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  1. a little help here
    sorry if this is already up but i gotta do you get the lil sub title underneath your name to change? mine says learning to sprawl lmao. what do i do?
  2. The Troll Badge
    Seriously, that would be worse than being banned, a permenant troll badge or instead of it saying "MMAsensei" or whatever underneath your screen-name it just says "Troll" which is put there by mods...
  3. Guida Vs Danzig
    I noticed they are fight eachother on 2 cards. 87 and UFN 15. just curious if its a typo or if they're gonna fight twice.
  4. Picking Fight Results - TKO/Submission
    I don't know if this has ever been suggested before, but on top of picking TKO/submission, it would be nice if you could get extra points for picking one more specifically. For example TKO - standing...
  5. money!!!
    hey i am still kinda new to this site and i have another question...does your bankroll get restarted at $1000 after each season? the reason i ask is because i was looking at someones wager history...
  6. Let us pick the Dream LW GP Final @ D5 - Heres how - Site Admin Comment Please?
    Okay so no matter how the semis go down we have great fight for the Heiwa Dream LW GP Final and i personally want to pick on it. "But how, Its on the same night as the semis?" i hear the usual...
  7. Cummo vs. McRory listed twice.
    Lettin ya know.
  8. Now that season 3 is over
    Now that season 3 is over how did you do? First I would like to thank the MODs and Admins for making the forums and webpage the great place it is. The season was a crazy one with the first card of...
  9. this is kinda funny....
    well if you have Reese/James/Kevin/Brodie as a parlay and only bet $1 your earnings are over $1500! haha. hell ide go for it, but what do i know i got like 8 bucks on here....
  10. What happens next?
    I've never really won anything in my life .......Until last night that is!!!!!!!!! I'm just curious how this payout stuff works. I assume that the Playground will contact me in the coming days for...
  11. Link
    im not a computer guy and i wanna know how to do clickable link. not that type of link:
  12. Nevermind
    Nevermind I found the info I was looking for
  13. why is it changed?
    I sure you guys have already noticed this, and maybe their is already a thread up but im wondering why the hell i can only have three fights on my parlay!
  14. No Cage Rage in the secondary league?
    They always were there. Why not now? I want to put my fake money on Baroni.
  15. Last time!!!
    For the new season, im going all out. 1k against Anderson Silva! That's right, im doing it! I won money on forrest, real money. Won my wager on here on kendall grove, and im going to do the same....
  16. Ava Bet
    Franca vsEdgar ANY1? ILL TAKE Edgar
  17. giving props
    i want to give props to the playground and the mods that run it this is the best mma site ive been to im going to go premium as soon as i can this site deserves the support and to kracker jap for...
  18. Chubbud's Avatar
  19. Props idea, (Mods?)
    Often times when Iam on the boards I read a good post, and like to prop when deserved. I may not prop for a day or two, but there are some people who deserve multiple props. I know you have to spread...
  20. Top Camp Badges
    I just noticed that since some teams are moving up to bigger divisions and adding more people, why do these added people, even ones who just opened an account very recently automatically get Top Camp...
  21. UFC or Affliction?
    So... Whats the count here? Who is watching what on the 19th? I am so torn. I dont think I can miss Fedor, Babalu, Vitor, Lindland, and Buenatello. Although I really want to see Irvin take Anderson..
  22. When a topic gets deleted
    Do the posts you made in it get deducted from your overall post count? Just im sure i was on 1200 and a few of the threads id posted on on the fight camp forum have been deleted so that could explain...
  23. GSP/Fitch UFC 87 Avatar Bet
    UFC 87 Aug 9th i got GSP loser wears winner's av of choice til September 5th, the day before UFC 88 any takers?
  24. Avatars...
    well i am STILL relatively new to this site and i was just wondering about how avatar bets work. and how are you positive that the loser will do as you wish? and i know mma but i dont know computers....
  25. Just went Premium...
    A few minutes ago I finally coughed up some dough and went premium. I even splurged for the T-Shirt This site is absolutely fantastic. If you've ever considered going Premium I highly suggest going...
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  26. Career wins or career winning percentage...
    Does anyone know if there is a way to see a ranking of the best members on the site by career wins or by winning percentage? I went to the member directory page and tried playing with it for a bit,...
  27. Luke Cummo site error?
    I noticed the Luke Cummo, Tamden McCrory fight was posted as being held at both UFC 87 and Fight Night 15. Is this an error, or is UFC just undecided, or are they really gonna fight two matches?
  28. Stand Up Guy
    Can I be a stand up girl instead?
  29. UFC 88: Breakthrough posted twice
    ufc 88 is posted twice,
    is it possible or will it ever be possible for a fighter to have wins over chuck and wandi on there resume and if so who will it be.Tito has beaten wandi but lossed to chuck twice. Rampage fought...
  31. Season we have a name yet?
    I just noticed that Season 4 is still nameless. Is there a thread about it that I've missed?
  32. ufc game
    last nights game premiere. missed it. was it something new or the rampage forrest clip again.If new where can i watch it
  33. Your worst event?
    Does anyone want to share their worst event either in pick percentage or overall points? I'll start things off. UFC Fight Night 11 I went 1-9 with 5pts
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  34. New Fight Camp Ranking System
    I'm curious to see what this new ranking system entails. Must we wait until after UFN 14 or can someone give some sort of info here?* Props to the head honchos of the Playground for constantly...
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  35. Avatar Bet: Machida vs Silva
    Machida wins. I've seen how many crazy people think that Thiago has a chance and I'd love to pick their avatar. I'd like to see Twenty20Dollars post up but we'll see.
  36. THE Avatar Bet for UFN 14: O'Brien vs. Velasquez
    Okay guys, i've talked myself into this. Anyone want to Avatar bet me on the O'Brien vs. Velasquez fight. The loser will have to accept the avatar that the winner picks, blah, blah, blah you know how...
  37. JLB vs. Hunt - Why Are We Picking It?
    The fight is a kickboxing match, why are we picking it on an MMA site?
  38. Update: Alex out, Goodridge in against Buentello
    Make sure you get your pick in! I don't think the wagers will reset in time for this to be featured to bet on, but you can at least get your pick in.
  39. need help, im betting real money!!
    i need help from you guys on a parlay involving real money. i think my pics are solid but thought i would get some oppinions since i havnt seen some of these guys fiight in a while (or not at all)...
  40. Mods: Question About The Burns / Johnson Fight
    Are you seriously gonna give us a loss for picking Johnson and a win for picking Burns? Cmon, at least make that a NC if the UFC wont. No win or loss for anybody Anyone else agree?
  41. Why does it say that Rees lost?
    He won the fight, why is it marked down as him losing? EDIT: I'm told it might have been a typo earlier tonight, but idk
  42. why am i not on the top earners chart?????
    i made $9,696 yet im not on it. why not?
  43. UFC fights..
    was it just me or did you get up and walk away when vera was fightin? that ufc was not a good one imo what do you think?
  44. AFFLICTION: Banned - Easiest card to pick EVER on the Playground?
    This event was VERY easy to pick the outcomes for. I'm wondering how many people on the site went 10-0? I could've done a little better on my outcome choices, but still I picked all of the winners...
  45. When a mod has the chance...
    When will the fight camp directory be working again?
  46. Howd you do this weekend?
    I went 19-2 , I like how this season is shaping up
  47. Your HW Rankings
    1 Fedor Emelianenko 2 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 3 Randy Couture 4 Andrei Arlovski 5 Tim Sylvia 6 Josh Barnett 7 Fabricio Werdum 8 Heath Herring 9 Brandon Vera 10 Aleksander Emelianenko
  48. Top Earners UFN 14: Silva vs Irvin Question
    Why does it show INVALID ID! for 3 of the top 10 earners? 3rd place PatM 6th place Scott_Revels 7th place ThrivingIvory
    I have to give Affliction credit , they looked like a organization that has been around for years , I really enjoyed the whole show..... Its nice to sit back and know at least one fighter in every...
  50. Kawajiri the underdog?
    Wow. I was just doing my wagers for DREAM and realized that Kawajiri is the underdog!!! It's a great fight for sure, but I guess I just don't see it that way at all. Anyways, more $ $ for me I guess.
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