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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. AV Bet
    I want Swick. Anyone interested?
  2. FYI
    When I clicked on the link to go to Louis Taylor's profile from the secondary league picks page, I had a downloader try to get into my system. My antivirus software killed it but I wanted to give...
  3. Multiple event wagers
    Is this possible for events in the secondary league that occur too close to each other to be combined for making wagers on fights? For example we have both Strikeforce and Sengoku happening so close...
  4. Curious question
    ARe there stats for the wager system recorded? What I am curious to know is whether the "house" comes out ahead for wagers at the end of any given season or whether it is behind.
  5. Help with real wager on Strikeforce card
    Okay, so I'm looking at the odds on Bodog for the Strikeforce card tomorrow night, and considering placing a wager. I'm not real familiar with the guys in Strikeforce yet, but I'm willing to roll the...
  6. Fedor/Rogers avatar bet?
    I'll take Fedor. Any of you guys calling for the upset care to put your avatar where your mouth is? 2 weeks. Nothing that violates site/forum rules. Must post regularly on the forums.
  7. StrikeForce - Werdum vs Silva
    I got Big Foot, must be a regular poster or a quote "Persona" on playground. Time will be discussed.
  8. Louis Taylor/Nate Moore fight not included on strikeforce combo card.
    We always meant for it to be a 12 fight card, and I changed it to 13 for awhile, but when it came into question that we might not have the right Nate Moore's stats linked to his profile we decided to...
  9. Sengoku 11th battle??????
    Just wondering if we are going to get to make any wagers for this fight card. it closes in two hours. anyone know?
  10. Most hated fighter??????
    Just wondering what everyone's most hated fighter is in each weight class and then out of those what is your most hated. mine are....
  11. Sengoku 11 stats run
    Since it was complete before the strike force combo card it has been run. Strikeforce will be done late tonight.No wagers for sengoku , just prediction bonuses,
  12. Swick/Hardy av bet
    I'll take Swick, any takers for Hardy? preferably a regular poster.
  13. UFC 105 Avatar Bet
    Must be a regular poster, it will be a until UFC 107 as opposed to UFC 106. I will take one of the following Bisping over Kang Hathaway over Taylor Riddle over Osipczak
  14. QUESTION for a MOD
    Is it just my computer, or is there a reason why when making picks in the upcoming events section, the fighters record is no longer shown? It used to be very useful to be able to highlight their...
  15. UFC 105 - Pick Selection Locking A Bit Late ?
    With the first fight of UFC 105 due to start at 5:20 PM UK time, as i type we are 12 hours and 25 minutes away from that. However, the picks don't lock for 11 hours and 40 minutes. Is it just me or...
  16. UFC 106 Avatar Bet
    Must be a regular poster, it will be a until UFC 107. I will take one of the following Rosholt over Grove Larson over Foster Thiago over Volkmann
  17. UFC 106 Avatar Bet (Kos vs. Rumble)
    Any Rumble Kool-Aid drinkers want to get in on an avatar bet? I'll take Kos. It'll be a 2-week bet (until TUF Finale). Nothing that violates site rules. *Must* be a regular poster.
  18. WEC 44
    To ensure a fair playing field, I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention that most of the major MMA sites are listing the start of the prelims at 6:00PM et. The picks lock up 30 minutes after...
  19. UFC 106 hot bout
    Will there be a "hot bout" for UFC 106?
  20. UFC 106 Avatar Bet Take #2
    Must be a regular poster, it will be a until UFC 107. either one of 2 options Rosholt over Grove or Avatar bet on who will get the most combined points for this event. If in case of Tie Breaker, we...
  21. tuf 10 bet
    COME AND GET SOME!!!! i may not be the post very often, bet this might be your chance to bet the man!!! im takin kevin ferguson over houston alexander
  22. Picks not working?
    Whats the deal with the 106 pick results? I thought they said they would be ready today? Am i the only on who still can't see them?
  23. Fighter records.
    has anyone else having the problem of peoples' records not showing up when they scroll over their name in the picks section? I mean everyone. I haven't seen anyone's fight record for months now....
  24. Houston Vs Kimbo??
    Who do you think will win this fight and why?
  25. Strikefoce evolution/WEC 45 combo card
    Strominyourmin had a good idea about this and we have decided to use this . Usual combo card rules. 12 fights max so no one card has to much power over an entire season. These are the 9 fights that...
  26. K-1 GP Final Avatar Bet
    MUST be a regular poster/persona, and it will be until The new year so one can bet on the 01/02/10 event. These are the 8 fighters remaining in the actual tournament Ruslan Karaev vs. Badr Hari...
  27. Ring of Fire/Mfc Combo card
    pure suggestion im almost positive it wont happen but ill throw it out there cuz it supports what could be a fun card. MFC card 12/4 worth making picks over Dean Lister Vs Thales Leites Jason...
  28. 107 Av Bet
    Anybody wanna take Diego??
  29. Kimbo / Houston Avatar Bet
    I'll take Houston. We'll just do a one week bet (until UFC 107). Nothing that violates site rules. Must be a regular poster (determined by yours truly). You can change my avatar as many times as...
  30. Hammil victory scoring
    Same as here Points awarded for picking the right fighter and round. Nothing for the method ADMIN
  31. Man... I cannot wait until this season is over.
    What the hell happened?! This season has been completely brutal. What are the chances we can just start over now and make UFC 107 the first event of Season 7?
  32. Av bet for Florian vs Guida
    I'll take Florian any takers
  33. Avatar Bet (Colts/Broncos)
    I'll take BJ Penn. It'll be a 3-week bet...loser must sport the new avatar until UFC 108. Nothing that violates site rules. Regular posters only. Who wants some? EDIT: Bet changed. Now it's a...
  34. Any chance Diego wins?
    I'd like to think that Diego would win this match but Penn has much better cardio than he used to and he trains for fights now. Diego looked awesome against Guida, but he looked like he fell in love...
  35. Game Section
    I was just wondering if anybody would be interested in a "game section" of the site. Now when i say games i mean games like Chess, Checkers, an some other type of sophisticated game. Usually games...
  36. Can the WRW get some competition?
    Can the WRW get some competition? that makes how many victories in a row? And we do practically no recruiting, we are the same bunch that signed up give or take a few Maybe some of the teams with a...
  37. Aaronno9 banned for cheating
    It says next to any of aaronno9's posts that he was banned for cheating. Does anyone know what he did?
  38. Important Message for All Playgrounders. Please Read
    Message to all playground members: After some investigation, we have some serious and disturbing announcements. This past season, we have found many people who have cheated by creating duplicate...
  39. DREAM/WVR card rules
    Will the fights on this card be fought under DREAM or unified rules?
  40. UFC 108 Av bet
    I'll take Rashad or Hazelett if anyone wants some.
  41. New Bankroll?
    Its a new season now right? Shouldnt everyones bankrolls be down or up to $1000?
  42. secondary league...
    im sure this has brought up before but i am relatively new here just wondering if it has been thought of before. secondary league camps. not two different camps per user just two different leagues....
  43. playground manners
    What is the correct amount of time one should post their thoughts on things after a card with exclusion to spoiler forum?
  44. $200 for fighting!!!
    I recently took a look at the salaries for the recent Strikeforce evolution event and Daisuke Nakamura only got paid $200!!! That's crazy! just wondering what your guys thoughts were on this.
  45. Betting question for Dynamite!! 2009
    There are 4 fights missing starting with Shibata vs Izumi and theres only 2 days left to bet on them, I was wondering if there are going to be odds on these fights or not? Thanks.
  46. Av bet for 108
    I'll take Hazelett if anybody that posts at least a fair amount of the time wants Daley. I don't post a whole ton, so if you post at least as much as I do, it'll work.
  47. Earnings for last event???
    I earned $3, 989 which should make me the number 5 top earner for that event and this season so far but I'm not listed??? I'm throwing this up there for a Mod to see and explain
  48. Season 6 Prize Money
    Have any of the Points or Earnings Leaders from season 6 received prize money for being in the top 3? It's been almost a month and having been the earnings leader have not heard anything or been able...
  49. 2x Hot Event for UFC 108 - Ellenberger vs Pile
    Hey! What's up with not getting double points for the Ellenburger vs Pile fight? That was the Hot Event for UFC 108 and now there is no indication of that. Did you guys miss that? //Chribba
  50. Shouldn't WEC 46 Picks be locked already
    Sherdog says that the event starts at 3:30 pm pst/6:30 est. I just don't want a fight to not be included on the picks again like last wec.
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