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  1. lentz/tavares fight DELETED
    just like the ufc 106 fight between F. Camoes and C. UNO. Draws -majority or not - are not counted in our scoring thanks ADMIN
  2. Strikeforce challenger series 6, Mfc 24 combo card on feb 26
    could be a sweet combo card. here are the matches so far. StrikeForce Challenger series 6...
  3. A Bellator League
    I am really pumped for the new season of Bellator and the only thing that would make it better is if the Playground added it to the Secondary League. With weekly matches it would be great to be able...
  4. All time points leader board
    So I was thinking, "Wouldn't an all time points leader board be cool?" I think it would. Who's the all time king? Maybe "Most events won"? "All time winnings"? Waddaya think?
  5. Fighter Rankings Problem
    Maybe you guys are already aware of this or maybe it isn't a problem, I don't know. But I just realized that there are two Randy Coutures' in the system for fighter rankings. If some people have one...
  6. Anyone else hate this?
    Say you have 30 members in your fight camp. Days prior to the event locking you notice only 28 members picked all of the fights. It drives me crazy not knowing until picks are locked which member did...
  7. How come UFC 110 is already locked?
    Seems a little early, the PPV dont start for anoth 8 hrs and there is only 4 prelims, so surely that will start 2 hrs 30 mins before at the earliest, so thats 5 hrs 30 mins before the event, plus...
  8. missing prediction
    Looks like my prediction for the Mirko Cro Cop vsPerosh at UFC110 disappeared. It was listed in my profile before the event took place. I'm not complaining, it's a game. Just pointing out a possible...
  9. AV bets for UFN on VS
    I figured it would be easier if we all posted our av bets on one thread.....or not , IDK. Any how I want to make one on Irvin vs Sakara. As Mayhem13 seems to already have found an AV bet on this...
  10. Question on WEC 47/SRC 12 Secondary League
    Will we be able to bet money on SRC 12 after WEC locks? Can we bet on both? Thanks in advance.
  11. Any one know when WEC will be updated?
    Any ideas on when this will happen?
  12. No badges for World Victory Road Sengoku Raiden Championships 12 wagers
    there wasn't enough time to reset the wagers so only prediction bonuses apply here. So no badges for the wager portion. The points will be as usual. thanks ADMIN
  13. Dream 13 wagers?
    i cannot make one. not sure if its just me or what. but wondering if this will be fixed soon?
  14. Did some of the old threads get purged?
    While looking for an old thread, I realized that some of the forums' oldest threads are from March of '09. Regaining of some space perhaps? I'm not heart broken by any means...just curious.
  15. 4/25 ASTRA Event For Secondary League
    Suggestion for an upcoming Secondary League event for picks-this looks like it'll be a good card in Japan. There are currently 4 confirmed fights with several good known fighters: Enson Inoue vs....
  16. Shine Fights 3 in the secondary league?
    the card for shine fights 3 on may 15 is pretty solid just wondering if it should be put in the secondary league. heres the fight card so far •Ricardo Mayorga vs. Din Thomas •Murilo "Ninja" Rua vs....
  17. Invalid Event????
    everytime i try to make a wager on the strikeforce card this is what i get. whats up?
  18. Event change to UFC 111 - Alves out, and Fitch will fight Saunders
    UFC's Thiago "Pitbull" Alves will not fight at Saturday's UFC 111, because a CAT Scan shows an irregularity in his brain ... TMZ has learned. Thiago was scheduled to rumble with Jon Fitch on...
  19. didnt change parlay?????
    i forgot to change my parlay and Alves is still in it, do i lose my money? what if i get the other 2 right will i get what those r worth?
  20. Are new seasons going to be more than 10 events?
    I just noticed that this current season is scheduled to have more than 10 events. Is this a mistake or a new thing?
  21. Anybody else think that last minute changes are cheap?
    I wasn't able to make a pick for the Fitch Saunders match, and it ended up costing me 11 points. I was in the top 20 for the season and that made me fall out... ...this always happens, I'm not on...
  22. April 17 StrikeForce 8 fights?
    so whats going on with this card, its 10 days away and we only hav 4 fights here is the rest of the fight card. Cale Yarbrough(6-1) Vs Josh Schockman(3-2) Both former ufc fighters Chris Hawk(3-4) Vs...
  23. Phil davis fight?
    can someone give me some insight on davis vs Gustafsson fight? I really have no idea to pick, I see a decision but for who? or do u see different?
  24. Picks locked for UFC 112 already ?
    Why so early ? They don't don't usually lock this early do they ?
  25. WEC question...
    does WEC's new thing to become a PPV competitor effect it status of maybe it not being such a secondary league anymore?
  26. Secondary League Strikeforce Wagers and Picks for Saturday
    Does anyone know why there are no picks or wagers available for Strikeforce this weekend? A couple of days ago there were and I made my picks and wagers but now it appears that WEC wagers and picks...
  27. AV Bets on UFC 113
    If you want some, come get some! I want Belcher or Koscheck....any takers?
  28. Aldo/Faber AV bet
    Any regular poster want to take Faber in an AV bet?
  29. May 21st Moosin MMA StrikeForce Challengers combo card?
    on may 21st there are 2 pretty solid cards shaping up just wondering if we could get a combo out of these. here are the cards so far. Moosin MMA(confirmed...
  30. DREAM 14
    When will DREAM 14 be up for picks in the secondary league?
  31. Please help
    Ive tried to send somebody a camp invite, as I tried to click the link on there profile it wouldnt work. Does anybody know why this would happen and is there a work around. All suggestions would be...
  32. sengoku 13/WEC 49 combo card
    someone e-mailed this idea and it makes sense to me.So best 12 fights only.It will lock on June 19th at 11 pm est ADMIN
  33. UFC 113 (Modified) Avatar Bet
    I'll take ALL THREE (3) of the following... Koscheck Belcher Mitrione You take ALL THREE (3) of the following... Daley Cote Kimbo Whoever wins 2 of the 3 is considered the winner of the avatar bet....
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  34. ? from a noob
    When does the next "season" start. i saw that they are 10 events, how many events are you guys into this one?
  35. Rampage v. Rashad avatar bet
    Whoever has any bit of faith in rashad whatsoever , i got rampage.
  36. Thomas/Mayorga off
    Will the Din Thomas/Ricardo Mayorga fight just be taken off of the fantasy card since it has been cancelled?
  37. Avatar Bet - Rampage/Rashad
    I'll take Rampage. The bet will run until TUF 11 Finale. No avatars that violate site rules. *MUST* be a regular poster. Whether or not you are will be determined by yours truly.
  38. secondary league update
    when will the secondary league be updated with the last strikeforce event? will they just skip it and move on to the next event since shine was cancelled?
  39. UWC 8 Judgement Day
    Who's going to UWC 8 Judgement Day on Saturday, May 22, at the Patriot Center in Washington, DC? I am totally stoked to see the debut cage fight of Jason Frank. Frank was the Green Ranger on Power...
  40. Sylvia v. Pudz av bet
    Anyone want to jump in on a last second Sylvia/Pudz avatar bet? I'll take Sylvia by virtue of knowing how to strike.
  41. What happened to the Bellator/Moosin/Strikeforce secondary league bets?
    I just logged in this morning, and it looks like all of the bets for the Bellator / Moosin / Strikeforce combo card was cancelled. What happened?
  42. What the Hell Happened?
    It was so bad I went to the MMAPlayground Facebook page to look for answers!
  43. Cole Miller vs Ross Pearson?
    I saw this under the available predictions, last fight on the page. I haven't talked to cole lately, but I haven't seen any reports about this either, so I was wondering if someone could tell me when...
  44. Dream.14 Update?
    Is there an ETA to the picks/bets from Dream.14 being updated? I certainly didn't expect it to be done right away, but figured it would have been squared away during the downtime yesterday.
  45. strikeforce los angeles/bellator 22 combo card
    Seth_points had a good suggestion about this and i am taking it. I m thinking best fights only, but haven't decided on 8 or 10 yet.
  46. AVATAR BET: Pat Barry vs. Mirko Cro Cop
    I'll take Barry. 2 week bet. Nothing that violates site rules. No gay-vatars. Must be a regular poster (determined by yours truly).
  47. Quesition about possible revision to "judges decision" selections
    This is more me being nitpicky and thinking out loud more than anything, but it's something I have always kind of wondered about. Will there ever be any incentive to selecting split decision over...
  48. TUF 11 Finale Avatar Bet
    Normally I refrain from doing these, but this one time since I'm quite confident let's see if there are any takers: TUF Final. I take my man Kris McCray, you take Court McGee. Lasts until UFC 116,...
  49. Fantasy wager maniipulation?
    I coulda sworn I had more than 1K. However I see a lot of other people have the same bankroll. What gives?
  50. Two Criticisms
    1. The order of the fights on the Upcoming Events page has never made sense. 2. I would like to have a fight companion option so that I can print it out without the pictures. (Saving me ink)
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