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  1. Cool feature added to fantasy picks
    I like the fact that you can move your mouse pointer over a fighter's name and his fight stats will pop up. I like how their nationality is shown as well. Cool idea and props to whoever came up with...
  2. Strikeforce at the Dome
    Don't we usually do Strikeforce events? It's on Feb 23rd with Sapp vs Nortje
  3. Question about 'Hot Bout' in upcoming Sec. League event...
    Right now the hot bout event is on a couple of no-name guys, both with 1-0 records. It's basically a crap shoot to figure out who is going to win. Whoever picks this fight right is for the most part...
  4. Should there be badges for pro and amature fighters?
    I was wondering if there are any pros that post here in MMAplayground and wonder if there is should they have a special badge?? and the same commits on amatures too.... Also mods Ithink it would be...
  5. Team Scores for 2ndary League?
    In my fightcamp central the secondary league season 3 scores are not up. Where it says Points(L2) there is nothing for Season 3. Can we get this fixed?
  6. What should be the name for Season 3 of the Secondary League?
    Unless I missed something, it looks like S3 of the Secondary Leagues still needs a name. Anyone have any ideas? Season 1: The Contenders Season 2: Grand Prix 2.0 I'll throw a few out there: Season 3:...
  7. Strike force coming up on the 23rd click on that link for details
  8. Secondary League
    Are there going to be any changes for season 3 of the secondary league?
  9. Season 2 Secondary League Badges
    Does anyone know when these will be available to us. I finished 7th and would love to have that one up here. Thanks for the help!
  10. NEW SCORING SYSTEM! No Hot Bouts + LESS points for picking faves + MORE points for picking underdogs
    *EDIT UPDATE* HERE IS THE SYSTEM I THINK WILL WORK BETTER Posted by CornishMMA So those Heavy favourites and obvious picks (like Lytle over Bradley[93%] - maybe 81-100%) would be worth 3 points (2...
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  11. Vote on a name for Secondary League Season 3
    We picked out half a dozen of the names from the "What should be the name for Season 3 of the Secondary League" topic. Please place your vote to help decide which name is the most fitting.
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  12. The Fantasy Wagers for UFC 82
    Anyone else think that it really doesn't make scence to put anything in for bets on these fights. The fights are so close that you can barely make a profit. I personally just bet on the fights where...
  13. World Victory Road
    I saw the Fujita Graham fight has been added to the picks section will it be up to bet on also?
  14. Early Avatar Bet... anybody
    I know its early but it'll give us time to think of a good avatar. Anyone wanna take me up on Rashad v Thiago? (I'm sure there are a ton of you). Lets talk...
  15. Tanner - Must I Believe?
    grrrrrr.... too often with making my picks on here, i'm faced with the heart over head decision. In the beginning on the site here, i tended to go with my choice fighters, while knowing their chances...
  16. I'm thinking of going Premium
    I'm thinking of going Premium with my membership..... But I am struggling with the decision because I am a total cheap ass because I'm the provider for my wife and kid and have a baby on the way bla...
  17. My picks for UFC 82
    Dan henderson via TKO 3R Heath Herring via RNC 2R Yushin Okami via UD Jon Fitch via whatever he wants Andrei Arlovksi via KO 2R Luigi Fioravanti via KO 2R David Bielkheden via SD Dustin Hazzelett via...
  18. Submission (Strikes)
    This is a crazy technicality, if the system is to be based on merit of ones knowledge, A Submission(Strikes) should be a tko: it was strikes that finished the match. Can i get feedback from a mod on...
  19. I Lost the Avatar bet.
    Props to Mayhem13 for finding the gayest avatar ever MODS: Please don't ban me haha
  20. Avatar Bet Time for Ultimate Fight Night 13
    Here are my Picks and I am taking Avatar Bets for Matt Hamill vs Tim Boetsch, I'll take at least 5 Bets for that Fight. And I'll take at least 5 for Karo Parisyan vs Thiago Alves. Kenny Florian via...
  21. Anyone else having this problem?
    in the main league, when i click on the fight companion it shows 3 fights from ufc83, nothing from ufn13
  22. Fight Card Update for Secondary league
    I've noticed over the last couple weeks if you try to click on the fight card update it tells you the event is not found and sends you to the main league picks page.. Just thought that might be worth...
  23. Best Wager odds for UFC FN 13
    What fighters do you think have great odds? I think Alves, and Johnson have some great odds.
  24. World Victory Road - Schedule Question
    Verify this for me: WVR's event is scheduled for Wednesday 7:00pm Tokyo time, which is 5:00am EST. This site has the event being locked out at 11:30 pm EST Wednesday night, after the event has...
  25. World Victory Road Wagers (ATTN: MODS)
    For some odd reason on the wagers page, "Cyborg" is listed as the underdog. His line is -100 and Takimoto's line is listed at -130. However, the stats clearly show that Takimoto is the underdog with...
  26. EliteXC/Strikeforce March 29th, Secondary League Event predictions
    this event needs to be added to the secondary league.
  27. DREAM card is up!
    They took their sweet ass time putting the card up, but I'm reasonally sure thats the card. The only two fights that aren't confirmed according to their site is Cro-cop vs. Nakao and Uno vs....
  28. WEC 33 Card Up
    WEC has posted the official WEC 33 (3/26) card on their website: Full Fight Card
  29. gsquat/emfleek Avatar Bet (Liddell/Evans)
    I'm starting this thread as a reminder to the both of us. I had forgotten who I made the bet with and had to search for it. It's on. LIDDELL - Rd. 2 KO
  30. ATTN: Mods
    When attempting to check my team's earnings for the Secondary league - Earnings (L2) - I get the following message: There are no leaders or earnings to be viewed for this season. Is this in the...
  31. Penn/Sherk AV bet.......who's got Sherk?
    ive been dying to make an AV bet, was gonna do one w/ shogun/chuck but since thats not happening i figure this would be just as fun Im a BJ nuthugger i've heard lots of folks say Sherk will win i...
  32. Playground suggestion.
    Okay heres the next chapter in my long line of "things id like to see changed at the playground" series. The suggestion: A leader board for fight win percentile for both the secondary and primary...
  33. ATTN Admin Pls help
    I have sent you a mail and have not had a responce. Can you please help me. I am part of the bravo camp. I make picks in the secondary league. I am included in my camps league for picks but not for...
  34. Dream 1 predictions?
    i'm having trouble picking who's going to win and how they are going to win? ant suggestions?
  35. Dream To Primary League?
    can I get an amen to this peeps?
  36. does the money every reload
    i cant find this out anywhere if i loose all my cash do i need to just start a new account
  37. Is there anything in act for Secondary League Team Badges?
    Would like to know from a mod ty
  38. Some joker....
    .....put up the Sylvia-Monson fight on Videos....for those who haven't seen it, don't hit play, don't hit play!!!!
  39. Hiromitsu Miura vs. Blas Avena
    Who do you guys have and why? My first instinct was that Blas was going to win this fight by TKO, yet I now currently have Hiromitsu Miura winning. I think Miura will either win by TKO or UD. Both...
  40. Anyone no the next free PPV
    I mean these fight nights are cool but they need to get the real stuff like they did at UFC 75 i mean some of those fights sucked but atleast i was saposed to be a PPV
  41. UFN13
    this event has a couple hard picks on it...for the most part I feel confident in my picks...the fights that have me worried are Hammill vs Boetsch- I have Hammill winning by third round TKO....I am...
  42. WEC 33...anyone else struggling with this?
    i have had some success this season in the secondary league and pride myself in doing well there. however, this event is giving me a headache. there is only one or two fights that i consider to be...
  43. Fighter Rankings
    The Fighter Rankings Are Whack As *&@#, Except For Maybe The Middleweight, More Than Half The People On This Site Probably Only Watch UFC And Base Their Votes On The UFC MMA Playground Should Get...
  44. EliteXC/Strikeforce card
    Why is the Santos/Villasenor fight still listed on the card?
  45. Site Idea
    Does anyone else think it would be nice if you could prop somebody for a good video submission?
  46. I say we drop the Strikeforce card
    with only 3 days until it takes place...yet another change has occurred. Nick Diaz is now out. There have been too many changes to this card for me to keep up with. it is now getting to be a burden...
  47. Scoring Change Suggestions
    (Note: This is different from the other suggestions that have been made recently by other people, so they should not be coming after me for this) I think we should seriously consider making some...
  48. IFL On April 4?
    Any word yet on if this event will be added to the Secondary League? It's probably big enough to be added, 10 fights have been confirmed by IFL and there will be 3 title fights. Fight Card (Hopefully...
  49. 8 decisions??? How many do you pick?
    Ive just been looking at my UFC FN picks and adding my details, and sure enough i came to the end and realised i had picked 8 decisions out of 12 fights, but i cant bare to change any for the sake of...
  50. quick question
    seeing as how the main league was PRIDE & UFC cards and PRIDE kinda died. are they going to replace it with a different org? if so I elect WEC to move up to the main league. your thoughts?
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