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  1. Why is K1 Heros in Secondary League?
    This is absurd if "MMA" Playground is only for UFC in primary league. I agree WEC, IFL, Cage Rage, etc should be secondary as they don't have that many top fighters, but Heros has a ton of top...
  2. UFC 76 Change?
    I noticed a short time ago that Justin McCully has been removed from the Fantasy picks for UFC 76, but he still is listed on the official card. I haven't found anything about him being off the...
  3. MMAPlayground Facebook Application
    Just saw this UFC pool app on Facebook . It works, but its pretty underwhelming for the moment. Has anyone considered building an app that shows MMAPlayground stats on Facebook, or maybe even a tool...
  4. UFC rival
    dont you guys think there should be a venue somewhere thats got the loot to compete with the ufc.all a promoter would need is someone with some cash to back him and pull some good fighters away from...
  5. Why is Kuniyoshi Hironaka an underdog?
    I was looking at Fight Night 11 and saw that Kuniyoshi Hironaka is a +330 underdog in his fight with Thiago Alves. They both have records of 11-3 and both have a loss to Jon Fitch. Except Hironaka...
  6. Anderson Silva P4P
    I apologize if this has been discussed alot before, I'm new here. I don't understand why most people are not ranking AS as at least top 5 P4P. I have him at 3, and believe it or not, close with...
  7. Elite XC -- Refs
    The refs took too long to stop the fights last night. Ninja was clearly done before he absorbed six more shots from Lawler. One would think Steve and Mario would carry some of their class from the...
  8. EliteXC Picks and Wagers?
    Are they going to be updated soon so we can see how we did? I know I picked a bunch of the winners correctly, but I messed up on the time/method. I also know I won a bunch of $$$ on Robbie Lawler,...
  9. K-1 Card?
    Can we not pick now? What was the cutoff?
  10. carano's a babe [elite xc female fighter]
    nice to see a pretty face workin in the cage,kind of a weak fight but hopefully we'll see more of her.
  11. the forum rules
    i just got a letter from admin stating he's getting complaints about my posts.i dont know who would have the time to cry and tattle instead of just writing me a not a super cyber forum...
  12. MOD: Ifl hvwt. fight is now rodriguez vs. Rothwell
    The heavyweight rep for the pitbulls is now ricco rodriguez. It is on every credible mma news site.
    Update your pick now if you are playing in the Secondary league.
  14. mmaplayground fighter rankings
    mods, or administrators: the MMAplayground ranking system is very flawed and can be made better. a lot of fighters in k-1 heroes can't be added because the weightclass terminology is messed up. i...
  15. ultimate fighter season 2
    does any one know if season 2 was released in the us. i cant find it any where except e-bay and they want over 100$ for it . any answers?
  16. Site Idea
    I was thinking maybe not only to stop duplicate threads on the same topic,like the 40 Chuck Liddell Vs Wandy threads ive seen in the past.I was thinkin maybe someone could add like some kind of...
  17. when does the current season end
    i read somewhere it was every ten that true?when does season 2 for mmaplayground end?
  18. Goulet's fight...
    Hey! Somebody know the result for Goulet's fight?
  19. why no update yet?
    when is the event going to be updated?
  20. What to do with $90?
    Well, I'm down to my last $90. I am thinking about letting it ride on Jardine and hoping for a big comeback. Anybody else in a similar situation have a different strategy?
  21. Change Hironaka loss from submission to TKO please
    After watching the fight, I can't see any time where he submits. He's takes a superman punch, a low kick, a punch and a knee. Herb Dean tells him to "fight back", he doesn't so Herb stops it just...
  22. Cant catch a break
    I havent won a single bet this whole season! And people I bet on keep getting fluke injurys, i bet on manny to beat nate on the TUF finale,and I bet for Din to beat Florian last night. Good thing I...
  23. So... I finished third yesterday.
    As you can imagine, I'm pretty pumped. Here's a screenshot of it.
  24. secondary league
    if i start the secondary league is there a whole different record of that or does it just add up on the record i have atm? thank you
  25. Liddell and Jardine
    I still cant believe that Dana even put this match together , Speaking for myself i think its crap ! With all this new talent in the UFC they give us this match.... I know that the undercards are...
  26. Mods: Take doski-barrett fight off!
    this is a k-1 rules fight.. not mma
  27. When was the last fight added for the Cage Rage event??
    I finalized my picks a couple of days ago and then I look today at my "Fight Companion" and notice that I didn't pick one of the fights. I KNOW that when I selected all of the fights a couple of days...
  28. Pitiful night (picks wise)
    so... anyone else get crushed by 76. Everyone i took risks on lost and all the favorites i picked lost. I had a feeling about the forrest fight but i was swayed by the majority, i picked fitch...
  29. What's up with Chuck??
    What's up with Chuck?? Do You think he's going downhill now? Is it the age , or like J. Rogan says " The rock star life style that brought him down. Please check the poll associated with this post.
  30. Secondary league update on it's way?
    just wondering.... very curious to see how I did.
  31. What has Randy taught us..............
    I don't know about any of you, but Randy has taught me one thing.......... When life throws you lemons, take them. And throw them at whatever guy is in the back rooting for the fan favorite.
    Just wanna give some props to the man who is #1 in points in both the main and the secondary league. How the f do you do that!?
    There is an event this weekend that just got added. It features Gilbert Melendez in the main event along with Joe Riggs, Josh Thomson, Daniel Puder, and former TUF 1 star Bobby Southworth, along with...
  34. Are these "smart" picks?
    I got 400$ on Mcdonald beating Okami... I got 400$ on Alvin Robinson beating Jorge Gurgel I got 500$ on Big Tim beating Vera.... In your opinion do you think these are smart bets? Jason has a better...
  35. mma playground
    how many more fights are left in season 2. i need to know so i can make a come back and beat all you other people(lmao). just kiddin i know im no where near the top spot but i just wanted to know how...
  36. WHO IS SHEEEEE!!!!!!!!
  37. Bringing back the old wagering system...
    I think we should bring back the old wagering system. There may have been more problems but I found the old wagering system much more fun. I also find it ridicilous that the leader currently has...
  38. bet all i have on
    franklin to beat silva
  39. All or nothing... again...
    So just a month ago I lost 1500 on Henderson and I finally made it back up to 1000 on my account. So what is there left to do but make another pick to prove I believe in this fighter. That fighter is...
  40. Are we going to be able to pick/wager on ShoXC, and EliteXC's events?
    ShoXC on October 26th EliteXC on November 10th The cards not complete but it will most likely fill up quickly, and I was just wondering if we were going to be able to pick/wager on them?
  41. Sunia Filikitonga was replaced by Corey Salter for HDNet Fights
    Weigh-in results: Apparently Sunia didn't weigh in, Corey Salter did for that bout.
  42. HD Net Fights Hot Bout question
    On the HD Net Fights card it has Spratt vs TJ as the hot bout, but shouldnt Howard vs McCown be the hot bout? The pics overview for the event has Howard vs McCown as being closer than the Spratt vs...
  43. Correct me if I'm wrong (A discussion about the wagering system)
    Hey, I've been using this site now for a few months and have decided to speak up for the first time using the forum. I wanted to discuss the wagering system. Now...correct me if I'm wrong, but from...
  44. More fights added to the WEC's December Event.
    Posted by Scott_Revels LINK They have added more fights to the December 12th, WEC event. - Urijah Faber vs. Jeff Curran -Jens Pulver vs. Cub Swanson These two fights have already been confirmed, but...
  45. Underdog linebet pick for UFC 77?
    I lost big on Sherk/Franca so my only chance to make any money is to win on some underdog bets. What do you guys think is the best underdog bet for 77? I'm split between Schafer over Bonnar and...
  46. New season in the secondary league?
    Did the current season just end with the HDNet Fights event? If so, does everyone's bankroll go back to $1000 for the start of the new season?
  47. i'm having problems with this one
    Any thoughts on this fight? How will it go down? Ryo Chonan vs Karo Perisyan. I am thinking one way or the other it will end up as a decision, and a WAR at that. I don't agree that Ryo is a +2 point...
  48. Chuck no more
    I think chuck is going to lose to silva wich will make 3 in a row and will never get the belt back if he even gets a title shot again witch I doubt..........Its to bad I like Chuck.
  49. What's the difference
    what's the difference b/w UFC Wired and UFC Unleashed? ...i cant see any difference besides one is hosted by goldy n the other is joe
  50. Okami or Mcdonald?
    I think there stand up is equal. I know Okami has never been submitted but there is a first time for everything? Jason has improved a lot and looked pretty good in his last fight. I have 100 dollars...
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