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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. Not an easy decision for me
    I'm gonna go with Hitman. Who wants Condit in an avatar bet?
  2. WEC 40 wagers not happening
    Sorry, only dream . We can only wager on the most current event. That is Dream.Also, without a 24 hour period in between cards, the wagers for dream will not be valid There needs to be at least 24...
  3. avatar theives???
    I am having a very very irritating probelem!!!!!! I would like to know what is done to someone for stealing a custom avatar that was made especially for my fight camp members???? this guy is not a...
  4. UFC 97 hot event
    How did Eliot Marshall vs Vinicius Magalhaes receive it? Honestly I could care less about that fight. I would say Brian Stann vs Krzysztof Soszynski would be a much better candidate. Not to mention...
  5. DREAM 9
    Will DREAM 9 be up for picks in the secondary league?
  6. Rua on Dream 8
    I'm not sure if this was posted but will Rua vs. his new opponent be updated to the fight card on Dream 8?
  7. How can we wager on WEC 40?
    With Dream being over, it won't let me wager on WEC now, could someone elaborate on this?
  8. Dream 8 update
    When will Dream 8 be updated?
  9. where's wec 40?
    its not in the secondary and when i click my fight companion its still on the dream card
  10. ava bet
    shogun vs the iceman i got chucky any takers?
  11. ufc 97 avatar betting- bring it on!
    I am looking to rebound from my last 2 here are a couple guys I am willing to take...if you want the other guy shoot me over a challenge. Cane Wiman MacDonald Kang Let's do this!!!! Also...
  12. Avatars
    Hey I'm relatively new at posting and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to tell me to get/make avatars other than just taking pics straight off my computer(which is the limit of my...
  13. How did people do on Strikeforce.
    I had my best event. Went 7 and 0 and got 58 pts.
  14. Avatar Bet Feature
    My Avatar Bet Feature isn't working, I was planning on making a second bet with a buddy of mine, I won the first and he wants a rematch but neither of us are able to. Is there something I need to do?...
  15. Sengoku 8 On 5/2
    Adding to Secondary League? Card's about set, 10 total fights so far with 2 more added today and one more to be announced.
  16. Avatar bet on Cantwell vs. Cane
    I got Cantwell :)
  17. Featherweight Rankings please!!
    Who wants Featherweight and even maybe Bantamweight rankings on the sites rankings? I made a thread like this before. Now though, the FW division is even bigger, it's insane right now, there is so...
  18. Avatar bet for all you Rashad fans
    Support the future ex champ and take an avatar bet with melittledevil: If you do not think Rashad is going down like a $2 hooker! It will be like Thiago all over again another guy losing his...
  19. av bet secondary league, I'll take the underdog
    Ribeiro VS Yamamiya I've got Yamamiya if there are any takers Please bet with me only if you will honor it
  20. ufc 98 avatar betting
    Ok I have lost 3 and a row and am looking to bounce back here..haha I will take Pat Barry Lyoto Machida James Irvi Yushin Okami Sean Sherk If you wanna take one of these guys opponent send me over...
  21. Make your Sengoku picks NOW- if you want all the wagers available.
    If enough peoiple pick a fight our computer will generate odds for it. Thanks ADMIN
  22. wagers history glitch???
    So I was looking at a few of the wager histories for some fellow camp members today when I realized that no matter who I look at, their wagers history is the exact same as mine and doesn't match the...
  23. how bout a ajustable wager system that works the same way as the new avatar bet feature
    this would be a nice addition to the website i think a lot of people like to talk a lot of **** on this web site (I'm not complaining i enjoy it) and it would be cool if you could just go for eg: ok...
  24. Freakshow fights not in dream
    No Canseco fights , Sapp fights. Seriously athletes only, and Sapp no longer qualify's in my book.
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  25. DQ fights removed from card
    As I just got this question again , thanks to a DQ on the sengoku card, they are just a no-contest for us.Like irvin/Cane -at least that's the last one I remember. It just gets removed all together,...
  26. Flahy G not a cheater
    he e-mailed me to let me know that he got double points for a fight on Sengoku due to a glitch . Thanks to those who also e-mailed me,but the programmer will fix it Monday.
  27. My Apology to MMA Playground
    There's no beating around the bush, I've been a duchebag, lashing out on people for no reason, and not acting like my normal self. I just totally lost my grip on what was important on this site. That...
  28. av bet time again!
    The Fight Machida vs Evans The Pick Machida The Bet Since Evans is a 2/1 underdog I'll give him 2/1 odds.. 2 for me if I lose, 1 when you lose takers?
  29. ava bet
    ill do the Kaplan/Roop or Drew vs Pro x ill take roop or drew any takers or we could work something out?
  30. No Canseco fights pickable
    Please stop asking me. I pity those of you ( an there have been 11 so far) who's arguments are to the effect of " it's like a free win, come on man?" The rest of you who keep reporting it for...
  31. DREAM 9 Main Event Will Be Removed From Card
    With regards to the DREAM 9 Main Event today, a reminder/FYI that fights that end in a No Contest are thrown out and will be removed from the fantasy picks/wagers when scores are calculated. The NC...
  32. DREAM 10
    Will it be covered in the secondary league?
  33. Secondary league
    Was Dream 9 the end of season 6...if so when will the wager money be reset...I just don't want to make wagers with more money than I"m supposed to have
  34. Can we have a separate Create a Fighter thread
    Can we have a separate Create a Fighter thread for the UFC game i tryed to make one then it was closed the some one else made one and it was closed
  35. when do i get my playground persona badge?!
    I know there may be people more deserving but how do I get the playground persona badge?! I've been here since day 1 and have had no trouble for months! Someone please vote me in!!!
  36. UFC 99 Avatar bet
    I pick Rich, you take Wanderlei, That simple. Any Takers?
  37. Betting on WEC 41
    Being a day after Strikeforce, are we going to be able to wager on WEC41? If you feel that's not enough time for people to make their wagers, then please make Strikeforce and WEC 41 one big betting...
  38. Strikeforce - Arlovksi/Rogers
    "The fights are scheduled for three-3-minute rounds, with the exception of Arlovski-Rogers, which is slated for five, 5-minute rounds." LINK I don't know who is going to pick a 4th or 5th round...
  39. A friendly reminder from your MMAPG staff
    Just a reminder for everyone- UFC 99 will lock earlier than the "usual" tomorrow due to the fact that it is taking place in Germany. So don't forget to lock in your picks and wagers. Also, when...
  40. TUF 9 Finale avatar bet
    its been awhile since I did one of these. I have Sanchez Winner Tibau anyone want to bet against one of them?
  41. How do I work the betting...
    Ok, I just made my account and plan on being on this website probably 2 hours a day because i do MMA and love it. I was wondering how i do all this fantasy pick stuff because it seems very intersting...
  42. Camp ranking question
    Ok... obviously, I'm ticked that we dropped out of first, but I can live with that. But, can somebody PLEASE explain to me how this TEAM got first? (and it's not just this team... this was just an...
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  43. AV bet GSP vs Alves
    i got gsp. Av can only be the logo of your favorite sports team or the winning fighter. No degrading messages or sigs to accompany it. Anyone interested?
  44. Avatar Bet Lesnar vs Mir
    i am so ashamed of myself for picking Lesnar that i want to av bet someone. i am taking Lesnar and if he loses i deserve the shame of picking him since every fiber of my being wants Mir to win....
  45. Mir/Lesnar avatar bet...
    Any takers? I'll take Brock. I'll also go one step further and say that he'll win prior to the end of Round #2. If he wins AFTER the 2nd round, you'll be considered the winner. STIPULATIONS: Nothing...
  46. Alves no longer an underdog!
    I was checking my picks a few minutes ago and Alves was still an underdog, I had him picked and was confident that I was getting 2 extra points after UFC 100, but now I went back and he is no longer...
  47. Anyone making last minute changes to their picks?
    After seeing the weigh ins last night for UFC 100 I am seriously stuck between Lesnar and Mir. I have Lesnar by round 1 TKO but am reconsidering after seeing Mir. Anyone else influenced by the weigh...
  48. UFC 101 av bets
    anyone down for a bet? I will take Neer Silva Riddle or Sotiropoulos or I will do an AV bet, that Alessio Sakara makes it out of the first round without being subbed
  49. DREAM 11
    Will DREAM 11 be covered in the secondary league?
  50. Avatar losers show your shame
    I had a bet with jiujitsufreak74, and this is the avatar that he picked for me. I would like to know what everyone else got for their efforts.
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