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  1. Making picks on the same PC ?
    I know i had a thread awhile back asking about this but i cant find it anywhere. My question is for people that share a pc with someone when they make their picks. Yesterday my buddy and his brothers...
  2. UFC 87 AV Bets
    I am willing to do a AV bet from 87 until 88 for any of the following fights -GSP -Lesnar -Maia -Saunders let me know if your interested in one! also other people can set up av bets in here as well
  3. Earnings Section on the New Fight Camp Rankings?
    So I really don't understand how the earnings section is being figured out.... For this first event I earned $2046 for a total of $3046 and my teammate earned $1987 for a total of $2987 SO, how is...
  4. QUESTION: What's the point...
    What's the point of playing a game in which you're encouraged to play it EXACTLY the same way as the rest of your team/teammates? That takes the fun out of it, in my opinion. Thoughts?
  5. DREAM - Worthy of Primary League status now?
    Dream's hosted 5 events now. Is there any chance we'll be seeing it as part of the Primary league anytime soon? Please? I love you.
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  6. sick of seeing brock pressing the shark
    please chime in here if you agree- the ufc nabs all these ifl fighters and all had respectable pictures. The playground needs to fix this- Please help Brock gets some street creds and get him a real...
  7. Aug 3rd WEC - Will it be added to Secondary League?
    I didn't see any other posts directly concerning this, but the event is in 2 weeks and I would think it should be added. Carlos Condit Vs. Hiromitsu Miura Brian Stann Vs. Steve Cantwell Jamie Varner...
  8. UFC 87 Avatar Bet
    Since my Dream bet met unforeseen consequences resulting in no winner...i have decided to make a bet for UFC 87 I am willing to bet the greatness if Green Man on Roger Herta. i know that a lot of you...
  9. Ava Bet
    J-rock vs Ben saunders ill take Saunders no gay avas no im so and sos bitch any takers?
  10. Av bet
    ill take kenny florian if someone else takes huerta... im 1-0 in av. bets. bring it on.
  11. Hall of Fame
    I noticed that the Hall of Fame hasn't been updated since the 1st seeason of the secondary league. Is the hall of fame every going to be updated and will there be badges given out for the top...
  12. MT fight camp
    just looking for an expression of interest for anyone willing to join a potential fight camp for muay thai/kickboxing practioners? anyone keen?
  13. Sunday Was Awesome + Av Bet
    Sunday was awesome for my Playground Account. I Got Sensei the same day I got my first Accolade for being Top earner for Dream5! I was startin to think I could never get 1st in anything, but yay And...
  14. Premium Membership Renewal ?
    I noticed that my membership was Renewed after the year was up. I didnt receive any PM's or renewed it myself...So at first i was like Sweet..did i get a free renewal or something. Today im lookin...
  15. have a question
    say i was to bet $100 on a person who was -260 witch i could win $38 do i win just 38 dollars or do i get my $100 back and the $38?
  16. I'll make an av bet on...
    Saunders, Huerta, or maybe an offer someone else has for me. Any takers?
  17. Update: 3 EXC Undercard fights added
    I just saw EXC added three new undercards for Saturday, so get your picks in! If you're interested in betting on the new fights, the odds will probably be calculated and up by weigh-ins tomorrow.
  18. jr13
    take me off your blocked list please. i need to talk to u.
  19. 99 problems and a Fitch aint one
    Alright so the GSP/Fitch fight is close and just a couple of weeks away.Being the big GSP fan that I amI think that Rush is going to run through Fitch.I understand that Fitch has an impressive streak...
  20. Trying to Change My Camp Avatar
    And I can't get it to work Mods is it broke?? what are the demensions ect?? Can you make it moving (I'm not trying right now just have always wondered) Thanks in advance
  21. Secondary League update?
    Will this be updated tonight or tomorrow? I'm in no hurry...I'm just anal and not knowing is killing me. I'll sit here all night hitting F5.
  22. Look who I found
    A new Member Kimbo Slice
  23. Secondary league error
    Carl Seumantafa def. Mike Cook via TKO (punches) -- Round 1, 3:39. I'm sure this will get posted numerous times. I think I'm the first though. Just a heads up!
  24. UFC 87 undercard bout fighter error?
    Instead of Jon Jones who is rumored to be fighting Andre Gusmao, it's another fighter.
  25. OKAMI
    Now that Okami is hurt and Patrick Cote is taking his place at UFC 90 does this put him out of the title picture or does he get a title shot when he is back and fully healed.iIonly ask this because...
  26. Have a Question
    Andre Gusmao vs Jon Jones and Ben Saunders vs Ryan Thomas don't know anything about these people. I need your help i need to know about these people and what are your thoughts on who you thinks going...
  27. Member Count for Fight Camps?
    Team Sure Shot's member count never updated after UFN. It still says we're at 27 members, yet, we're in the HW division. It's no big deal, obviously. I just thought I'd post it here in case it's been...
  28. Nobody has had a perfect event...
    Nobody has had a perfect event in either league. Some people have gotten close (I believe there was 1 who got all but 2 fights perfect) with 10,000+ people picking each event and having more than 60...
  29. Mixed MartiArlovski
    So if Fedor is out and we are looking at a Arlovski Barnett what will be the outcome.Me myself was really looking forward to Fedor Arlovski. I think it makes a great and explosive fight and would...
  30. Do we need to update the news forum???
    Just an Idea to hybrid the sites news forum.... From one section cramed with gossip news and interviews to three sections one for Real News, Rumors (not real news) Interviews or maybe just two...
  31. Secondary League Trouble
    I go to my Secondary League and i'm trying to print a fight companion for tonights WEC event, but it keeps bringing up UFC87 fight companion. Are there no fight companions for the Secondary League?
  32. CLONE
    So if there was such thing as cloning which fighter would have a better chance of beating there clone.Say if chuck faught chuck i know the winner would be chuck but would it be the real or would his...
  33. old dana video
    link old video but for the people that have not seen it its funny how he says about kimbo imo
  34. How do you decide to give out Props!
    I did a search and there was a similar topic but it was from a year ago. So how do you decide if a post is Props worthy? I used to give them out if someone enlightend me or changed my veiw of...
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  35. Hot Bout last-minute switcheroo for UFC 87
    The "Hot Bout" (worth double points in the picks) was changed from Florian vs Huerta to Cummo vs McCrory. The switch happened sometime between August 5th 2PM and this morning August 8th. Not sure...
  36. UFC 88 BreakThrough
    i seem to be having alot of problems on this card chuck liddell vs rashad evans chuck seems to be getting out of shape and rashad has been looking pretty good so i'm not sure about this fight rich...
  37. Anyone else pick badly at UFC 87
    I was at the event and it was a lot of fun but I had interest in seeing Florian, Emerson and Brock lose Am I alone in the 87 wall of shame picks?
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  38. Ava Bet
    The Hitman vs Nate The great ill take my boy the hitman =) any takers?
  39. The BEST Avatar Bet
    Heres how its gonna go. we need 4 including me to do it. We will need everyone to chose a winner for the Dream tournament. 1 So bet per Fighter. Basically, I would chose Jacare, and I'm sure there is...
  40. Who do you consider some of the Best Players on MMA Playground
    I did a Search on this Topic but nothing came up Just chime in and give some thoughts on who you think are the Best Overall Players at Picking Fights Primary and Secondary Leagues In no Particular...
  41. *OFFICIAL* Nomination Thread
    I know it's not the proper protocol or anything, but I'd like to nominate juanez13 for Top Playground Persona!
  42. Avatar wager...
    I want to see Rashad put the whoopin on Chucky... So who wants to make a wager? We can change the loosers avatar to what ever the winner feels like for 1 month.. Terms are flexable.
  43. Sengoku 4 not start of new season?
    So, Sengoku 4 isn't the start of a new season in the Secondary League? I'm just wondering why the current season is extending past 10 events?
  44. Premium Membership Marketing
    We should have a Top 20 (or 30,40, etc)" list of most real money won by members. If this list was posted on the front page of the site, while pointing out that a Premium membership doubles the...
  45. AWOL Playground Members/Posters...
    rcg916 tuvok500 Anyone know why they've pretty much disappeared from the forums? Am I missing someone else who's been gone for a while? Besides those we know who are banned...
  46. Learning to sprawl??
    i have been a member for almost a year and probably should know this, i have wondered for a while and can't figure it out , but above my name it says my status is "learning to sprawl" i have seen...
  47. Quick question
    matt brown vs Dong-Hyun Kim fught how is Dong-Hyun Kim ground game cause i seen that matt brown lost 5 of his 6 fights by subs
  48. Doubleheaders in Secondary League?
    On Sept. 20th, there are two MMA events going on. One is Cage Rage and the other is a Strikeforce event. Now, we've featured both in the past, but their undercards are generally very one sided or two...
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  49. Sengoku 4
    I'm pretty sure this event starts in 18 hours. The website closes picks in 1 day 15 hours.
  50. Best of luck in Sengoku 4: FInal event!
    best of luck in sengoku. WRW has 5 people in the top 11 including #1,3 and 4. The game is really close and with a strong event anyone in the top 15 can take it!
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