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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. Looking for wagers
    Anderson Silva Mirko Filipovic Rampage Cote Machida Rivera Griffin Hazelett Huerta Henderson Gomi Yvel Nakamura Mach Sakurai Misaki Hughes Franklin Babalu
  2. Terry Martin
    Man this guy gets no love. I'll put as much as I have on Terry Martin. Any takers?
  3. cote/smith and gomi/diaz
    I will take cote and diaz for $100 each anyone?
  4. My wagers (Open to offers)
    I'll take Tyson/Anderson/Cro Crop/Jackson I'm open to price and odds so make me an offer :)
  5. ill take randy over tim for 500
    i will take randy over tim for 500 dollars come get some bitches......
  6. Anyone taking Underdogs??
    I am taking Scott Smith, Kazuo Misaki and Mac Danzig for my underdogs. Pick your underdogs and hit me back on my PM and lets get some bets going..
  7. Trigg, Smith and others
    Hello, I am picking Scott Smith and Frank Trigg to win their matches and am open to wagers on those matches particularly as well as some other less debateable fights, shoot at me for wagers.
  8. Picks For UFC 67 & Pride 33
    Silva Cro Cop Rampage Smith Machida Griffin Hazlett Huerta Rivera Wandy Gomi Sergei Nakamura Misaki Sakurai
  9. Babalu Vs Lambert (UFC 68)
    I only have $20 left over Im taking Babalu so wager me now if u'd like.
  10. Got $50 on Trigg, send me a wager request!
    Just as the headline says, send me the request and I'll update the thread when I'm done!
  11. Wager: $25 on Marvin Eastman (looking for a decent odds!!!) READ..
    I'm putting down $25 on Eastman to beat Jackson in UFC 67. Small money but could be easy money for you. Will Accept the best wager(s) on this. Reply here or just send the wager to me. (prefer to be...
  12. Anyone got Randy over Tim??
    got my last wager locked...
  13. 67 wager offers later... lol
    Since i'm getting a stupid amount of wager offers on the Eastman fight for UFC 67, here's something to bare in mind that may change my mind from 'Decline offer' to 'Accept offer' Since the other guy...
  14. anyone taking lutter
    anyone taking lutter? if so send me a wager
  15. Any takers on Halverson or Edgar?
    Any takers on Halverson or Edgar? I'll do a 2:1 bet for it $100 from me on Griffin/Huerta for $50 of your Halverson/Edgar
  16. i'm offering odds for any underdogs on wagers
    anyone out there wanting to bet on eastman or sanchez i'm offering odds. i'll give you 1:4 for eastman or 1:6-7 for sanchez. PM me. or respond to the board. if you think it's unreasonable, then post...
  17. i want 1:2 for terry martin
    i got $50 on terry martin. anyone willing to bet $100?
  18. $50 ON LUTTER
    ok, i just want to wager SOMETHING! $50 on lutter taking all offers.
  19. Giving 2:1 odds on Henderson
    I got wanderlie 2:1 over henderson up to $100. Any takers??
  20. Taking Cote 125$
    Anyone wana take me up?
  21. WANT SOME WAGERS!!! (EDITED) crocop 10:1!!
    i will TAKE: crocop-- WILL GIVE YOU 10:1 TEN TO ONE!!! rampage-- WILL GIVE YOU 6:1 smith--even lyoto--WILL GIVE YOU 2.5:1 saraiva-- 1.5:1 martin-- 1.5:1 tyson griffin--WILL GIVE YOU 3:1 misaki-- even...
  22. Crocop -Sanchez 4:1 Odds
    I got Mirko and about $200 left. Anybody want to throw $50 on Sanchez?? Let me know, there could be a stunning upset.
  23. Franklin/Macdonald
    I got Mac for $100.00! Thanks.Im done for rich/Mac.If anyone wants to do any other bets pm me.
  24. UFC 67 Wagers: 100$ left
    A Silva: willing to go 2:1 Huerta: 1.5:1 Cote: even Rivera: 1.5:1 Lyoto: 1.5:1 Saraieva: even
  25. UFC 67 - Terry Martin, Diego Saraiva. Any Takers?
    I've got $50 on Terry Martin 2nd Round. AND, I've got $100 on Saraiva 3rd Round or UD. Anyone?
  26. Smith and Martin
    I have 270 left and I'm taking even money wagers on Smith over Cote and Martin over Rivera.
  27. Martin over Rivera ($25 vs. $35)
    I'll take Terry Martin over Jorge Rivera, your $35 to my $25. Send me your bets. [edit: nevermind]
  28. send me wagers...
    I'm willing to bet on a few fights...
  29. Anybody wanna wanger against me?
    I'm down for putting 50 a piece on Crocop and rampage. Any takers to wager?
  30. anyone wants go for broke? (Cote vs Scott)
    I put 500 on Cote against -> Your pick Scott You put 500
  31. machida vs hoger
    I want Machida. Send your best wagers my way. I'd also be interested in action on the Saraiva/Hazelett fight. I want Saraiva.
  32. Any Sanchez and Edgar fans?
    Any Sanchez and Edgar fans? 250 on both if you put up 150 Or 400 CroCop if you bet 200 and 100 for Tyson if you put up 75
  33. Still looking for bets...???
    My picks are Machida Griffin Hazelett Huerta Smith I'm willing to take Lutter if the odds are right. Send me your bets Thanks
  34. Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera
    I am going with the tufers this time, too many big favs matches .. this ufc. I bet 350 you bet 250 on martin anyone?
  35. Considering any wager on any UFC 67 Fight
    I will consider any type of wager on any fight. With odds, with out, picking same fighter but different round, etc... I am not locked into picking any giving fighter, well, I definitely won't pick...
  36. Anyone willing to Take Lutter with 2:1 odds?
    Willing to put my $ on Silva over Lutter with 2:1 odds.
  37. sned me wagers
    ill take any wagers
  38. Vegas odss betting?
    I like the idea we can bet with individual members, but would it be possible to have it so that the mmaplayground would act as the main bookie? meaning if the line was. -300 Syliva & +800 Couture I...
  39. Franklin, McDonald & Gomi, Diaz & Jackson, Eastman
    I'm taking... Franklin, Diaz, & Jackson. I'll give 4:1 on Franklin. You give me 4:1 on Diaz. I'll give 3:1 on Jackson lemme know. Straight up Bets... I'm taking... Couture $50 Scott Smtih $50 Tyson...
  40. Got $25 left...send me odds heavy wagers for CC and Rampage fights
    Got $25 in my account. Would put it up against 200 on Rampage and 300+ on CC. Let me know...
  41. Sergei Kharitonov vs. Gilbert Yvel
    I am taking Kharitonov on this one. If anyone disagrees then please send me a wager for 50$
  42. got 30 left, UFC 67, send me ur wagers!!
    i got 30 bucks left, and im willing to wager against cro-cop or rampage or silva, if the odds are at least 3:1 If no one takes me up on that, here is my list of fighters i am betting on. Patrick cote...
  43. Cote over Smith..
    I have 50 bux left... I take Cote You take Smith.....send me your wager...
  44. $50 on diego, and $50 on rivera, $100 on rampage
    first wagers i will take
    If you are disinterested in a bet offer that has been sent, could you please decline it! While it may seem like a good strategy to hold up someone's money until betting is locked, I guarantee you...
  46. Yvel over Kharitonov
    for every 20 of mine = 50 of yours if your that confident put your money down yvels my man
  47. I got 175 left Any takers on any of my guys???
    Okay i am willing to law down money on Every fight at UFC67 except Cote vs Smith as i already have 2 bets on that. But Cmon guys time is running out. Ill take 2:1 Odds Favouring Cro Cop Rampage and...
  48. $50 left--FINISH ME OFF!
    want ufc 57 bets: i'm taking hazelett--even griffin-- will give 2:1 odds machida-- will give 1.5:1 odds huerta-- even smith-- even martin-- give me some odds have $50 left to bet. HURRY!
  49. I hate the Diablo!
    Anybody who wants to wager on Diaz let me know. He is my arch nemesis when it comes to betting real money on fights, so maybe he can help me lose some fake money betting against him too.
  50. UFC 67 bets
    I am looking for some ufc 67 bets Machida 2.5:1 Machida by una dec vs Hogar even Smith w/odds Lutter w/odds Huerta 2:1 Cro Cop 7:1
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