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  1. Yachi Palace fights /dream 15/impact fc combo card
    a lot of dreams recnet cards have been underwhelming IMO. Seth points pointed out that the TPF has a card the day before and it has some decent matchups on it. So I am going to make it a combo card...
  2. Imapct Fc in the secondary?
    man these cards are pretty ruthless, and look to be worthy of the secondary league in my opinion. the july 10th one is Josh Barnett vs. Geronimo dos Santos Karo Parisyan vs. Luis Dutra Jr. Carlos...
  3. Secondary League Assistance
    No complaining here, but I was hoping for some assistance. Two secondary events ago (Bellator / Strikeforce combo card) my results stopped appearing and my cash reset to zero. The weird thing is my...
  4. BELLATOR 23 Card Change?
    I am not sure if this is too late to change, but Bellator's website and the official weigh-ins have Mike Fleniken fighting Stoney Hale, not Luke Zachrich. Just an FYI Nick Mamalis v Albert Rios could...
  5. 116 Av Bet - Don't be scared.
    116 Av bet - Regular poster. must wear for 2 weeks. Gay avs apply because I enjoy them I take Brock. Who wants Carwin? Beware, Pookie and EmFleek are my latest Avatar victims. Be sure to point at...
  6. Fight Companion Not Working???
    The fight companion in th secondary league isnt work, any1 know y?
  7. Striceforce Fedor v Werdum
    Any idea on when this event will be updated in the secondary league.
  8. adding a fighter to the fighter profiles???
    i have a feeling this is gonna be retarded but.. i noticed someone wasnt on the list and wanted to add them and couldnt figure out how to do it. i know ive done it before but cant seem to remember...
  9. Dream/Tachi/Impact
    can we get more of the dream fights on this card? replace some of the others with more dream fights please lol.
  10. Impact FC - The Uprising
    Any way we could make this a secondary event? six fights but they are pretty badass fights for the most part.
  11. av bet for UFC on Versus 2
    Haven't done one in a while and i'm bored. I'll take Tyson Griffin, Yushin Okami, and Jake Ellenberger if anybody wants any one of their opponents. Let me know.
  12. Willamy Freire vs Thiago Tavares Avatar Bet
    I'm taking Willamy Friere.
  13. Anyone know a good betting game for groups?
    Hey, My buddies and I were talking about developing or finding a system for betting in a group fashion. Basically right now we all pick our winners for the matches and whoever tallies the most wins...
  14. WVR Sengoku 14
    Will this event be covered in the secondary league?
  15. WEC 50/Strikeforce Houston combo card
    Seth_points suggested it and I think its a good idea ,as strikeforce rarely has a deep enough card for 8 fights IMO. Add the Faber fight cancellation and all 12 are in for now. If a better one pops...
  16. MMAPG Mobile Phone app?
    I think it's about time MMAPG gets a mobile phone app for the major platforms. It would be awesome to have an app dedicated to making picks and wagers as well as a custom forums viewer. It would sure...
  17. Earth to Pookie: A Fitch/Alves Av Bet
    Title's self-explanatory. Any avatars will work (within site rules) and loser will have to use it until UFC 118. I got Fitch. Interested?
  18. DREAM 16
    When will this event be up for picks in the secondary league?
  19. Shark fights 13 combo card
    I put this in few days ago because they already have these fights /fighters already locked up, and that's not to shabby. Heck if they got Heiron/Diaz to fight Daley I would make this the almost the...
  20. Bellator 24, strikeforce challengers 10, and war on the mainland combo card
    on august 12th is bellator august 13th is strikefroce challengers series and august 14th is war on the mainland with all these cards i was thinking we could get a pretty solid card for the secondary....
  21. Biggest Underdog Ever?
    Who is the biggest ungerdog or fav that u have seen in the playground? Secondary league has heavy dogs frequantly but UFC doesnt too often, not that I can remember anyways......just wonderin who any1...
  22. Adding someone to rankings, how long does it take?
    I added Ben Askren to the rankings database over a month ago when he won the Bellator tournament but he still isn't showing up. How long will it be before I can vote for him as a top 10 welterweight?
  23. Admin please help
    Qmystic, a member of my team, hasn't made picks for the last two events delbierately. However his "no picks" shows up as if he got every fight wrong. It is clearly some kind of glitch and it hurts...
  24. question on hedging bets
    hey guys/gals/trans/herms/other.. i fight in a few fantasy leagues and will only fight in a league where you can not score bonus fights when you pick the loser.. which is why i still play here a...
  25. Strikeforce/WVR combo card
    When will the results for the Strikeforce/World Victory Road combo card be put in?
  26. Game Talk: Endings UD vs SD is frustrating!
    By the way when a fight goes to decision does anyone else feel cheated if it's a split/majority decision and you lose points because you've picked a UD....I kind of do. I mean really who has that...
  27. HELP ! - Strange Betting 'odds' - Explain
    Evening fella's , since i managed (somehow) to finish 1st on the UFC117 picks i've decided to take up the fantasy wagers game too, seeing as i win quite a bit of money on football results , only...
  28. Honestly
    Does anyone really understand the camp rankings? The wagers just seem so out of whack. I'll never understand this
  29. Neat feature I just discovered
    Now some of you may have already known this and it may be browser specific (I use Chrome), but did you know that you can resize your text box for posting a reply to a thread? Check the bottom right...
  30. UFC Fight Night Avatar Bets
    Not sure which forum section to post it in but im willing to have an Avatar bet with someone I'll take ROSS PEARSON and if nobody accepts the offer i'll take Rousimar Palhares but only if nobody...
  31. Shark Fights 13
    When will the results for this card be put up?
  32. AV Bets for UFC 119!!!
    I am willing to take bets against my big picks being: Dunham over Sherk Bader over Nog Lytle over Serra Mir over Cro Cop Obviously I would like a regular poster (so I can frequently witness his...
  33. WEC 51/Bellator 31 picks (best 12?)
    anyone know what the 12th fight will be, now that Ricco/Herman is off? I say Lozano vs Yoshida should be the next choice. or are they just gonna do 11?
  34. How long do results usually take?
    Hey guys, i'm pretty new here and just curious as to how long it usually takes for pick/wager results to come out?
  35. Failed UA
    After the sonnen situation it got me thinking. If a fighter wins his fight but fails a UA and the fight is changed to a NC would mmaplayground go back and alter the points? I don't know if this has...
  36. Jose Aldo Wager
    I'm not sure what to do with this situation. I'm new starting out, and the upcoming WEC event will be my first in the secondary league. I'm starting out with $1,000 and the only fight I feel...
  37. Question
    Alright, so I logged on to check my picks and wager earning from last night's fights in the secondary league, but every time I click on my game history, it shows me the picks and wagers of user named...
  38. Stikeforce
    Are there gonna just be 5 fights for this event in the picks game?
  39. Avatar bets for 120?
    I want to take Rob Broughton if anyone wants Vinicius Queiroz? If not i really want Hathaway, any Mike Pyle fans?
  40. MMAPlayground on Twitter
    Thanks gartface for the idea. The owner has set up a account So if you area tweeter and want a reminder of when to make your picks. Follow us.
  41. ATTN: Writers/Bloggers
    We're currently on the hunt for talented writers to help out (on a volunteer basis) with contributing to the Playground's blog (yes, we have one!) on the main page of the site. If interested, and if...
  42. Cantwell vs Nedkov isn't happening
    Just read that Cantwell was forced off the card with a knee injury, so that fight is going to be scrapped LINK
  43. Maynard/Edgar Picks percentages
    Never ever seen this before Look at the top one This is a close picks percentage 50/50
  44. UFC 121 Avatar Bets
    1 - The bet will last for 2 weeks. 2 - You must be a regular poster. That will be determined by yours truly. 3 - The avatar that is chosen for the loser (you) must not violate site rules. I'll take...
  45. sengoku 15
    how come we're not making picks for this in the secondary? it has a lot of fighters on it that weve made picks for before.
  46. MFC 27 strikeforce challengers combo card
    both cards take place nov 12 im sure we could get 8 solid fights out of them. heres the fightcards so far MFC 27 David Heath vs. Glover Teixeira Ryan Ford vs. Pete Spratt Douglas Lima vs. Jesse...
  47. My First Accolade :D
    Just got my first accolade, so so happy :) What was your first Accolade?
  48. MMAPG Rankings
    With the great news of UFC and WEC merging and with how exciting and popular the FW and BW divisions are becoming is there any chance of adding 2 more rankings to the fighter rankings. FW and BW.
  49. How did I have $1750 in wagers with only $1000 in my account?
    So the new season just started and apparently I somehow wagered $1750 despite only having $1000 to wager. I suspect there's a bug, because I don't remember putting $1000 on Goran Reljic, and even if...
  50. Can we move the final WEC show to
    The main league. As kind of a send off.
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