also. Picks: Silva Cro-Cop Rampage Smith Huerta Hoger Saraiva Martin Griffin
  28. UFC 67 - $475 remaining to bet
    my picks silva rd 2 cro cop rd 2 quinton rd 1 cote rd 2 machida rd 2 griffen rd 2 hazelett rd 3 huerta rd 2 rivera rd 2 anyone taking wagers still please send me some wagers and i will accept or...
  29. $175 left send me a wager if you got cash to spend
    i will look at any wager set to me i will take underdog for good odds or give good odds to take the fav!! still got the cash left lets bet fast befor they close the betting
  30. Send me a wager
    Send me a wager (small amounts prefered eg 25)
  31. still have $200 left to wager
    I have $200 left to wager. Anyone interested make me an offer... my picks. Silva over Lutter Jackson over Eastman Filipovic over Sanchez Cote over Smith Machida over Hogar Make an offer quick i have...
  32. Any last takers on Lutter? I got 299 to anyone's 100
    I think we got like 25 min.'s till lock out, anyone want to wager 100 vs. my 299 on Silva vs. Lutter? Me with Silva you with Lutter?
  33. 5 mins left
    5 mins left will take any bets got 100 left
    good luck to everyone on our first event for mmaplayground. give it up for this awesome sight that that has managed to keep me distracted whilst otherwise id be bored out of my mind due to lack of...
  35. Last Minute Wagers, HURRY
    Less than an hour left. I have 150 left. I'll take almost any bet sent as long as you don't contradict my picks. I'll offer good odds on lutter or hoger. I really believe in smith but don't wanna...
  36. I PAY 5 TO 1 !!! ( i bet for MIRKO and SILVA )
    Come on people lets bet !!
  37. 8min left, 200$ to bet on Martin, Saraiva or Cote, send your offers NOW!!!
    8min left, 200$ to bet on Martin, Saraiva or Cote, send your offers NOW!!!
  38. Will give 7:1 Odds for anyone who wants to take Lutter...
    I'm taking Anderson but will give anyone 7:1 odds. Send your bets over if you want to take it.
  39. 1 for 1 after one fight
    1 for 1 so far picking all 3 things and maybe $75 off a bet so far looking good so far.
  40. rivera
    terry martin knocks out rivera in 14 seconds and tyson griffin loses wtf im one and three now.
  41. Points/Wager Money
    When does the site, settle the bets? When will our records be updated? When do we get our points from betting? When do we get our money from betting? Thank you.
  42. [Pride 33] Taking Wagers
    I'll take: Wanderlei Gomi Sergei Nakamura Sakurai Masaki Rua I'm willing to bet $50 - $100 on any of these fights will post again when not taking bets.
  43. Pride 33 Wagers
    Her are my Pride 33 wagers. Open to wages. Silva, Gomi, Yvel, Nakamura, Sakurai, Trigg, and Shogun. Willing to put $150 on Shogun.
  44. Possible Dirty MMAPlayground Users
    Please investigate: ElGuApO91 takada Sticksta13 jea22 These users have rediculously high $$$ after taking Cro Cop vs. Sanchez bets at rediculous odds like, for example Jea22 had $1 on Mirko vs. $500...
  45. Send me a bet if think Ivel or Trigg gonna win
    50 or 100? anytakers
  46. wandy vs hendo
    who wants to wage wandy versus my boy danny hendo str8 up send me a wager
  47. yvel
    i got 50 on yvel if any body wanna put a hundred against the russky
  48. pride 33 bets?
    anyone wanna bet i what shogun and gomi 100 dollar bets
  49. Pride 33
    I am willing to wager any amount on Wandy, Shogun, and sakurai.
  50. Pride wagers
    My picks: Wanderlei Gomi Kharitonov Wiuff Misaki Rua I will wager on any of these fights.
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