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  1. Hey looking for mod help
    Theres a guy in my fight camp named "Dominator" who came in #1 at cage rage and still hasnt gotten his badge for the event. If someone could help, tyvm.
  2. Unleashed
    I just watched UFC Unleashed and I just dont see any body beating Penn for a while
  3. upcoming IFL
    why isnt it in the secondaries, the ifl is always in the secondary
  4. WVR Sengoku II - my picks
    Hi My suggestions: Josh Barnett 1.281 [b]Jeff Monson 4.260[/b] Jorge Santiago 1.275 Yuki Sasaki 4.240 - no bet [b]Satoru Kitaoka 1.313[/b] Ian James Schaffa 3.900 Mike Pyle 1.275 Dan Hornbuckle 4.240...
  5. lesnar vs carwin
    who would win?
  6. EliteXC / WEC - one day's that going to work?
    I know we had issues before with events being so close together. So how's this going to work? Will we just have to make sure to log back in after EliteXC to place wagers for WEC? I'm down with that....
  7. Attn Mods: Secondary League Badge question
    At the conclusion of the 3rd season I am tied for tenth place with Wojek77. I am guessing we both get a tenth place badge. If not and only one of us gets a badge, I should be listed above him because...
  8. Mods please help
    Losing all my money $12-13000 in the last secondary event i think was punishment enough.... But now when I go to make my new wagers for the season my funds are still at $75.... Thanks in advance for...
  9. Coleman Heavy Underdog?
    OK, I know that only a little over 1000 people so far have made their picks for Coleman-Lesnar at UFC 87 and I'm kinda surprised to see that Coleman's a heavy underdog right now (as of this post less...
  10. UFC 84 Hot Bout (w/ Poll!)
    Which would you prefer to be the Hot Bout for UFC 84? They are both at 58% to 42% with the leading vote-getter listed first for each selection. Which one are you most confident in that you badly want...
  11. Was there a problem with the wvr 2 countdown?
    Was there a problem with the wvr 2 countdown? I logged in in the afternoon (uk time) on the 17th and my countdown said 21 hours to go yet the next day when i logged in at 12 midday to make my picks...
  12. Rashaads next fight- Who do you think it should be?
    Rashad Evans fight scrapped. ( Rashad's fight has totally been wiped off the ufc 85 card. Jeez this card has seen some changes... Now that he wont be fighting it will give the ufc...
  13. here is a new spin, have the last event of the season be a triple point fight!!
    with the hot bouts doubling your points, why not have the last event of every season have the hot bout not double but triple the points!!!! it seems kind of cool to me, one last push to grab those...
  14. Fitch vs. GSP avatar bet!
    Look here people. I've been a huge Jon Fitch fan for a long time and I'm quite confident in him beating GSP. So who's up to an avatar bet. Of course I'm taking Jon Fitch. I'm even confident to make...
  15. UFC 84 - my picks
    #1 Ivan Salaverry vs Rousimar Palhares Ivan - MMA veteran with record 12 - 6 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw). Rousimar is a young blood with record 7 - 1 - 0. I'm going with Rousimar, and that's why: - Ivan...
  16. Draw in a parlay
    What happens if you have a draw in a parlay and win the other three fights
  17. VERY CLOSE UFC PICKS! please change to Wandy+BJ! lol
    I cant believe both Jardine and Sherk have 21% picking them! If there arent underdog bonuses for being <20% then can i please echo my improved scoring system that would reward people for getting a...
  18. parley
    oh yeah just turned $655 into over 22000 with a parley on Relijic,Machida,Palhares,Yoshida
  19. Yves lavigne's wipe out
    OMG did anyone else catch this Yves totally trip over his feet and eat shit?, funny as hell. good to see him get up and just laugh it off though. preemo stuff
  20. are there any pro fighters on this site?
    are there any big name fighters that are a member to this site? if not how do we get some to join? i thought it would be cool to have some fighters join us in the forums. anyone know?
  21. Tito Classy?
    (Sorry if this has been posted already) Was anyone else surprised how classy Tito was during his in-ring interview after the fight? I would have bet money that he was either gonna whine or cry, or...
  22. Who wants to see Featherweight Rankings on here!!
    Vote if you want to see Featherweight Rankings on this site, I really would like them on here - I believe that division is growing and I would be interested to see who people put at the top out of...
  23. Confidence Points
    I'm not a website designer and I don't even know how this would work out or if it would just make things complicated, but an idea came to me so I figured I'd at least toss it out for discussion. So...
  24. Jeremy "Gumby" Horn
    79-17-5 wins over- Vernon White Chuck Lidell Forrest Griffen and dean lister the only fighter I saw with more wins was Dan severn. who he fought to a draw_ Marquadt - who beat him down, IMO is a...
  25. So what about "Dooms" Day now?
    So is everybody still as confident going into this fight with Bisping? Can Day do it against an opponent the caliber of Bisping? We saw what Bisping did his last outing. It was brutal. And I think...
  26. Split Decisions
    How often do you pick split decisions?? I find myself not picking too many in the Main league in the 2ndary league i pick a few for ***** and giggles. But seriously,Are you ever locking in your picks...
  27. Can we please change Brock's picture... something other than him in a speedo giving a great white shark an F-5?
  28. What does it mean that I'm Learning to Sprawl
    And how do I improve?
  29. AvatAR BET?
    Hughes VS Alves?
  30. Michael "The Count" Bisping vs Jason "Dooms" Day AV BET???
    Let's make it last from June 7th to the 21st, the TUF 7 Finale i want Bisping i've heard lots of people saying they got "Dooms" Day & it'll only last for 2 weeks so surely someone will take this...
  31. ATTN: Mods (question about being a Fight Camp leader)
    Any chance that "Fight Camp Leader" badges will be given out at some/any point? Or maybe this... When posting a message, have it visible off to the left and under a person's name where the record is...
  32. Lawler vs Smith is a five round fight.
    Not that it's very likely to go five rounds, but in the fantasy picks section it only gives you the option to pick first, second or third round. Please change to five rounder.
  33. betting lines
    New to the forum and i love it, im big into betting mma and was looking for some opinions. looking at nate marq at-165 and ricardo almedia even against cote thoughts? think these are 2 nice winnas
  34. Rules
    Can anyone tell me what an upkick is and why its illegal.
  35. Dream deserves to be in the Main league
    Per my topic. Discuss
  36. Question
    how do i see my picks for elitexc? Am I screwed or is there somewhere I go?
  37. Kevin Ferguson vs. James Thomson
    This fight was set-up for kimbo to win as probably everyone knows, the fight was stopped pre-maturly although another 10 seconds iim sure he would of been out, but, kimbo was taking elbows and shots...
  38. Killed it on my parlay
    Faber Munoz Aldo Brown 90, 000 richer
  39. Kimbo's KO over James Thompson was the most vicious KO I've ever seen!!!!!
    Kimbo's KO Of Thompson Was The Most Vicious Knock-Out I Have Ever Seen!! This was worse than Keith Jardine laying unconscious for 4 minutes. I cringed from the undeniable closure of it all. Kimbo's...
  40. Parlay question;
    I was just wondering if someone can explain to me how a parlay bet works. And also if I ran out of money am i done for the season?
  41. bet question for vera / werdum
    i like werdum , and when i last checked the line (today) it had werdum +160 vera - 200 (example bet: 50 on werdum gets you 80) as we get closer to saturday how much will this line change.....
  42. What ever happened to getting buttons for doing well in an event?
    I know I haven't been "active" as much as I used to be in the past seven months, but I have come to notice that (at least in the secondary league) that there isn't any buttons going around. I...
  43. Why is Eddie Sanchez the FAVOURITE in picks but the UNDERDOG with wagers?!?
    I thought the wager odds were based on the picks on here? its around 60% picking Sanchex but he has the better odds at -105 with Hardonk at -125 Do wager odds ever get updated or is it solely...
  44. Nick Diaz Highlight
    Great Nick Diaz video, what do you think? Link
  45. Props with no comment
    Are you for them or against them?
  46. Hook me up with some props
    Guys I came second in the money for the last WEC, hook me up with some props, I pwnt all you newbs. GIVE ME my PROPS
  47. Avatar Bet...
    What are they and how are they made and whatnot.... I've seen them around and I'm curious as to what they are.
  48. Best Poster in the playgroud
    give me your thoughts
    Pages: 2
  49. Bisping prepares for UFC 85 *vid*
    Good interview with the count recorded this week
  50. Prizes for Winners
    I just won the UFC 85 picks and points thing, I'm new here, so I don't know if there are prizes for the winners after each event, or if it's only for the end of the season. Any help is appreciated....
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