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  1. Promlems with my wagers balance
    After UFC 122 I had won $900, now its dropped down to $700 winnings, also I was the highest earner in my camp and now Im not. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone know why this has happened?
  2. UFC 123 AV Bets
    I'm taking Karo and Lauzon. Anyone want action? 1 month, gentleman's rules.
  3. Why was Strikeforce removed from Secondary?
    Seriously. WTF?
  4. Dream/ World Victory Road combo card- best 10 fights MAX- Which fights to pick?
    . So which fights do you guys think should be on the card? here is some to choose from so far Also as far as I remember WVR fights are 3 rounds except for 5 round title fights and Dream are all 2...
  5. Worst season ever
    I'm officially having my worst season ever right now. 50% on my picks. My career % has dropped 2% this season. I'm not sure if it's because I don't pay as much attention to MMA anymore on account of...
  6. Featherweight and Bantamweight rankings?
    Am sure this has been asked a few times here, but since the UFC has now added the FW and BW ranks to there roster, is there any plans to add there respective ranking lists to the site soon? Sorry if...
  7. Problems with the site?
    Ive not been able to get on to the site since Sunday, is it me or was there a problem with the site?
  8. Why are there no available wagers for Dream/ World victory road combo card?
    The odds at the betting sights (bodog, sportbet, ect) have been up for days. This is the last event of the season - without wagers on this event, the earnings leaders are locked in for the season.
  9. Gomi vs Guida ?
    A difficult pick, I'm wondering how the playground sees it. I've got Guida at the moment but Gomi looked like he was in great shape after looking pudgy against Florian. My concern is that Gomi at his...
  10. What hapened to the dream WVR card
    First of all let me start by saying I could care a lot less about the "primary" league as I do the secondary league. I think placing high in the 2nd league is really about being w/ the hardcore of...
  11. I'm having my best season ever!
    I cant believe how well Im doing, Ive always been pretty consistent and normally get about 60% of my picks right, this year Ive done really well, I am currently 8th across the whole site for overall...
  12. Some General Concerns
    First off, I apologize in advance if these issues have been addressed. I couldnt find it in the forums. -I havent been able to view any game stats past UFC 126 for several weeks now. -Wagers are not...
  13. Wagers for UFC Fight for the Troops 2
    Any idea when all fights will be available to bet on?
  14. Nick Diaz vs Rory Macdonald
    ? A mistake?
  15. wagers on the playground
    does anyone know why there haven't been any wagers on the last 2 events in the secondary league, and why there are 2 fights we can't wager on this weekends fight for the troops ufc event?
  16. Hot Bout
    I know there has been a lot of talk about the wagers for UFC Fight for the Troops and the fact the picks are not counting up correctly in the stats, but the other thing to note is, because it is not...
  17. fight for the troops fight companion missing bouts
    question i know the hot bout is edwards vs mckenzie at 60-40% i realized you dont have the mike brown bout nor the chris campuzano vs cariaso bout for the print out companion nor overall pick...
  18. FFTT2: Brown/Yahya & Campuzano/Cariaso
    Anyone know yet if we'll have the Brown/Yahya and Campuzano/Cariaso fights count? Not only are they missing from the Fight Companion but they're missing if you go in the backdoor way to view your...
  19. Fight for the Troops, first game, spanked
    Wow, my first set of picks was WAY off ha ha, couple serious upsets. Decent event though, what are your secrets for picking winners?
  20. Diaz/Cyborg fight accidentally deleted from the strikeforce card.
    I am truly sorry to those of you who picked Diaz. Its 3 in the morning and I guess I am too tired to be updating. I accidently clicked the wrong box and the fight was wiped out from the record while...
  21. Avatar Bet, plenty of Notice, I want Tito
    Plenty of warning cause i'm so confident and want someone to bet with me I want Tito, Don't care if you've posted once, or 2 million times, just confident and want the bet. You take Lil Nog.
  22. Breaking news: Where are the posts??
    I started posting news on the playground while I was at work because I noticed that it just wasn't happening very quickly. As it stands right now, it's almost 9am Pacific time, and there is a bundle...
  23. UFC 126 Hot Bout
    Just looking at the picks, Griffin/Franklin is closer in % picks but Kingsbury/Romero is still the Hot bout, How come?
  24. UFC 126 was easy pickins...
    Holy Cow, i scored 76 and was ranked #201. Normally a high 70's is enough to get you at the very least a top 30. It seems, like this event was easy pickings, any stats on how many people guessed all...
  25. I won a negative dollar
    Looking at my game history, it appears I "won" -$1 on Cyborg vs. Finney. What's up with that? I mean, I know Cyborg was a huge favorite at -950, but betting a buck on her shouldn't mean I lose the...
  26. Secondary League Update?
    Any idea when lasts nights results will be updated?
  27. UFC 127: Avatar Bet Proposal(s)
    It's been a while since I've participated in one so I figure it's about that time again. Stipulations are as follows... - Must be a regular/frequent poster. This will be determined by yours truly. -...
  28. A big thankyou to Admin and MODS.
    Its fair to say this site has had some technical problems recently. I have notice a few my self and have always felt comfortable to bring them up and have always felt ive been listened to. The latest...
  29. I'm risking it all..
    And by all, I mean my avatar. UFC 127 will be the war zone for my first avatar bet, and I'm actually nervous! My avatar means a lot to me, considering I use it to have some fun with upcoming events....
  30. Vera/Silva Fight Steroid Use
    So I was just wondering when and if this fight gets overturned, as it is looking like it will (some sites have already said that it is, yet sites like sherdog don't have it changed) will playground...
  31. Need help picking fights?
    Hey guys, I just wanted to make a thread and help out the community and basically get everybody's input, opinions, and questions. So, I'd like to call out a few guys on this site that I think are...
  32. NEW SEASON coming soon
    Since one event was wiped out from camp standings in the server crash this was the last event of the season, congrats to those who did well. prizes and badges will be sen tout soon and bankrolls...
  33. Koch/Assuncao @ UFC 128
    Has this been confirmed? We're able to place wagers but it's not listed on and I haven't been able to find any confirmation.
  34. NEW CAMP! - Recruitment
    Hey guys, We just formed a new camp, "SlaughterHouse" and are looking for a few more members! We'd prefer recruits that partake in all aspects of the site including picks, wagers and the secondary...
  35. shark fights bellator card still an event?
    just wondering if this card will be counted since its only 6 fights now
  36. What's the thought on promoting Strikeforce to the primary league?
    I know WEC never made the cut, but Strikeforce has bigger names to the average fan. Anyway, just putting the thought out there.
  37. SHARK FIGHTS 14/Bellator 36 combo card now only 6 fights
    This the problem with thin combo cards . we only had 8 to begin with and now with Bronzoulis losing his opponent really late and Kheder literally bolting at the weigh ins, there wasn't enough time to...
  38. Something wrong with the avatar bets?
    I wanted to make an avatar bet but it won't show which fighter I'm choosing. Anyone else having this problem?
  39. EDIT- I UFC 128 is NOT the last event pf the current season
    Ive just noticed on my picks that UFC 128 has been added to season 9, does that mean that there will be 10 events this season, drama LOL! Nice to end the season with a bit of controvosy, its like...
  40. When will the bankrolls be reset?
    3 days left for the event and they are still not reset. Any word on when it will happen?
  41. 145 & 135 Rankings
    how come MMAPlayground dosen't add a "my fighter rankings" for 145 & 135 lbs?
    This is what i was just told. The other code problems have been fixed, but this season will still have to have one more event because... " I'm sorry to say that it is not going to be possible to...
  43. Bellator 39 and Strikeforce Challegers 15 Combo Card?
    Honestly, It seems like a great idea. They're all fighters we've picked before and really familiar. It would be amazinf if the mods could pull this off since we have such a long way until the next...
  44. Secondary league updates too slowly
  45. DREAM 17
    Will DREAM 17 be up for picks in the secondary league?
  46. Avatar Bet (UFC 129)
    First come first serve. Need to be active on the forums. I'll take.. George St. Pierre (You choose Jake Shields) Jose Aldo (You choose Mark Hominick) Lyoto Machida (You choose Randy Couture) Ben...
  47. Betting on Fight of the Night, Submission of the Night, and KO of the Night
    I got this crazy idea that MMAPlayground should allow bets on FOTN, SOTN, and KOOTN. It would be simple to add selection windows at the bottom of the wager page that when selected would drop down all...
  48. UFC 129, locked early?
    Am I imagining it or is ufc 129 locked out early? 6 hours?
  49. bet on these ufc 129 fights now
    these odds are according to betus GSP vs. Shields over 3.5 rds -135 / for 35/ another 35$ at -155 Coture+250 vs. Machida/ for 35$ coture vs. machida- over 2.5 rds -115 for 35$ Henderson vs. Bocek...
  50. Secondary league events cut off too early
    I understand that the secondary league isn't a priority, and I understand that it may take a few days (at times) to get results in. It isn't the main focus of the site, and that's fine, but something...
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