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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. This should be shouted about
    Props to the site, you can now rank FW and BW. Great addition to the rankings.
  2. Short Notice AV Bet - Yang vs. McGee
    I know it's short notice, but I'm interested in taking Yang if anyone wants to let their AV ride on McGee. 2 weeks, regular poster. Let me know!
  3. Avatar bets are up and running again
    The formerly buggy Avatar Bets feature has been debugged and is ready for mainstream consumption again... I think...
  4. Fighter rankings
    If there are any fighters that we need added to the database, please put their names here and we will add them as soon as possible. With two new weight classes and up and comers cracking the...
  5. Just wanted to say
    I love that we can now rank the feather weight and bantam weight divisions
  6. Thanks mods and admins!
    I just wanted to thank the mods, admins, owners, and proprietors of for doing such an awesome job. They bring us the best free website on the net, and I appreciate the hell out of...
  7. Game Mechanics question
    Is there at any point a plan for us to create our own fantasy MMA leagues? Like Fantasy football? I mean, I have no desire to play against the 5,000 people who pick every week, I just want to have an...
  8. UFC 135 picks
    Anyone else having problems with making picks for UFC 135? When I try there is nothing on the page but a reminder that it locks in a few days. Edit it just popped up for me so I guess it's working...
  9. Reveal your secrets, playground.
    How do you guys get 19,000 from one event? Do you simply parlay the biggest underdogs and hang on for dear life? I am baffled. I carefully calculated and brainstormed my wagers while smoke comes out...
  10. Website updates as of 9/21/11 + Suggestions wanted
    As some of you have noticed various parts of the site have been getting updated. Following is a brief rundown in case you haven't noticed or used any of these yet. Feedbag, bugs, and other...
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  11. UFC 135 Avatar Bet
    I'll take Travis Browne over Rob Broughton or Nick Ring over Tim Boetch.
  12. Upcoming bouts you're 50/50 on?
    What are some of the upcoming bouts you're still 50/50 on? Hopefully someone here on The Playground can help you out with your choice. Mine are.. Valesquez/dos Santos Penn/Diaz Struve/Barry...
  13. UFC 135 Avatar Bet: Diaz vs. Gomi
    You wanted it, here it is! As in any fight, I'm siding with Nate Diaz. Any takers?
  14. Thanks for the new
    Fight Camp feature. Go to Team Roster and it shows the next event what % each player has completed picks. So much easier now. Thank you
  15. Uploading a Video To The Playground
    I was trying to upload Arlovski vs Kharitonov to the sites videos section, & after I clicked that it was a youtube video, it told me to embed the code, which i did. then it said parts were missing...
  16. UFC 135 Avatar bet
    Sorry it's late but I want Nick Ring. Any Barbarian fans out there?
  17. Avatar Bet UFC on Versus 6 . Any Takers ?
    My Picks : Dominick "The Dominator" Cruz Anthony "RUMBLE" Johnson Matt "Handsome" Wiman Paul "Sassangle" Sass Josh Neer Send requests :)
  18. MMAPlayground Interview Series - ARCHIVES
    As with any successful professional, mixed martial artists eat, sleep and breathe their craft. They put everything on the line when they wake up, hit the gym and pour their blood, sweat and tears...
  19. Internet outage where server was hosted
    We are in the process of finding a new server after this latest problem.Apologies ADMIN
  20. adding KO SUB and FOTN to picks yes, no?
    what are the chances of adding picking KO, SUB, and FOTN to the game, I think it would be a good option for a few more points, bonus points, or separate points tallied on the side, if it wasnt too...
  21. The Official Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard III Avatar Bet Thread
    This is sure to be a bout for the ages. That is something I never thought I'd say going in to Edgar-Maynard II. Anyhow, as well as the UFC Lightweight championship, I figured a couple MMA Playground...
  22. Side Games section to bring back the MMA Lounge
    I think in the MMA General section we should add a "Side Games" section as a lot of good topics in the MMA Lounge are being lost to page 2 where not many go because of all the fantasy drafts and...
  23. Thank you guys!
    There's been a thread to thank the mods, but I want want to make sure you guys, the regulars, get mentioned. I can't name you all, so I won't, but you know who you are and you keep us running and...
  24. UFC 136 Hot Bout
    I don't usually do this, but I can't seem to get the hot bout to safe my life lately, so thought I'd see what everyone else thought. The hot bout for UFC 136 will be Stipe Miocic vs Joey Beltran ,...
  25. Playground Pound for Pound Camp
    I dont know if the question has been posed before, I assume it has, but I was just wondering if the question has ever been asked if we can get a pound for pound category that pits everybody against...
  26. avatar bets and fight camps
    Ok then firstly i'm looking to get into a fight camp ,i'm still finding my feet on here and i would like to avatar bet aswell ? any one wanna help me out also when are the points awarded for...
  27. AV bet anyone?
    If anyone wants to do an Avatar bet on Penn v Diaz i'd be pretty cool. I got Diaz winning so whoever post's first ill send you a challenge. This will also be my first avatar bet EVER!
  28. Secondary League
    Any idea when the weekends secondary League event will be updated, the Bellator/MFC combo card.
  29. Secondary league card needs more picks made
    Just to set wager odds alone.
  30. One year on MMA Playground!
    A year ago today I made my account here. It's been insanely fun. I think I've done fairly well at the game! Decent record, multiple accolades, a good amount of props.... I feel like I have been...
  31. Attention playground members!
    Please make your picks if you currently participate in the secondary league. The upcoming event doesn't have enough picks in order to make wagers, so head on down and make them picks
  32. The NEW Facebook page!
    'Like' us today! on Facebook
  33. No more printing!
    OK so at every PPV I am responsible for printing off everyone in my camps fight companion and bringing them to where ever we are watching them. I calculate the scores the best I can but we usually...
  34. Lots of changes lately
    I've seen a lot of new and different content popping up over the last few days. I like what I am seeing! Great job, I can't wait until the evolution is complete.
  35. Nov 5th Pro Elie 2/Bellator 57/ MMA-attack Combo card
    Since there's no picks in the secondary league for almost a month i thought this could possibly be a card to pick for. (fights according to sherdog and promotion's websites) Pro elite 2 Tim Sylvia...
  36. Noticed the new layout..
    I like it. Keep it up, guys! Love The Playground, and improvements are always welcome!
  37. Should we get an accolade for being a top earner for the secondary league?
    Pmoney reminded me of how I was the top earner for the last event in the secondary league and it got me thinking... The secondary league is for die hards as stated in the secondary league logo. If it...
  38. UFC 137 Avatar Bet
    I'll take Nelson over CC if anyone is interested.
  39. Avatar bet - me Diaz, you Penn
    Any takers?
  40. Missing Hot Bout
    Is it just me or was the Hot Bout not given the proper points for the last League 2 event? I could be mistaken, but the HB should've been Doerksen/Cooper right?
  41. I believe bj vs diaz is 5 rounds. host has only 3 rounds on platground
    Thought id do a post so it can get.changed. Since its main.event I believe its 5 rounds......if it is the host may want to update it on pick page. Regards
  42. MMAPG Logo
    What fighter does it most resemble?
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  43. Hey Hippysmacker/DoTheMMAth (But EVERYONE Read)
    I'm not sure if it's a new programming issue, but on your picks, if you pick "judges decision," under choose ending details, it still offers EVERY choice. Simply put, I can pick Kongo by Judges...
  44. Hidden Picks?
    Ok so I'm betting I missed a post about this, but we used to be able to see our camp members picks for upcoming events. Now when I try it says: "Either this player has not made any picks for this...
  45. FW Rankings
    Any chance of getting Bart P added to the FW rankings after his big win over Griffin.
  46. Leben vs Munoz AV bet?
    Who's down for a AV bet? I got Leben. Let me know!
  47. Munoz vs.Leben Avatar Bet
    I saw someone else was already doing one. Any one interested in the bet, I want Leben.
  48. shawn911
    Feast your eyes on my 2 accolades.
  49. UFC on FOX Avatar Bet
    Anyone want to take Guida in an avatar bet with me?
  50. Side Game Forum
    I've given some more thought to this Sidegame section if you MOD's or designers are interested, It should be under the Off Topic section and the name should be "The Playgrounds side games" With the...
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