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    was just having a look at Dream 10 fight card on the official dream website and discovered a new match up. Seichi Ikemoto (18-15-5) vs Tarec Saffiedine. (6-0) also noticed they havent officially put...
  2. DREAM 10 Avatar Bet
    I'll take Manhoef. STIPULATIONS: 1-month bet / Website-friendly avs only / You must be a REGULAR poster in the forums!!!
  3. Avatar Bet? (Dream 10)
    again, i hate myself for the pick i'm making so i want it to sting if i lose. i'm taking JT money against the Donger, anyone interested? just no gay avatars...everything else up for grabs
  4. Amir vs Hendricks AV Bet
    I'll bet Johny Hendricks over Amir Sadollah AV bet anyone?
  5. 103 avav bet
    i know im jumping a head here but idc: CC vs Dos Santos : i hear a lot of talk about CC getting KOed etc: i wanna see if anyone has the balls to put up a season Ava on this: ill take CC
  6. EDIT - Sengoku card to have no amateur fights available for the game
    If they should pick up any new pro fights, such as affliction fighters that now need a place to fight, anytime up to 24 hours before the cutoff they will be added. 9 fights are available to be picked...
  7. Preferred Sengoku Hot Bout ?
    Looks to be one of the closest Hot Bout contests in Playground history. Right now Mitsuoka/French is in the lead by 0.04. Which would you prefer to have a chance at double points from ? EDIT: 20...
  8. gspfan...heres your soon to come avatar.
  9. Who wants to take Ben Stiller in an avatar bet.
    Any takers?
  10. Is it me or...?
    Does 101 seem like one of the toughest events to call in quite some time? I don't have a good feeling about picking these fights. Tell me I'm not the only one....
  11. JAvier vazquez /lc davis fight not part of wec 42 card
    The card started earlier than we were told it would. Consequently this fight was almost over before I knew the picks were still open, and I could lock it . I received over 30 e-mails protesting this,...
  12. Sinister Squad...I want a re-match!!!
    <---- Congrats. but an avatar rematch is in order. how about Lacy V Jones? or Randy V Nog better yet Maia V Nate SpiderSilva ducked me when i first called him out just playin bro, but i'll take...
  13. 102 ava bet
    im on a slump 2 in a row lost ={ im feeling good about this fight. randy vs Nog : im going with Nog any takers?
  14. UFC 102: NFL Av wager
    With football season, just around the corner...I wanted to do a NFL related bet: Winner makes the loser sport the logo, jersey, coach, player, etc. of their favorite team for the duration of the...
  15. Secondary League Records = Invisibility?
    As Stated.. Please note that the picks, points, wagers, and earnings from our secondary league are completely separate from the site's primary UFC/Pride league. Participation in the Secondary League...
  16. firefox/mmaplayground compatability
    On firefox i cant see pictures or avatars , IE works fine though . Anyone got a solution? Mods feel free to move this thread , i wasnt sure where this should go .....
  17. UFC 102 Jardine Silva AV bet
    I got Silva, anyone want to go?
  18. UFN Av Bet
    Anybody out there wanna take Huerta against Maynard?
  19. do you ever make a pick...
    based on principle?like you hate a fighter so much and you don't want him to win so you pick the other fighter.and the other fighter's chance of winning isn't that high.
  20. I would love to have an AVA bet against a Huerta fanboy
    NO rules you got Roger, I got Gray.
  21. UPSETS???
    what are some upsets you think for UFC FIGHT NIGHT 19?
  22. TOP 10
    You no how we have are top 10 rankings HW,LHW,MW,WW,LW,P4P,and fav top 10 do you not think we cud have a top ten most disliked cause a cud defo fill mine at th min.
  23. Where can I see the point leader for the season?
    Where can I see the point leader for the season?
  24. 1000 props?
    Way back when the prop meter was expanded, I recall someone saying that something special happens when a person reaches 1000 props. I just noticed that JJFrk has over 1000 props and nothing happened....
  25. Number of MMA Playground players declining each season, Why?
    when i go to "my game history" i can see the amount of players for each season in wagers and points in season 3 there was - 11250 players season 4 - 9583 players season 5 - 8583 players season 6 -...
  26. Av bet time
    Take Stout. I got Nover for 3 months. Post counnts taken into consideration.
  27. Who wins Super Hulk GP ?
    So, who do you think wins it? For me its gotta be Minowaman, he is one of my favourite fighters, he always gives 100% and will fight anyone, anywhere. “I’d like to have an honest fight with an alien....
  28. Has Hallman v Howard been moved?
    I noticed on the picks that Howard v Hallman is now on UFN 19. I havent read any were about the fight moving. Is that right? Also you have Matt Hammil v Jon Fitch instead of Jon Jones.
  29. UFC 103 Bet
    Ok keeping it simple. Heres 2 bets, first come first serve I got Junior Dos Santos, you Take Cro Cop I got Tyson Griffin, you take Hermes Franca
  30. A Few Playground Problems, and Needed Changes
    Ok, MMAPlayground is by far the best fantasy MMA game on the planet, with a moderatly good forum structure and community. I have been part of this site for more than 2 years now, and I have seen...
  31. Badges
    Can't seem to find the info I want in the search so I'll just ask. How do people recieve News Mogul Video Hound Trainer Top Poster I know to a point how but I want more specifics. Is it a certain...
  32. CC/dos Santos and Miller/Lopez finishes
    I realize that the results are official, i'm just not sure why one was considered a TKO and the other a submission. They both pretty much ended the same way with both fighters not wanting to continue...
  33. Great idea for MMAPlayground! Let me know ur thoughts!
    I had an idea for the Fantasy picks. I think you should be able to get 3 points for each one of these you can get correct Fight of the Night Submission of the Night Knock Out of the Night and maybe...
  34. Why wont any avatars work for me?
    Why wont any avatars work for me? It just shows a pic instead of movement, Can someone help me please and thank you?
  35. on the tuf 10 finale on the playground it has rousmir palhares fighting twice
    who is he actually fighting
  36. DREAM 11
    Any word on if the Souza vs. Miller bout will be replaced on the picks page with JZ vs. Nakamura?
  37. You think Shogun can take Machida?
    I will put my avatar up for 3 months if machida loses to your 1 month. Lets see what you got Shogun fans
  38. DREAM 11 results
    When will the results be in for DREAM 11?
  39. Avatar Bet: Benson over Cerrone
    Anybody want to take it. I think Benson is better than Cerrone in all aspects of the game.
  40. stirkeforce combo card Novemeber 6th and 7th
    juggalowarrior878 submitted a god idea to me and I am going to go with it. The strikeforce cards often lack depth but since the challengers series and the CBS card are only a day apart I am going to...
  41. Total Playground Career rankings?
    I was just wondering if there's any way to see how my total MMAPlayground record stacks up with others? Any answers will be appreciated.
  42. Idea for the site, username change
    So I had this idea that if you wanted to change you username then you can for a small fee of maybe 5 dollars that you can pay via credit card. Not saying I would ever change my name but it seems like...
  43. Wager Money question!!
    Hallo Gentelmen . I wonder who is better to put money on in these upcoming fights ..... Any ideas from hardcore betters?:) Ryan Bader vs. Eric Schafer (underdog) Patrick Barry vs. Antoni Hardonk...
  44. Machida - Shogun AV Bet.... my Pick: Shogun
    ...BUT!!!!! Hold on. It's ___NOT____ first come first serve, only old members(joined between 01/07 and 02/09) that I (MYSELF) am aware that are current active forum users. You guys know who you...
  45. Avatar bet for UFC 104, anyone?
    I'll take the following... Okami Stevenson Velasquez Machida 1-month Nothing that violates forum/site rules. You *must* be a regular poster. That will be determined by me.
  46. Question with regards to Dream 12 betting
    This event is in 3 days, so far there is only 4 fights to bet on, any idea of when the rest of the card will be added?
  47. Something wrong with the Playground?
    Anyone else not able to get into the playground last night? Just opened up for me at around 8:30est. Tried all night to get my Dream 12 fight companion
  48. No love for VTJ?
    How come we don't get to do fantasy picks for VTJ 2009 at the end of the month? :(
  49. Bisping or Kang??
    I keep going back and forth on this one. I can see Bisping staying on the outside and jabbing the entire fight to get a decision. and I can also see kang taking bisping down but I know if it does go...
  50. technical problem
    For a while now, when I put my cursor over the fighter's name in the fantasy picks section, their abridged stats window is blank (about 80% of the time). This feature used to work 100% of the time...
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