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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. Cub Swanson vs Ricardo Lamas av bet
    Cub Swanson vs Ricardo Lamas I got Swanson Whos gonna nut up & take Lamas?
  2. AVATAR for this weekends Fox fights.
    Anyone looking for a bet???? I'll take Cain and Bendo. Let me know.
  3. Changing the Hot Bout
    I really think we need to look at how the Hot Bout is picked. I think the Hot Bout fight should always be a main card fight. It should always be permanent and not changed at the last second. If you...
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  4. Velasquez/JDS Av Bet
    I'll take Cain. Anyone interested?
  5. Question about a new feature
    What does the "allow others to see my shared picks" option do?
  6. A big thankyou
    I want to say a big thankyou to all the MODS, I, like many love this site, and I love the new forum and I especially love my Side Game Guru accolade. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
  7. I too want to give a big thank you
    For my new accolade!!! And also thanks MOD's for the new forum and listening to my voice - I am going to love spending my time there and will try to represent my new accolade by signing up to as many...
  8. And the winner is...
    Want to win a copy of the UFC Encyclopedia ($50 Value!)? Follow @MMAPlayground on Twitter and Retweet our posts about the contest! It’s simple… Go to: and click “Follow”....
  9. New MMA Playground Content/Forum Suggestion/ ***New Video Suggestion***
    On the playground, there are many ways to view the articles and threads that are posted. The home page has news and the playground blog, the forum index can take a user to browse the new and old...
  10. UFC on Fox Locking!
    I dont know if I have worked it out wrong ( as I live in a different time zone) but if my math is right, the count down clock stops at 10PM UK time and 5PM ET. The prelims on FB start at 9:45PM Uk...
  11. UFC 139 Av bet anyone?
    I got Hendo allllll day Who's down?
  12. Can you please add..............
    Paul Sass and Che Mills to the database, I would like to add them on my favourites list. Thanks
  13. UFC 139 AV Bet
    I'll take any of these guys. -Torres -McDonald -Bader -Le
  14. NOTE: Super-heavyweight fight camp division being canned after this season
    After this current season ends the super heavyweight division is going to be eliminated. Any camp that is in this division at the end of the season will be placed into the Heavyweight division. There...
  15. The constant reminder...
    I actually hate the constant reminder of how horrible I did on an event. I come on playground to have fun and not to be reminded of how terrible my picks and wagers are.... If I want to check the...
  16. Anybody from the playground going to UFC 139?
    I was just wondering tonight and I am absolutely juiced! War Wanderlei
  17. I want my 4 pts LOL!
    Apparantly the Kampmann/Story fight is officailly a UD. Some idiot made a mistake, and its not a SD. It was corrected after the event. Does the score on here change to a UD, or is it to late to...
  18. Miller vs. Bisping AV Bet
    Alright, I'm sure I'll get a lot of biters here. I've got Miller winning, who's got Bisping? I want whoever accepts to be a daily poster
  19. Phantom AVbet glitch?
    Just a little AvBet confusion for UFC 139 over here on my account.. I sent an AvBet proposal to 40ouncetpkid for Le vs Silva, after a few days without a reply I assumed he wasn't interested & started...
  20. Ferguson vs Edwards Av bet
    I got Ferguson in this one, who wants Edwards?
  21. i got Bisping...who wants to AV bet me?
  22. LW Rankings
    Can someone add Michael Chandler please.
  23. Accolades
    Where is the list of accolades and what you have to do in order to get them? Just wondering.
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  24. New Posts - LINK Hyper style Wow... now thats an awesome feature!!! Cheers guys!
  25. Your First Playground Post
    Hey guys. I just saw we have a new "My Posts" feature on the Playground. I was looking back at my old posts and I though it would be cool for everyone (especially the older members) to show us their...
  26. Your first ever prop
    Just reading your first ever post which was interesting, now lets post our first ever prop. I want the post it was for, who propped you and what they said. Ill start: Topic Who gets the Ko, fight of...
  27. Your First Playground Thread Started
    Why not. We have a first prop and first post one going. in Fight Camp Central topic "THE IRON FIST; Requirements *READ* Posted by Kpro There is a new fight camp; THE IRON FIST. I am looking for...
  28. Question about Premium Membership
    How long after you have paid does it take for it to take effect on your account? Thanks
  29. Request for iPhone users
    I know we've had lots of requests to make the forum posting and PMing features usable by iPhones. I think it's fixed. It's working on mine now at least, but I don't know how different the OS/browser...
  30. TUF 14 Finale
    Now the full card has been announced, any idea when the picks will be up?
  31. TUF finale Av Bet!
    Im excited for this weekend & what better way to get pre-pumped then putting my online image on the line! Ill take : Dodson Brandao Brimage Pague or Delorme what? u scared bro?
  32. UFC on Fox? FX? Fuel TV?
    Anyone else having a hard time keeping track of whos fighting on what card? By the looks of the picks page the mods are as confused as I am.
  33. TUF 14 AV bet
    I have Tony Ferguson Dillashaw or Bedford first one to reply gets in, but wont be able to send until later tonight as I have work right now.
  34. Avatar Bet - UFC 140
    I'm taking Machida. First come first serve.
  35. Is there a way
    to get the shared picks image card of all your picks after the event has locked? Not fight companion but the shared image that I can copy and paste etc.
  36. What's up with this?
    I have an AV Bet for the finale tonight, picked Bass to beat Brimage. As far as I know, the fight hasn't happened yet, but it shows a loss as the result of the bet.
  37. "Brutal" Johnny Bedford
    Can someone do me a solid and add him to the rankings? Thanks!
  38. UFC 140 AV Bets
    I think we can all just consolidate and post what av bets we want for UFC 140 here....personally I want to place an av bet on Ortiz vs Lil Nog with my pick being Ortiz. Also for me a regular poster...
  39. Season 11 (Primary League) ends with UFC 140!
    What a fast season it has been! As I look back, I don't think a single card disappointed. We had the fight of the year/decade/century, the conclusion(?) of an awesome fight trilogy for the...
  40. The weekends Secondary League Event/s
    Any idea when this will be updated?
  41. Scoring Error
    I'm sure this will be fixed soon enough, but I notice the site has Hallman losing. It actually helped me in points, but I thought I'd point it out anyway!!
  42. UFC 141 av bet
    Gotta win an av bet I'm 0-2. So I got Overeem, Fitch, Gustafsson or Castillo What up homies? dont be scurrred to lose to an 0-2 fighter
    Hello fellas. I logged on this morn & noticed everyone's wages were back at 1000$. As I looked at my collective points & earnings for season 11 I couldn't help but get a little misty eyed. Season 11...
  44. Fight Order of the Picks Section.
    I noticed when I looked at the picks section its always out of order in terms of bout order of the card. As of recently on the playground, the fights have been put in order from main event (top) to...
  45. Deep 56 Fight Cancellation
    Just wondering why the Yuya Shirai vs. Taisuke Okuno fight wasn't counted? That fight happened and Shirai won by unanimous decision. Really wondering because it could be the difference between me...
  46. UFC 141 AV Bet
    I'm willing to bet on any fight on this card. Here are my picks: Overeem Cerrone Fitch Gustafsson Phan Pearson Castillo Kim Volkmann Ramos Nunes Anyone have the cojones to step up?
  47. Anyone fancy an AV bet for 141?
    I'm new to the av betting so let me know how it works?? I've been here since 2007 though. But am willing to bet on any of these fights, here are my picks. Lesnar Cerrone Fitch Gustafsson Phan Pearson...
  48. REMINDER! UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem takes place this FRIDAY
    Weigh-ins for UFC 141 take place TONIGHT (Thursday - 12/29/11) at 7:00pm ET. UFC 141 takes place FRIDAY night, not Saturday. The deadline for picks is tomorrow (FRIDAY) at 5:00pm ET. UFC 141 also...
  49. Season record
    Noticed I still have my record from last season. Will they be reset sometime tonight/tomorrow or wait until the results from tomorrow night or added?
  50. Where are my picks/bets for UFC 141?
    Brand new here, I joined and chose my winners/round/KO/Decision and placed $500 worth of fantasy $$$ all on tonights event. Now I can't find my picks or bets anywhere. Where they be?
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