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  1. Fantasy Game Idea
    Just wondering what people would think of this idea, unless someone has already thought of it, or if it would even be possible. I think it would be fun to have a fantasy grand prix tournament. You...
  2. Most game-points from one fighter
    I'm kind of curious what fighter I've received the most points on (whether he won or lost the fight). I'm too lazy to go through and tally every card I've picked, and there's not a way to check...
  3. Wager question
    Both boetch and J-lau have 37% of the site picking them.... so why is boetch at +100 and j-lau is at +185?
  4. Making REAL wagers with REAL Cash $$££$$
    Does anyone else make real wagers? Here in the UK i use skybet but for some reason they havnt added the fights, just the main event, they give these odds - Kenny -175 Lauzon +125 Think i may have to...
  5. What would you like the Hot bout to be for UFN 13?
    Currently, they are both at 63% to 37% I've noticed it's gone back and forth over the past couple of hours. Florian vs Lauzon is my vote! It's always fun having the main event as the most contested...
  6. Last Minute Avatar Bet, anyone?
    I don't know for sure which fight we can bet on, but if we can agree on one (or disagree, I guess) then I'll challenge you to an avatar bet. Avatars must be kept until the next event. Anyone?...
  7. Viewing picks
    Any one know how to view your picks for tonight's events after picks are locked?, I know who i picked i just forgot how or when i picked them to end i cant see it under 'recent picks'
  8. what happens when u run outta $$$ ???
    I havent just yet, but was wondering if u ran out of $ what happens? do u get back $1000 to start over?
  9. Fight companion parlay issue..
    My parlay is listed as Irvin, Florian, and Spencer Fisher. Now, I had Spencer Fisher tentatively to his fight with Aurelio, but with that fight not happening, what happens to my parlay if Florian...
  10. FYI you can view peoples wagers now via their bankroll page
    Just thought id share that cos i found out a few months back and thought there would be someone who didnt know that also, its just its always a little while until the site updates but you can see...
  11. Damnit! Are you frikking kidding me??????
    I'm pissed that a few of you posters have taken it upon yourself to post results of tonight's fights IN THE DAMNED TOPIC TITLE! and NOT even in the right damned forum. Thanks for being a complete...
  12. 10-2
    My first event and only lost 2. A quick stoppage in the karo fight and Nate pulling another out his ass(Will never bet on a Nate Diaz fight again) Im the new Champ
  13. Worst Event?
    UFC 79: OH CRAP so whats the worst you have done on an event so far since you have been here.... mine was UFC 79...that might be a world record here on mmaplayground...17 points... lets see your...
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  14. ~~Where to watch UFN 13 Online??? Help! ~~
    I mainly want to see Houston V James, Diaz V Kurt, Joe V Kenny, Hammil V Boestch. I know it really early but they will pop up soon!
  15. UFC 83 Wagers
    Good chances to get some $$$$$. Lots of fights with >+250 Even that my bankroll is actually lower than the season starts I feel like I can win some $$$, just look at my current rank in bankroll...
  16. The Ultimate Parley?
    I've had some crappy luck this year with money, but I've been doing better with picks. Complete opposite from last season since I was better at wagering then picking but what you think about this...
  17. How long?
    Does it take for them to show the IFL results its over
  18. Pretty Bummed out
    For some dum reason I thought 4-10 in the secondary league got a T-shirt But I guess its just for the top guys 1st in each class.... I know I'm not in the top ten but I had big plans to finish strong...
  19. Dream2
    so with the fights starting to be announced. who do you guys see winning the matchups..we can discuss picks in here as they are announced. I see Sakuraba winning a decision I have Funaki losing by...
  20. Anyone Betting on Lutter, Serra, or Chainsaw to Win?
    Haha I'mjust curous.....i'm at the point where i saw **** it and throw down..i bet on all three
  21. How does MMAPlayground compare to the Mainstream UFC fans in terms of predictions...
    I took the percentage results from the UFC mainsite events fight poles, and compared them to MMAPlaygrounds prediction stats. UFC Matt Serra 14.7% Georges St-Pierre 85.3% Playground Georges "Rush" St...
  22. What kind of shirts do you get for for 3rd-10th place?
    pretty much what the title says. what kind of shirts do you get if you come in 3rd-10th place at the end of a season?
  23. Sinister_16
    Why did he get banned he didnt do a thing to anyone he told me he is banned til 2012
  24. Spread the Love??
    after you prop somone how many people do you have to give props to in order to prop them again? there have been several post that i have tried to prop and it always says i have to spread the love....
  25. Ticked off
    Any incite to this would be appreciated. Last summer I had bought the premium member package at this site. For about six months the site recognized me as a premium member giving me all the benefits...
  26. ITstimes inside
    Listen up once and only once i will hook you guys up with 3 big money bets in the coming weeks. Mark Bocek +600 Maia +100 Gegard Mousasi +340 Lets put it like this I bet all my money in both leagues...
  27. ATTN: Mods
    Would it be possible to add an "E-mail All" option for fight camps? A good portion of the members of TSS don't post on messageboards so I always send out reminders to make picks, adjust picks, etc....
  28. Just missed parlay
    If Lutter could've secured that armbar I would've hit my parlay of Cain Valasquez, Rich Clementi, Mac Danzig and Lutter. But the pudgy ****** gassed and I missed out on 6 thousand imaginary dollars....
  29. Any mods out there want to help me out
    Ok i placed 3rd in the Top Earners for UFC 83, i have still not received any info regarding my free shirt that i won. Who do i need to contact? Thanks
  30. Next WEC
    isn't the Faber V Pulver show coming up soon? why isn't it in the secondary league?
  31. Parlay for ufc 84
    Right now im thinking Penn Machida Thiago Silva Terry Etim* *May replace.
  32. Prediction bonuses???
    hello, I have questions about the prediction bonuses... 1. what qualifies as a prediction? what do u need to get correct to get that? Just the winning fighter, all 3 choices???? 2. Do u need to bet...
  33. Parlay
    What are people thinking for UFC 84? I'm thinkin Reljic/Palhares
  34. Jacare betting odds
    i know the fight was only recently announced, but is there any way for us to get the Jacare fight on the betting lines as well. i want to bet on it but it is not available yet. i'm just addressing...
  35. The curse of the tim "the scooter" avatar
    Basically, ive tried changing me av like 10 times, and every time i post, the tim sylvia one comes back. Ive tried deleting it, then uploading a new av, and what do you know, sylvia comes back. When...
  36. Good Parlay's at UFC84
    Alot of Good options for the parlay this time. Im thinking of going Lyoto Machida BJ Penn Thiago Silva Palhares about 500 for 4000
  37. Dream 3 and Cage Rage 26: Cutting it close?
    Im not sure if anyone else notice this but dont these two events happen within a day of eachother? Is there going to be an issue with us getting wagers in for Dream right after CR? Im also worried...
  38. Is the Kimbo Vs JT Card going to be in the secondary
    I know with all the changes that happened at the last EXC it was up in the air if they were going to do another EXC event.Just wondering cause I know Cage Rage gets in due to alot of the UK fans on...
  39. Kazuhiro Nakamura vs Rameau Sokoudjou
    Is Nakamura really that big of an underdog. Every single loss he has were to guys who were ranked top 10 and or still ranked top10. he has fought in Pride his whole carreer, which arguably had the...
  40. TKO
    how come no picks in secondary league for the TKO promotion?
  41. How to know if you're Good at Picking Fights
    This is a little thing I made up 1. You're not biased when it comes to your Favorite Fighter battling someone who overmatches them by far. For example if your Favorite Fighter is Caol Uno and he's...
  42. Secondary League season
    When does the current secondary league season end?
  43. Dream lightwieght grand prix
    Who do you guys think will win the whole tournement?. I think it will be Akoi barring some kind of injury.
  44. points for picking tourny winners
    could the playground set up somthing for picking future Dream or other grand prix tourny winners
  45. Let us bet on Dream 3 - we've still got an hour or so
    Uno, Ishida, Diaz, Kawajiri, Alvarez, Hansen, Miller, Manhoef - all those great names in there, and we can't bet on it? Cage Rage is ending now, please try to update and let us put some wagers on...
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  46. Fight Companion?
    My fight companion still shows all my Cage Rage picks. Is it going to be updated with the DREAM picks before Dream comes on?
  47. Seson 3 10 or 11 events?
    Just checked the stats per event page and the season 3 tab includes WEC 34 which makes 11 events in total? Can a mod confirm this is a mistake and the season is indeed ending with sengoku 2?
  48. Why can't i put Alvarez in my lightweight rankings??
    As the title says...... I tried editing him because maybe he is just down for welterweight, but nope he's down for both.
  49. Underdog Bonus
    Have you ever been really surprised to see somebody as an underdog and can't understand why so many people are pulling for the other fighter? And if yes, which fight? That was the case for...
  50. Last event Season 3 (secondary) Wagers
    so how do you go out....... playin it safe trying to get a badge for being in the top ten?? or All in..... I'm gonna win this thing FYI (I could be the winner ) War 360 War Snowman for representing...
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