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  1. Favorite Posters
    Who are some of your favorite posters. Off the top of my head... Pookie JJFreak Jackelope Gartface Cantandledariddum 40 oz bojanglz gspfan All top posters helping keep the forums alive
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  2. How long has Jackelope, been a Mod??
    I just noticed, I hope he hasn't always been one. That would mean that I'm blind If it is new Congrats Jackelope Nice new addition to the watchdog clan
  3. ???
    ok, I understand the EXC is a combo card. So I understand also that cards are usually locked from betting at 5:00 or so. BUT, how the hell is someone like me who only makes his picks after the weigh...
  4. David Baron - Weight Issues
    I'm currently in the process of making my picks for the next UFC card but am having difficulty on the Baron vs. Miller fight. Baron is listed on the Sherdog fightfinder as being 5'6" and 16 pounds....
  5. Revised forum rules/conduct - Please read
    The admins have been working hard at revising and expanding the forum rules. Please take the time to read them. These may get revised further, but take the time to read them now. Further changes will...
  6. premium members
    so what all do you get and how much is it
  7. Fight Companion problems?
    tried printing them out, and got WVR up with 2fights, anyone else having this issue? is it going to be fixeD for kimo/ken fight?
  8. What Happened to my Fight Companion?
    In the secondary league, my fight companion isn't tonight's fights... it's the Sengoku that's going on in 4 weeks. What's up???
  9. What happens if you picked Shamrock to win?
    Shamrock was injured a few hours before the fights. so what will happen if you picked shamrock, will you pick switch to Seth? or will it just not count???
  10. if you parlayed Kimbo, shouldn't the whole parlay be voided
    If you parlayed the Kimbo fight tonight, shouldn't the whole parlay be voided instead of having of having to keep the other two fights you parlayed? I'm just wondering how that works for future...
  11. Welcome back, tuvok500!!!
    Welcome back, man.
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  12. Ava Bet
    Leben vs Bisping? any1 wanna take bisping?
  13. Stepping down as Moderator
    Dear Playground, After a year of moderating on this site, I have decided to step down. It was a fun experience overall, and I'm glad I was able to help out in keeping the forums productive, and...
  14. Is UFC 89 a ppv or will it be on spike???
    I'v been waiting for the answer to pop up but hav'nt seen it yet??? Props to the person smarter than me
  15. What does it take to make good picks?
    You would think being knowledgable about MMA would be enough to consistently make good picks. Have you ever noticed there are some really good posters who are very knowledgable of fighters in MMA yet...
  16. Presidential AV Bet
    Alright... I wanna make an AV bet on the election. Here are the stipulations: 1. to be used until the swearing in of the next president. 2. nothing that could get someone banned 3. no gay avatars I...
  17. ufc 89 picks and wagers
    once again another england fight card is upon us i had some trouble making my picks as history shows me that over seas has always been bad picks for me there are a few fights that are a toss up...
  18. UFC 89 results not posted
    how come the playground hasnt posted the ufc 89 results. if the event happen hours ago are they waiting till after it airs on spike???
  19. UFC 90 Avatar bet
    i'd like to do a best of(best out of 3) av. bet with someone. So the person at the end of the night who has won the most fights wins(in case some couldn't figure that out). The three fights I'm...
  20. Camp Rankings explaination
    Is there any way to further clarify how the camp rankings are produced. I know it says "Ranks are determined by a combination of a camp's overall current season win%, average fantasy bankroll, and...
  21. What Do You Consider A Good Playground Record?
    everyone has their own opinions & it was questined in a thread earlier this week & i never saw a reply so i thought i'd ask everyone. what do you consider to be a good winning percentage on this...
  22. Dear Staff of MMAPLAYGROUND.COM and Fellow people.
    Ok I know I have brought this up a year ago, and everyone was with me on this. But nothing was done by the OLD mods. Well with new and improved guys in charge, I want to ask again. Could we add...
  23. Svartorm Starts All Star WW Camp!
    Just noticed the Grappling Dummies at WW are starting to build themselves quite a roster. Kpro, Telnights, fedorwins1, Svarstorm, and holes in that team. Looks like you guys will be a...
  24. Hirota has toughest path at Sengoku 6
    I was just making my secondary league picks and realized that Hirota is going to have it pretty tough in Sengoku 6. I think he has a great shot against Yokota, but he will definately have his hands...
  25. Kos/Alves avatar bet...
    I'll take Alves. 2 week bet. Who wants some?
  26. 21 Hours and 16 Minutes
    only 21 hours and 16 minutes to go untill ufc 90 is locked. i am having a hard time trying to decide the main event. i have a good feeling about cote, but then its anderson. who have you guys picked...
  27. Top Earners Tomorrow.
    I have a feeling, even though Hotrodttt's $124k during UFC 89 was ridiculous enough, if any upsets happen, namely Junior Dos Santos and Patrick Cote, there are going to be some absolutely retarded...
  28. perfect?
    has anyone on the playground ever got a perfect score in an event ?
  29. To those of you that don't pick ALL fights for a given event...
    What exactly is your reasoning behind this? I've been getting quite a few Camp Invitation requests lately and part of the research I do before sending an invitation involves looking at track records....
  30. Lesnar Couture AV bet
    I got Randy 1 month of the avatar after the fight who wants some!
  31. Was the Banned thread Banned ????
    Don't see it here anymore was it hyjacked by aliens??? or what??? How will I ever know who has been banned now???? I hope they banned the person who got the banned thread was banned
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  32. copcopps.....
    avatar bet me PLEASE.............
  33. emfleek
    av bet for couture lesnar fight? i got lesnar
  34. Nice Idea.... "Well I think so"
    Over the last year I have seen a lot of cool changes on this site.... I know that we can subscribe to a thread and get notified every time there is a new post.... I have never used the feature and...
  35. Who do I have AV bets with again???
    I'm sorry but I'm stupid. I can't remember who I have bets with. They're not for a couple events, but I'd just like to know who so I can work up something super special . I know mkiv9secsupra is on...
  36. NEW- srtrikeforce last fight added vote
    Okay with the Kim Couture fight added, and some people preferring a fight that will likely be televised on the card, we are reestablishing th epoll with that fight added. Fights up for a vote 145...
  37. Serious Av Bet
    Haha every av bet the person who i was betting against vanishes. I thought maybe it was because they didnt post much anyway. But then I had a bet with someone who posted all the time, and has well...
  38. Did you have a parlay wager for WEC last night?
    If so, how'd you do?
  39. Ummm...Where Are the Results?
    is it just me or are the results for the last fight taking longer than normal to show up?
  40. Does JJFreaks Prop gauge explode when it hits a thousand??
    Just a thought, I saw that he was at 665.... It made me think... Also it would be cool to know what the Gauge Bumps were?? like at what levels does it go up??? I know it bumps at 200 any one else...
  41. Question
    If i was to leave my current camp (not that i have any intention of doing so, just for arguments sake) would i loose the top camp badges? Just i always thought that was the case, but i noticed people...
  42. Free Premium Account Give Away
    Lets have a game where the winner gets a free premium account. Perhaps a trivia game or something along that line... ideas?
  43. Ava bet
    im feeling hazelett and takers on McCroy?
  44. couture lesner
    ok so i am willing to make a bet on this my terms: no gayness nothing that can get me banned(or the other person) and untill the next ufc i am taking randy. so anyone take lesner
  45. Betting in the secondary league
    When will the betting be updated so that we can make are bets for the next secondary league event.
  46. Hot Bout for UFC 91?
    I really think the hot bout should be Jeremy Stephens and Rafael dos Anjos. This was a VERY difficult pick for me. I went against the grain on most of my picks according to the wagers I see. And I...
  47. I know I'm not supposed to be post "support" things here...
    ..but my friend has been diligently trying to contact the administrators of this site with an issue he's having with his account without a response for 2-3 weeks. This is what he says: "I logged in a...
  48. Changing Account Email Address-ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ
    A reminder to all members regarding your account email address: If you want to change your account's email address, please send a moderator a PM. There currently is a bug that, if you change your...
  49. Post count change
    Just noticed I think I've lost nearly 100 posts somewhere along the way. I ws a little over 1000 but now I'm where I am. Anyone else experience a similar thing?
  50. Affliction 2 picks error?
    Anyone notice Paul Buentello is listed fighting 2 different guys? Is that a mistake?
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