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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. Avatar bet results
    I bet Bubbles Diaz would beat Cerrone. He did. Why does my av bet record say I lost? I'll assume because the results for the card haven't been updated yet....
  2. First av bet of 2012
    On the UFC 142 card I want to pick Jose Aldo, possibly Belfort or Barboza Or on the UFC on FX card I would pick Jim Miller
  3. Your First Pick & Wager on the Playground
    PICK 2/3/07 - UFC 67 Dustin Hazelett Dec over Diego Saraiva - Result (Hazelett Dec over Saraiva) WAGER 6/23/07 - Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale Wiman over Geraghty - $625 for $223
  4. Rankings
    I'd like to see Chris Weidman & Rumble Johnson added to MW. & Bibiano Fernandes added to BW
  5. A suggestion i wish i could take credit for....
    Posted by Twenty20Dollars Maybe we should add a category for favorite pg members I love this idea. I really do.
  6. Av bet for 142.
    I'm picking Johnson over Belfort and Aldo over Mendes. Which one you take a bet on?
  7. 142 AvBet (of DOOM!)
    Okay Okay my AvBet record is extremely weak but Im no quitter! 2012 is a new year & Im gonna use it to bounce back. I switched up my camp, Ive aligned myself with some of the best AvBetters on the...
  8. Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine change
    Since Payan stepped in a few days ago to face Martinez, if you made your picks more than a few days ago then you haven't picked the Hot Bout. Locks in 13 hours. Just a heads up if your play Secondary...
  9. A couple quick site updates
    We've added a new page to display the all time game leaders in various categories: MMAPlayground All Time Leaders Your My Game History page in both the primary and Secondary leagues both now show...
  10. Secondary League Error
    First of all, I know everyone appreciates the promptness of the Secondary League update this weekend. Especially considering it's NFL playoff weekend, that was a very quick turn around. Thanks a ton...
  11. UFC 142 Avatar Bet
    I'm taking Rumble. Anyone want to take Belfort? 2 weeks. Nothing that violates site rules. Must be a regular poster (TBD by yours truly). Anyone?
  12. Suggestion - Division Favorites Ranking
    Sorry if this has already been suggested! I'm constantly switching my favorites because there are so many fighters I love across all eight divisions, and it's hard choosing who to place in my top...
  13. A little suggestion
    Is there any chance of scrapping the 30 second rule between when you post or when you send out PM messages. As I do a lot of games (no laughing) I will be updating or PMing a large group of people...
  14. MMA Lounge weirdness
    Am I the only one who is seeing no posts newer than November in the Lounge? Is this a glitch?
  15. Site Idea
    I have a unique site idea that I was thinking about the other day, but we’ll get to that in a moment. So, the playground has many wonderful MMA tools…aggregated news, videos, a blog, fighter...
  16. post your worst PG event ever...dont be shy
    behold the almighty 5 points! surprisingly i finished #4012 out of 4150 twas my 5th event on the PG and i forgot to make a pick in the Cro Cop vs Perosh fight (though i definitely would have picked...
  17. A big thankyou to DOTHEMMAth
    The time between posts and emails has been cut from 30 down to 15 seconds. Thats awesome! Thanks
  18. Another Idea for the Site
    What about a "User Submitted Photos" section of the site? I don't think there's an MMA site out there (that I know of?) that hosts pictures submitted (and taken by) fans. It could be something else...
  19. Any of you Mendes pickers want to bet their av on it?
    If so, send me the av bet request. WAR JO-ZEY!!!!!
  20. AV Bet
    I see a lot of Johnson fans jumping ship around the MMA community. I'll stay confident and agree to an AV bet with any Belfort fan.
  21. The event locks in 1 hour
    As the event is in Brazil it is locking really early approx 1 hr, as the event is not happening until tonight is there any chance of moving the clock back so people have a bit longer to make there...
  22. Prater vs Silva MMAPG scoring heads-up
    We will be treating this bout the same way we would a no contest: it won't be factored it into any scoring or bets. Yes, technically on paper Carlo won. I don't think I'm going out on a limb by...
  23. Avatar Bet Interface: The newest site suggestion!
    Maybe it's just me, but it seems that since avatar bet histories and official records have been implemented, more people have been putting their av's up. The threads are fairly popular, and there are...
  24. new idea: prop countdown feature
    maybe I worded it wrong, but basically what im getting at is that many times we keep having to "spread the love." i have no idea how many more props i need to dish out before i can give a certain...
  25. AV bet UFC on FX 1
    Bang vs The Dentist I got Duane Who's down!!
  26. UFC on FX1 Av Bet
    I got Barry who wants Morecraft?
  27. UFC on Fox 2: An Avatar Bet Thread
    One week from today, Season 12 keeps rolling with UFC on Fox 2! Feel free to set up your avatar bets on this thread. Budgellism! You are my boy. But as of right now, you are the only person to have...
  28. Time start for UFC on Fox 2
    The event on mmajunkie says the prelims start at 4:30pm est, the picks lock on the playground at 6:30pm est. Just a heads up. I pm'ed the mods.
  29. Weidman Decision
    Was just wondering what was going on with this. Dana stated that the fight was in fact a UD. The Playground still has it as a Split.
  30. Suggestion, tagging?
    I was thinking last night, (yeah I was somehow thinking) It'd be cool if we were able to tag people into posts. I know this sounds a lot like Facebook and twitter, but I think it'd be nice if when...
  31. UFC 143 Avatar bet
    I want Koscheck. I know he's a favourite so I posted the question really early...
  32. P$, I'm calling you out!
    In the most friendly and respectful way possible We couldn't decide on an AV bet last week but this will be the week we do it. I'm willing to bet on any of these guys: Nick Diaz (I realize there's...
  33. L2 Combo Card for Feb 10/11 - XFC/CWFC
    I know you mods are shorthanded right now, but I really think is is a good combo card to put up for L2 coming up in 2 weeks as something between now and Strikeforce in March: Here are 12 fights, all...
  34. Quick question
    Is anyone else having the problem when you click on a thread in any forum that it takes 30-60 seconds before it actually loads on the page? Everything else is loading quickly (well I guess besides...
  35. FW Rankings Request
    Can we get Charles Oliveira added to the FWs?
  36. UFC 143 Avatar Bet Challenge
    I'll take the following... Nick Diaz Renan Barao Should you accept, you'll take either... Carlos Condit or Scott Jorgensen Anyone interested? You MUST be a regular poster (at least 1000 posts)....
  37. Fight Camp Rankings/End of season
    So if your fight camp ends up #1 in your division do you get some sort of prize? Or just bragging rights. I didn't notice the rankings until few minutes ago.
  38. Today's the big day!
    Not only will Josh Webb (BlueSkiesBurn) & Tim Herb (Gartface) will be on air tonight, (In 15 hours 45 minutes) But also DoTheMMAth will be working his way down the list of suggestions! What new...
  39. Callin' Out DeadHead988 for an av bet Rematch!
    Want to get that blemish off my record and you won big time, but this time Diaz Werdum Berao Thompson or Brown You gonna bro down?
  40. Another "New" Suggestion: The Forum Spamming Continues
    I would not be surprised if this has been suggested already, or if it is already in the works: Prop Timer. It would be cool if the message that came up stated what time you could start propping...
  41. Camp Av Bets
    Just tossing out an idea I recently had with the intent of spicing up the rewards for the camps who take their divisions out over the course of the season. This can be tweaked per division or through...
  42. UFC on FUEL Avatar Bet Challenge
    I want Herman. You'll take Struve. Bet will run until UFC 144. Regular/Frequent forum posters only, please.
  43. New Sub-Forum Idea
    For threads about disagreeing with judging decisions and refs decisions, I think it'd be as popular as the side game forum. half joking.
  44. chael_sonnen?
    Where the hell's he been? There was a thread about it a while ago, but it's been over 3 weeks since his last log-in and he was a pretty regular poster before that. I hope he's ok
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  45. Who's the best on the site?
    Post your overall win/loss ratio on both primary and secondary league Wins: 1,427 Losses: 741 Pick percent: 66%
  46. Deep- 57 Impact for secondary League
    With the next event about 2 weeks away, I feel like it's appropriate to have one event before Rousey vs Tate. This card is awesome, and everybody that's fighting on the card are people we've already...
  47. Why is Grappler's name red?
    Did he hack Playground and change the color of his name? This hacking trend has to stop immediately. I bet he hacked Playground and gave himself a premium membership. If you look at the history of...
  48. Khabib "The Eagle" Nurmagomedov
    To the database, to be added please.
  49. OMG Appauling
    Neither Nick Ring nor James Head are on the databases... This is a massive step back from where I thought the playground had come to fulfill all my needs. Jason Von Flue better be on this too....
  50. First ever AV bet-->144
    Ill take: Mitsuoka, Fukuda, or Pettis if anyones game
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