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  1. Props
    I was wondering if there was any way that we could prop posts that are made in our Camp Forum and not just the main forum? I wasnt sure if this has been raised before but this defo something that I...
  2. Bryan Goldsby v Anthony Morrison
    Just doing my secondary league picks, when picking this fight the picture of Goldsby is a white guy, when I click to check his record, the link takes me to sherdog and the fighter is a black guy, is...
  3. Avatar Bets
    The Avatar Bet seems to have some issues. Trying to place an avatar bet with jjeans but it keeps showing this message. "We were unable to send the requested avatar bet; jjeans already has a confirmed...
  4. UFC 130 Avatar bet takers?
    Now that Gray Maynards out of UFC 130 my other choices for avatar bets are all pretty solid favourites... But we'll see if anybodies up for these. I want Rampage I'm confident Tibau will beat Bart....
  5. Volkman or Castillo
    Thats a tough one. I haven't ever asked for help deciding on who to pick before...but this seems like an exact mirror match. I'm tempted to pick Castillo just because he's younger...but then again...
    Just wanted to say congrats to my camp member VILLIN for winning Season 11 in the secondary league. Nice to see an ECP member pick up first.
    Bankrolls reset and the new season opener locks in less than 4 days
  8. UFC 130 New opponent for Tibau
    Ive read that Tibau is now facing Oliviera, if that is true any idea when the fight will be added, i want to PM my team to make the pick, but I cant until its been added. Thanks
  9. Suggestion
    I've been a fan of the website for a while but recently I've had less time to be on my laptop etc. Fortunatley I am in possesion of an iPhone which means i am able to read posts but I am never able...
  10. Fighter Rankings
    I think FW and BW should be added if that is possible.
  11. GSP/Diaz Avatar Bet Proposal
    Anyone want to put their "money" where their mouth is for the GSP/Diaz fight? I know the fight is still roughly 5 months away but here is what I propose... - I'll take GSP. You take Nick Diaz. - If I...
  12. Guida/Pettis Avatar Bet
    I believe Guida will beat Pettis if anybody wants to take an avatar bet to prove me wrong?
  13. Top 20
    Wondering what everyone thinks the top 20 are for each division
  14. Question about upcoming Strikeforce Challengers/Bellator Card
    Why was Luke Rockhold vs Jacare and Blanco vs Josh Thomson added it to it? Those fights arent till september, and this card closes in like 17 days. Just wondering. Thanks,
  15. UFC 131 Avatar Bet Proposal
    I'll take the following... Dave Herman (over Jon Olav Einemo) Sam Stout (over Yves Edwards) Kenny Florian (over Diego Nunes) - Two weeks. - Nothing violates site rules. - Must be a regular poster...
  16. Need a hand quickly cause I'm stupid
    PREMIUM MEMBER (Expires 6/17/11) That's tomorrow right? Of course I'm going to upgrade again. I still love this site and It's going to look really weird with all the adds back and I hate change! Just...
  17. secondary league event
    There is an unnamed secondary league event scheduled to lock out the same day as Strikeforce: Fedor vs Henderson, what is it supposed to be, or was it a mistake?
  18. av bet, story over marqaurdt
    im thinkin nate doesnt like strong grapplers/wrestlers who wants in?
    I appreciate the fight card updates but 24 hours from lockout time is the max allowed to make a change and we didn't get notified in time. So there will just be one less fight on the card. ADMIN
  20. Site glitches...
    I have noticed over the past couple days some weirdness with the playground. I've noticed it when using PC and cell phone. A lot of timing out in the camp forums.... Right now in my camp there is a...
  21. How much of a chance do you give Wiman & Dos Anjos at UFC 132?
    I don't know man I'm really leaning towards picking them. Dos Anjos is usually kicking ass and winning the fight until he gets some crappy luck like against Guida. Gave Tyson Griffin hell in the 1st...
  22. I know I shouldnt but.....................
    I need 9 more props to reach 200, so close, yet so far. (I feel like I'm being cheep, but if it works it is so worth it LOL)
  23. Another question about rankings
    Ive been waiting for Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman to become available for the welterweight rankings. Im sure not everyone will agree with me, but I think his win over Story puts him in the top...
  24. Camp v Camp Challenge!
    Camp "Slaughterhouse" is proposing a challenge to other camps in the 20 member range for next season... The idea is to have 5 or so teams compete throughout the season in a points race based on the...
  25. RE: Not making picks
    Ever since I started on this website, I have seen people posting on the forums who have never made a pick. People who have had accounts for years. isk, Adrenaline, I am looking at you! While the...
  26. UFC 133 Picks
    What are your picks for 133 :) to win ive got: Natal Phan Pierce Pace Ebersole Mendes Gustafsson MacDonald Rivera Belfort Nogueira Evans
  27. Dream/Shark Fights Combo
    Any idea when this will be updated? Thanks
  28. Strikeforce Challengers 17/ Bellator 47 Combo Card
    I know its late notice, but any chance we can put this together for the secondary league this weekend? The card could look like: Roger Bowling vs. Bobby Voelker Lavar Johnson vs. Devin Cole Joe Cason...
  29. Quick Question About Avatars
    How do you get your avatar as a gif. i have a gif file and its not working on the fourms, any suggestions?
  30. Ava-tizzar Bizzizzet
    First of all, sorry. I am going delirious from repetitious number crunching. I was thinking of dipping my toes into the water of the avatar bet..... Anyone have a proposed bet?
  31. Camp Survivor?
    Has anyone done this yet? If not, then I'll be surprised. The Survivor side games seem to be very popular, so why not make a camp based edition? Instead of the competitors being individual members of...
  32. Tito/Rashad Avatar Bet
    So it seems as though the Tito Ortiz bandwagon is up and running again after a long, long, looooong Winter. A lot of people are picking Tito to beat Rashad tomorrow night. Anyone care to wager? I'll...
  33. Who'd you put most your money on?
    God I wanted to throw 100 on akiyama because of those odds but i just keep thinking it'll be a wasted 100.. props to whoever goes for it though. huge pay off. instead i threw 300 on mike pyle since...
  34. Question
    I made my picks last night before the deadline, but now when I go to look at my picks I can't see them (probably because the deadline has past) and when I look at my "Previous event picks" it says I...
  35. What happened to the Tachi palace 10 card (secondary league)?
    I noticed my picks on last weekends combo card in the secondary league aren't recorded, does anyone know why? Did the card get dropped?
  36. Avatar Bet?
    I'll take either Hardy or Cerrone, anyone want in?
  37. Secondary League
    There is another event this weekend, any idea when the event from the weekend just gone will be updated?
  38. Another suggestion....
    How about another forum section is put up, in either the community or off topic? The Forum should be entitled Side Games (of course code of conduct would apply) but like it would just be easier to...
  39. secondary league correction for the BFC 48/SCC2/SF 18 combo card
    I didn't catch the original substitution on the Jhon Gunderson fight. He ended up fighting someone else at the last minute. So the fight is being deleted and the stats are being rerun.
  40. UFC Rio is the last event of the season......
    After UFC Rio, the current primary league season ends. Looking at the My Fantasy Picks section, I can deduce that there are ten cards currently scheduled from September to December. That's enough for...
  41. Forrest vs Shogun Av Bet?
    Pretty confident in Forrest. Anyone in? Site rules, two weeks.
  42. Site Suggestion
    I thought this might have been suggested a long time ago, but couldn't find it. Anyhow this suggestion, and I'm sure a ton of camps feel the same, is this. A feature to see who in your camp hasn't...
  43. Apologies
    We're back! Thanks to everyone for being patient (except jjeans!). It appears as though Hurricane Irene was to blame. The storm caused a power outage at MMAPG HQ and, therefore, the servers were...
    No worries the powers back on and the servers up again
  45. Woahhh?? Hang on!
    How come JDS has an underdog bonus next to him? I'm sure he was the favourite... Is this fight not going to be considered undered the unified rules as it's on spike and it's all scripted so he's an...
  46. Blanco vs Healy not on the picks?
    I noticed Maximo Blanco vs Pat Healy fight wasnt put up on the picks and im sure one of the Bellator fights or the BAMMA fight isnt as important as this one. I imagine the playground couldnt fit...
  47. Premium Membership
    I registered for Premium Membership this morning, does anyone know how long it takes for it to show.
  48. Season 10 Accolades
    This season is the first season that I've won an accolade, does anyone know how long it takes for us to receive the accolades?
  49. Secondary League Camps
    I am sure this idea has been tossed around before, but I did a thread search and no matches came up, so here we go. Secondary League camps! We need it. It could be made so that existing camps could...
  50. Avatar Bet (Brookins vs. Koch)
    I'll take Koch. 2 weeks. Regular posters (TBD by me) only. Nothing that violates site rules. Who wants it?
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