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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. AV BET
    Alright. I'm taking St. Pierre if anyone wants to take Penn. But I'd prefer someone who posts regularly because only one av bet I've been in has been followed through, and that bet was a loss for me...
  2. Av bet!
    Will take GSP... OVER... BJ Penn! Any takes?
  3. non gsp bj av bet
    i know its a little while off but i like my odds of finding someone to take this bet i got my boy Luigi Fioravanti who wants rumble ps im undeafeated in avatar bets a huge 1-0 just look at warglory
  4. Where did my Epic Post Thread Go
    So my epic post thread is gone and don't know why, It was in the padded room, All of the cuss words were bleeped and I followed the Forum rules and can I get an explanation of why it is gone. Cuz...
  5. Prize money Reduction?
    Did the prize money for winning a season change? It says on the main page the prize for winning is $150 now, wasn't it $250 for all previous seasons? On top of that it looks like there is only an...
  6. MMA Playground Premium Members
    When are we suppose to get double the points again and double the money? When I became a MMA Playground Premium Members I was under the impression that I was to receive double everything. Please if...
  7. Machida Silva Av Bet
    Who wants Silva? Av stays up till UFC 95. Any takers?
  8. twenty20dollars
    avbet for the machida thiago fight , 2 weeks . You talked enough about thiago winning that i hope you will stand behind your word .
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  9. Where did the Tuvok thread go?
  10. Premium Membership Renewal
    My premium membership is about to expire, and I had a question. When we renew our premium memberships, do we still get a shirt? It doesn't matter because I am still going to renew it, but I was just...
  11. Answer to fight camp rankings question
    Some of you have asked me for detail on this, and I have investigate i with the new programmers considerable help. This is what we deduced. It is straight forwar, and easily understandable. Here's...
  12. Dan Cramer
    am I the only one that thinks he has a good shot in this fight?? I thought the kid looked pretty good on the show, and ever since has been down in Florida training full time at American Top Team....
  13. underdog bonuses
    just wondering what the maximum percentage is for the fighter to be given an underdog bonus?
  14. 3rd Round Selections get points for correct round ending
    Just something I've noticed in some other MMA fantasy games...say you pick an ending like 3rd round TKO, but the fight goes to a decision, shouldn't you still get points for picking the correct round...
  15. "stats per event" isnt updated yet..
    on the stats per event they dont show ufc 95 or fight night 17, does a mod know when this will be updated? thanks
  16. UFN 17 AV BETS
    I am about ready for another AV bet. I am willing to take a bet on Johnson over Fioravanti or Lauzon over Stephens... any takers?? or if you want to throw out soe other fights maybe I will take you...
  17. People not honoring GSP vs Penn 2 av bets?
    I hear some people are not putting up their losing avatars from the BJ / GSP fight because of the greasing controversy. I'm very against cheating in sports or in life but I put up the losing av not...
  18. Locked Threads
    Is it me or does the censorship on this site seem to be getting worse? I noticed a couple of threads on the GSP Grease'ogate' have been locked and I can't really think why. I mean they are legitimate...
  19. New feature alert - avatar bets
    Check the sub-navigation up top when in the MMA Forums or My Playground and you will see a new link: Avatar Bets . You may have 1 avatar bet per primary league event. The winner of the bet controls...
  20. Moderator Selection
    I have a couple of questions. I would like to know how moderators are selected. Is there a certain criteria to meet in order to become a moderator? What can be done if a moderator is not being fair,...
  21. Kongo vs Torres???
    I looked at picks for UFC 97, and it has welterweight Anthony Torres(who's also not in the UFC anymore) fighting Cheick Kongo, that has to be a mistake considering he's fighting Hardonk.
  22. UFC 95 avatar bets
    i want sanchez over stevenson or struve over dos santos if anyones down
  23. "Camp roster actions may not be made in the first 48 hours after a primary league event has taken place"
    Hey guys, I have a bunch of people who I've replied with invites to fight camp requests who are getting this warning. Can they just click accept in a day or two... or will they have to request...
  24. DREAM Featherweight GP
    Will the DREAM featherweight Grand Prix be covered in the secondary league?
  25. One question
    So no mods will answer so this is the only way, so casey is gone for good. I made him get banned, and your doing nothing about it, weaksauce, you could at least let him play the game or something...
  26. AV bet
    anyone wanna take an avatar bet on the Markham vs Hardy fight? I want Markham.
  27. Carwin vs Gonzaga av bet
    I'll take Manbearpig(Gonzaga) who wants Carwin regular posters please. No stipulations just gotta be creative
  28. Etim vz Cobb-make your picks
    or the wager line won't set thanks ADM IN
  29. Are the ufc 95 picks locked in?
    Does anyone no if the picks are locked in yet because i was going to change a fight but i canit get access to my picks.
  30. 96 av bet
    ill take jardine over rampage
  31. Koscheck vs Thiago
    Was I the only one to (correctly) pick paul thiago at ufc 95?
  32. Do I possibly have the worst season record so far?
    I am sub 500!! Ha ha I can't seem to pick anything right!!! I think I am 16-21.. All of the upsets last night really didnt help either
  33. Strikeforce on Showtime - best 8 fights only
    Why only eight fights and not the whole card?
  34. DREAM 8
    Will this event be covered in the secondary league?
  35. Sell v Brown avatar bet
    I got Drago You need over 200 post to take this bet Anyone up for it?
  36. What was your original avatar?
    I've only changed mine a few times and was wondering what were some of the original avatars people had? Heres my first one before I was a premium member
  37. WEC 39 says that WEC 39 is on March 11, not March 1.
    I believe it's been suggested before, but is there any way possible that Polls can be allowed in fight camp threads? This would be a great feature to add and I can't imagine it beind too hard to...
  39. mmaplayground ufc league?
    I noticed that mmaplayground has a leauge in's fantasy game. I was wondering who runs that leauge and could I get in. Represent the playground.
  40. Any way to see Fight Camp’s Event Stats for the Secondary League
    The current Points (L2) and Earning (L2) tabs only show totals… Is there a way I can see a Fight Camp's Event Stats for the Secondary League? Thanks.
  41. I think we should be able to prop for videos.
    I think on the video page there should be a choice to give props for a special or rare find. Also, I thought of this when I saw all the content DCRage posted and I thought he deserved props. So, if...
  42. Funny quirk of this site...
    So I typed in a new quote for my avatar and to fit it in I made it all one word. I then go check it out and it moved the divide between the avatar/stats and the posts. Did anyone else notice? I...
  43. Featherweight and bantomweight rankings
    What are the chances of setting up rankings for Featherweight and Bantomweight divisions? I think the WEC continues to get stronger all the time, and with the addition of two Featherweight GP's...
  44. HELP!!!!
    there has been a mistake I KNOW I picked all my fights!!!! i HAD TIM BOETSH by TKO rd 2!!!! please help!!! ITS NOT MY FAULT...there must be a tech error HELP!!!! there is still time HELP!!!!!
  45. viewing picks for an event!
    Hey is there anyway to check your pick for an event after the picks thing is locked? I always forget who i picked!
  46. UFC 96 Locked Early
    The undercard doesn't start for another four hours (7:45 est). Could we have it unlocked for last-minute changes?
  47. Avatar Bets - Pick 1
    5 choices of Av Bets, I will only take 1 of course but here they are. Martin Kampmann over Carlos Condit Anderson Silva over Thales Leites Luiz Cane over Steve Cantwell Chuck Liddell over Shogun Rua...
  48. ava bet
    condit vs hitman ill take hitman . any takers? 3 month bet
  49. Everyone please make you r pics for Dream
    I know Dream , like Pride before them, don't put their cards out til late. We finally have 5 of their match ups set, and in the computer. However, until enough people make their picks the system...
  50. Hey all you Aoki lovers
    I will take Mach in an avatar bet get at me!
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