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  1. How will you use the PARLAY FEATURE?
    Are you going to lump in the big favourites together to get better odds for them if you think they are ALL sure things? OR Lump some dogs together for mega payoffs if they come in OR Mix and Match?
  2. WCO card in secondary league Updates
    As per usual with small orgs, their fight card has fallen apart like a chinese motorcycle in the last couple days. Make sure your wagers and picks are all up to date before the deadline, which is...
  3. secondary league upcoming events?
    Is there a reason the WEC and IFL events next month aren't up on the secondary league yet?
  4. Evan Tanner vs Yushin Okami
    The Evan Tanner vs Yushin Okami match will not happen at UFC 82.
  5. Was There a "Hot Event" For UFC80?
    It doesn't show up on my fight companion page. Was there a hot event and if so, what was it? Thanks guys.
  6. UFC 81 update
    Tomasz Drwal has withdrawn from his bout with David Heath due to injury.
  7. I'm ashamed
    of myself. I can't remember the last time I got together with a big group of people and ended up lookin' like an ass for only getting 2 outta 6 fights right. I felt like I was making predictions as a...
  8. Diaz/Robinson
    Anyone else leaning towards Robinson 'upsetting' Diaz?
  9. Who picked ufc 80 correstly?
    i look at everyones scored ansd damn. one guy made 32,000 and then didnt picked but three of the fights haha. i think ufc knows about this site and is working matches.. just to **** with us. haha jk...
  10. I will bet my avtar AA wins!
    Anyone intrested?!
  11. first come first serve
    I'm sure people are gonna jump on this fairly quickly...and probably think I ride the shortbus to school and wonder how I can figure out how to turn my computer on. But I am fairly confident on this...
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  12. Suggestions for a change to the game system (title changed to satisfy the haters)
    Okay totally removed all of my original points as it seems most people around here only read the initial post of a thread with the sole intention of picking apart the what the thread starter so they...
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  13. parlay question
    If you pick a guy in a parlay but put money on the other guy because of the odds is that considered betting on the same fight twice. IS this against the rules????
  14. MMA sports betting
    I have been interested in sports betting mma for awhile, but i've waited for some things to happen first, and I wanted to know if they have yet. IS anyone aware of a way to bet on the ending of a...
  15. Misaki vs Akiyama - NC
    Will the points awarded for the fight be removed to reflect the NC?
  16. Just not believing it .
    Just my opinion , going down some teams and seeing that they have members whom seem to be the same person over and over again ...... Is this possible ? Heck if i can create 10 members i will...
  17. Someone please explain why Gleison Tibau is a +600 underdog?!
    Can someone explain this to me? I'm not an expert by any means but this seems illogical. Even if you think Tyson Griffin will beat him why this much? Personally I think Gleison should be the...
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  18. Mayhems Maincard Breakdown
    here it is, Mayhems breakdown of the Maincard for UFC 81: Breaking Point. not 100% sure who all is on the televised part so I am gonna guess (with a swing bout) Terry Martin vs Marvin Eastman this...
  19. Lesnar/Mir wager
    I want to bet all my wager money on Lesner...anyone wanna take that bet? Hit me up!
    Go to the Rankings page and click on My Favorites. Post your 10 favorite fighters. 1.) Chuck Liddell 2.) Jon Fitch 3.) Georges St. Pierre 4.) Roger Huerta 5.) Thiago Silva 6.) Lyoto Machida 7.) Joe...
  21. Belcher vs. Almeida
    Just wondering if everyone else is having as much trouble picking this fight as I am? Belcher has looked really good his last few fights and I want to take him. But then I look at who Almeida has...
  22. Vote - How should the hot bout system be conducted?
    I personally feel double points on a hot bout is excessive. I personally would rarther see multiple hot bouts on a card at +2 per bout Im going to point out right now im 1-6 on hot bouts to save the...
  23. what fighters did you pick?
    why did you pick those fighters?
  24. heath vs Boetsch
    who do u have winning?
  25. Needs a fix
    a just looked at " My fanatasy Picks", and i see that you have taken out the almeida fight, and instead put alan belcher vs rob Yundt....the only thing wrong with that is that alan belcher is out,...
  26. Rob Yudnt vs Ricardo Almeida
    who do you have winning and how?
  27. rankings
    I'm sorry to say but the mma ranking system is a joke. When will there be a ranking system in mma that makes complete sense? Here's an idea... each organization has their own rankings. Hmmmmm. Makes...
  28. Camp recruitment page problem
    The records are showing wrong, the wins are in both the win column and loss column.
  29. Question about the old wagering
    When I first started using this site you could bet other members rather than doing the fantasy wagering on the money line (Vegas Style). For me and others that was a huge attraction to this site. I...
  30. Worst betting luck ever lol
    Just ask me who I am betting and pick the other guy to win and you will have yourself a lot of money! Damn, this event was bad for me. I should have kept my original picks of Mir, Nog, and Botesch.
  31. Total Hit Or Miss Night
    First off, I'm really struggling with my picks so far as you can see, but last night was kinda interesting-in the 4 fights I correctly picked, I totally nailed them. I'm usually lucky to nail 1 fight...
  32. after 3 events how do you like the new parlay system?
    Whoops.. missed the post for this made recently, mods please delete sorry!
  33. Superbowl Live Online
    Does anyone know where I can watch the Superbowl Live Online? (for free) Thanks
  34. Avatar Bet for Dan Henderson vs. Anderson Silva
    Im taking Hendo on this one. Anyone up for the bet? One rule, we cant make someone use the Avatar Mayhem13 has to use. That was just mean...
  35. No extra points for Boetsch?
    I picked him to win, but didn't receive the extra two points.... what gives?
  36. Top Poster Badge
    How do you get one is after a certain amount of props...or after a certain amount of posts...I looked at the site info and myabe i missed it but i didnt see anything about it...But i see some people...
  37. Admin question regarding bans
    I just realized a person I knew was banned. I was wondering if you guys have considered putting a "banned" section for those to see why someone was banned. They have this feature on another forum I...
  38. problem with the notification email system
    well, normally when we receive a message in our mailbox here on mmaplayground we receive an email in our personal email adress to tell us that we have received a message on mmaplayground. The premium...
  39. Badges..
    So I know on the forums you can recieve badges and names for number of posts but does anyone know exactly how to get some of them? Mod- Obviously for mods Events and Earnings- Being in the top ten...
  40. Chuck vs Shogun
    Who do ya got in this one? I was impressed by what Chuck did in the Wanderlei fight, but he's obviously on the downside of his career. He was looking for the punch that never came against Jardine but...
  41. Arlovski in the Fantasy wagers(sp?)
    C'mon men, how you gonna spell this man's name wrong. Andrei
  42. anyone have that wmma game?
    just want to see if anyone has that game yet? and how they like it i played the demo abit seems kind of fun. just want to know if anyone has got it.
  43. Jason "Dooms" Day = EZ Points
    The guys just beat David Louisoue (sp?) and he is an underdog against belcher. Day should beat Belcher easily, and you get the underdog bonus...that is if it goes through. I never got my undercard...
  44. Shouldn't the fantasy picks include at least some other major MMA organizations?
    I've been thinking about this and I think that WEC and possibly EliteXC and/or K-1 should be added to the fantasy picks part of the game. WEC definitely.
  45. WTF?????
    Why did mods delete the topic of the avatar bet between me and blakeon and why did the mods delete the last topic asking the above question??? -Will the mod whos gunna delete this thread actually man...
  46. Should the Mods change the name of the UFC/Pride forum?
    As much as I hate to say it Pride is gone and there are many new MMA orgs out there to fill its spot. M-1, World Victory Road, K-1, WEC, etc. I just think it's time to move on..
  47. Possible WEC upsets tonight?
    I don't know about you guys, but I have a feeling that Varner is going to pull off the upset. No doubt, Razor Rob is dangerous, I just feel that Varner is going to tapout Razor in the 2nd with a rear...
  48. Secondary League: World Victory Road? (and what about DREAM?)
    Is the Secondary League going to be taking action on the upcoming World Victory Road event on March 5th? The current card is: Gomi vs. Bang Ludwig Barnett vs. Yoshida Misaki vs. Siyar Bahadurzada...
  49. Updating Wager Odds??!?
    I just noticed that Hazelett is just +560 with 9% picking him - BUT - O'Brien is +600 with 10% picking him Im sure this is cos they were reversed (with more people picking Dustin) but wondered when...
  50. Adding more fights to parlay bet
    To Mods: Anyway that you can make some additional feature where u can parlay every fight for the event? Id like to see those who call every fight correctly. Four is decent, but being able to have all...
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