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  1. Question
    What happens when you run out of wager money? I got raped in my 85 bets and was wondering what the next step is if I lose all my money. Am I out of luck till next season or are there reloads or...
  2. sengoku 3
    when is this event going to be posted in the secondary league?
  3. Dana Whites Announcment
    When is he going to tell it?
    Anyone know how to move up the ranking, as in "Learning to sprawl" "Full Mount" what do you have to do???
  5. Fedor vs. Tim
    What do you guys think? How is this going to go?
  6. How do you feel about putting money on Kendall Grove?
    'I have 2300, im thinking about putting all of it on him, because the payout is good.
  7. Where is EliteXC Hawaii: Return of the King?
    Are we ever going to get to make picks/wagers for the EliteXC show coming up this weekend on June 14th? Fight card: KJ Noons vs. Yves Edwards for EliteXC 160 lb. Championship Nick Diaz vs. Mushin...
  8. MMA Playground's Points Pool *** READ ***
    So I was thinking about this, For every Great Event that's not Added to the 2ndary League, We'll all do Predictions for them, and whoever has the most Points after 10 Events will become the Season...
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  9. Avatar Bet!!!
    Fedor vs. Tim.... Im taking Fedor haha any takers on big tim...??? Winner sends the loser any avatar and the loser has to have that avatar for 2 months. Once again any takers???
  10. Ava Bet
    Melvin Manhoef vs Sakuraba? ill take Melvin WAR Manhoef =]
  11. joe daddy vs Gleison Tibau
    i think this is going to be a good fight. i like joe daddy and i like gleison. does anybody give gleison a chance? i think this fight has potential to be fight of the night, and if gleison pulls off...
  12. Suggestion
    I was thinking, there have been a lot of events lately that have been passed over for the secondary league. why not add a "just for fun league" for these events, there wouldnt have to be cash payouts...
  13. Why has saku-manhoef been scored a submission and not a tko/ko? Heres the fight, this should be scorred a tko/ko not a submission as has been done, for those...
  14. Dream 4
    I just won my first event! I got 89 on Dream 4 giving me the #1 spot out of 1715 people. I'm so proud
  15. Hazelett/Burkman indecision
    is anyone else having a hard time picking this one? i can think of multiple scenarios involving both these guys winning i usually go to the odds when im this torn but they have them both -120 what's...
  16. DAMNIT
    How sad is it that my entire day is ruined because I just now realized that I never submitted my DREAM 4 picks? DAMN THIS DAY TO HELL
  17. Zelg Galesic vs Taiei Kin
    Did you see that elbow pop? How sick was that. I looked for a post on this and couldnt find one. A little surprised about that. I watched it a few time, just nasty.. Grappler post the vid in the vid...
  18. Weight class for Arroyo/Brown fight.
    What weight class is the Arroyo/Brown fight at? Brown is listed as a WW on Sherdog and is a MW on this season of TUF. Arroyo is listed as a LW.
  19. Strikeforce Secondary card
    Wow, am I the only one expecting to drop rank after this one? I've been on a roll but each of those fights is going to be a difficult pick. Plus, we know a plethora of 1-0 vs 0-0 fights may be coming...
  20. Which Mod
    has banned the most people? Is there a score? Maybe a badge that says 1st in bans for season 3. Just wondering
  21. Should There Even be a Hot Bout for the Affliction: Banned Event?
    As stated in the title, do you think this event(Affliction: Banned) should have a hot bout? I personally think that since the picks are so lopsided that there should not be a hot bout for this event....
  22. REMATCH TALK!!!!!!
    what rematch are you looking more forward too? diaz noons filho sonnen lawler smith barnett rizzo
    Lets make this short and sweet how many heavy weights on the Affliction Banned card could beat UFC's current heavy weight champion NOG!
  24. Unable to accept props. You must spread the love...
    How many props must a guy give out before he can prop someone again? I've been trying to prop someone since last night and have propped 5 or 6 people since I last tried propping him. If I spread the...
  25. Lawler vs. Smith Rematch at EXC
    Forgot to put this poll in the other EXC thread so I'll put it here instead...who takes the rematch?
  26. randy the natural
    i have been wondering this for a while. In randy and chucks second fight right after the first season joe rogan made a big deal out of the song that randy came out too. I didnt get to watch it live...
  27. look alikes
    look alikes
    what would be the best fight card as of right now if you could make one.. mine would be Couture v.s. Fedor (heavyweight title) Anderson Silva v.s. GSP ( for the hell of it) U. Faber v.s. KID B.J....
  29. Big Upset
    Jeremy Stephens very live Dog
  30. What events included in Season Three?
    Right now on my fight camp page, it looks like there are 11 events for this current season, which is strange because it is usually only 10. Plus, the Ultimate Fight Night on July 19th is not...
  31. Fighter rankings...
    OK I know the fighters rankings are not who is better but more who i sa fan favorite.. which is cool... but thee is one weight class that is not represented.. we need to get the Bantam weights...
  32. What are you talking about
  33. arlovski
    anybody notice on the affliction website that arlovski trains with RED DEVIL now?
  34. kim coutures face
    Has any one seen these pictures of kims fight.She got jacked up she looks like sloth from the goonies
  35. Anybody else surprised Stephens is an underdog?
    80/20 exactly, its crazy. i personally think stephens is the favorite here, Stephens has good sub defense and strong enough wrestling to keep fisher on his back. Fisher has horrendous takedown...
  36. Parlay bet question
    I was looking at the top earners from last nights event and I am confused. The #2 earner for last nights event was BerserkDru. He placed a $1,000 parlay bet on K.Grove (+170), D.Mcfederies(-115), and...
  37. Stickied Spoiler List (RE: Spoilers)
    Sticky a thread that is constantly updated FOR EVERY EVENT letting US posters know the exact time in each of our timezones that we can post news about each event without it spoiling the tv times for...
  38. So, UFC 86 is the last event for Season 3, correct?
  39. Is it just me or has the advertising dramatically increased?
    Damn! i know you guys need to make some $ to keep the site going but its becoming pretty pervasive. used to be a banner he or there off out of the way, or a highlighted word here and there in a...
  40. July 19th UFC Event
    Why hasn't it been added to the fantasy picks section? A bunch of the fights have been announced already.
  41. ufc 86 who u like? (wager)
    just in terms of betting (not necessarily who i think will win) im thinkng about beting small bets on lytle, griffen, and maybe cote. I dont see any smart parlays at this event....... i might just be...
  42. UFC 86 Parlay-Top Earner Or Bust
    Call me crazy for this, but since 86 is the last event of the season I've managed to come up with a parlay that will either put me at or close to the top for the season or at the bottom. Time to stop...
  43. Add Feather and/or bantam weights to the fighter rankings
    OK yea i made a similiar topic but I messed it up I ment to say feather weights.. but the Bantams were getting there due... so I propose this poll now... Should Feather weights, or bantam weights, or...
  44. -
  45. Underdog Bonus (your input/opinion is needed!)
    Is the (+2) for an Underdog Bonus really worth it? Most times, the underdog is an underdog for a reason...he's expected to lose. So to go out on a limb, and more than likely get the pick wrong, for 2...
  46. Changes in MMA playground
    anybody notice that??? now for the Badges it say Accolades. and the Prop-O-Meter changes colors, now it goes from Blue, and as props increase it moves into purple, than Red, also the number of bars...
  47. New Layout
    What do you guys think of the new layout the Playground has adopted? i personally like the way it is set up and it looks pretty bad ass with the new prop meter. the badges are now hidden, but it...
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  48. Crap.
    I clawed my way all the way up to 24th in the rankings in the secondary league, and what do I go and do? Think the Strikeforce event is happening tomorrow instead of today, and not think to check...
  49. UFC Undisputed 09
    does anyone know the roster for this game? i already know they have forrest, rampage, penn, anderson, liddell, and i hear they have saunders and rollins. but who are the other 73 fighters in the...
  50. ‘Kid' Yamamoto Spars with Boku, Son
    Did not see this up Link
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