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  1. No secondary league hot bouts?
    I just noticed that there is not hot bout for the WEC tonight. Anyone know the reason for that?
  2. Mods, the Secondary League needs...
    The Secondary League needs a "My Fight Companion" like the primary league so I can print it out before the event begins, and keep track of how I'm doing as I watch the event. It's a great feature,...
  3. CUNG LE
    I think he should be on the Elite X C card
  4. Secondary League
    How come there is not a fighter rankings list for the secondary league? Or is there going to be but its not up yet?
  5. featherweights
    after mmaweekly has started ranking featherweights(their rankings suck), i think playground should do the same. Its a real talented division with good stars.
    Hey Mods I always wanted an MMA Playground t shirt I put up 15 video s and I was hopin that since i did that then I can get a Rad T Shirt THANKS DYLAN
    Cherry Pickers Are People Who Only Pick 1 Or 2 Fights Per Event I Just Found Some One Who BRAGS ABOUT THEIR 3 - 0 RECORD THEY ONLY PICKED THE EASIEST FIGHTS
  8. Jeremy Stephens vs Nate Mohr
    Am I the only one who would really like to see that fight? Granted... that's a month away, but the anticipation is killin' me. I think Nate's gonna take it.
  9. Admin. Help
    Do to recent posts I am requesting a password change to my account please contact me PM.
  10. Question about UFC 74 lines...
    I notice that Couture is favored to win on our wager list, but I believe most sites have Gonzaga favored by around -135. Which lines do you use?
  11. how does couture win at 74
    dont get me wrong i think gonzaga has a great chance of winning but im goin with couture, and i cant decide whether to go with decision or late tko. ive chaged my pick like 3 times already what do...
  12. Question
    Hello, im kinda new here just been here for Ultimate fighter finale and UFC 73.. I was wondering if you pick say GSP to beat Koscheck and you pick it to end in the 2nd via (T)KO... If GSP loses the...
  13. Are we going to get to pick the prelim fights for IFL Finals?
    LINK I'd like to put my prediction down on the Gracie/Petruzelli fight.
  14. Tomasz Drwal vs. Thiago Silva at UFC 75
    I think this fight is going to be a war. I am putting my money on Tomas Drwal :) There's a highlight video for those like me who do not know him yet that much ....
  15. ADMIN - PLEASE add the Leites Jensen Wager
    The fight has been announced for about 3 weeks and you added it to make picks weeks ago but still havnt added it to the wagers??
  16. UFC 74: Randy Couture vs Gabriel Gonzaga
    Only five more days until UFC 74. The main event will feature the UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture and the much younger, bigger Gabriel Gonzaga. According to Vegas oddsmakers, Couture is the...
  17. MMA Weekly Completes EliteXC card..
    LINK Main Card Bouts: -Robbie Lawler (#8 Middleweight in the World)* vs. Murilo "Ninja" Rua -Jake Shields (#8 Welterweight in the World)* vs. Renato "Charuto" Verissimo -Nick Diaz vs. Mike Aina...
  18. Two more fights added to WEC 30 event.
    LINK -Jens Pulver vs. Cub Swanson -"Razor" Rob McCullough vs. Rich Crunkilton -Chase Beebe vs. Rani Yahya -Ian McCall vs. Coty Wheeler -Bryan Baker vs. Jesse Forbes ----------------- I'm going with...
  19. Secondary League question
    How come there are no fighter rankings for the secondary league.
  20. Possible addition to mmaplayground game
    Just throwing this out there- Have you guys ever thought about having a more in depth "predictions" for fights? Maybe just a text box 1000 characters long or whatever that can be inserted next to a...
  21. Couture, GSP
  22. To honor the underdog
    So this ppv is all to show my trust for the natrual, Randy Couture, as I am putting down $500 on here in his favor. I also have some other small bets like 130 on kos (though i hate him and hope GSP...
  23. ADMIN - PLEASE add Cage Rage 23 to the Secondary League
    Its the best CR card in ages and very interesting to make picks and wagers on so PLEASE add it ASAP
  24. UFC 74 not counted for me...
    For some reason I can't even see UFC 74 in my history picks. It's as if I didn't even make a single pick for the event. I made the picks like a month ago and I had just recently checked them last...
  25. I guess I was right!!!!!!
    I wrote this 4 days ago..... If you dont belive me look at the thread gonzaga vs. coutour......Randy in 3. TKO. GG is not in shape 4 randy. Randy will impose his will on him & ware him down. Not only...
  26. I need to know.
    Who you betting om rampage or henderson.
  27. anyone still undefeated after last night?
    last night I went 8-1 making my season record to 22-3 so are any of you still undefeated?
  28. UFC 75 Wager Odds
    Dan "Hollywood" Henderson -100 Quinton "Rampage" Jackson -125 Cheick Kongo +620 Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic -580 Matt Hamill +300 Michael "The Count" Bisping -280 Alessio "Legionarius" Sakara +200...
  29. My 75 picks, all or nothing
    After making nice money off Randy, I decided to place all my money in this ppv. Here what it looks like. Dan Henderson 1469 if i win 1470 if i lose Cheick Kongo 186 if i win 30 if i lose Matt Hamil...
  30. ok
  31. all in
    ill go all in on dan henderson 2 win or hueston alexander to win my roll is 1150 any offers will be considered
  32. Question about props
    Hey all I have a question. I've been on the site for about a month now and just read the post about props going up. What is our limit on props? Is it a daily thing or is it just an overall number we...
  33. what do you think about....
    would any of you like to see butter bean and brock fight? i was watchin some butter bean fights today and saw brocks fight i think it would be a fun fight to watch( i know it prolby would not...
  34. UFC 8X Randy Couture vs. ???????
    In my opinon That would have to be Fedor for now. The rest of the guyes just do not deserve a shoot at Randy yet. If not Fedor then Who ...? Maybe a TUF 7 would help ? lol Give me Your opinions PLS.
  35. Henderson vs. Jackson
    I have got Henderson on this one, this is a close fight... i wanna know who you guys have got and how do you got him winning? Round - Decision? Submission - Knock out?
  36. Question about picking fights
    If I choose not to make a decision on a fight,does it count against me,or are only the fights I choose the ones that go on my record?
  37. ADMIN - Please update the WEC card..
    LINK Hopefully this gets seen and changed (along with wagers) before a Wednesday.
  38. UFC75 - Your Bets
    What are your wagers for UFC 75? I have money on Sakara. I see money in him with him being +200. I also bet on Bisping over Hamill even tho its going at -280. I just don't see Bisping losing. For all...
  39. WEC 30 Picks/Results
    So how'd everyone do, at least among those who played? I totally guessed on all my picks (I knew nothing about any of the guys) and went 8-2 and ranked #21 in points (73), so that really surprised...
  40. EliteXC uprising
    I have bet 25$ on Ninja to retain his title and 900$ on Nick Diaz to win. Have I bet too much on Diaz? Anyone good enough to beat Gomi should have the proverbial house bet on them, am I right or...
  41. Secondary League
    Maybe this has been discussed before maybe not but would you like to have your own fight camps for the other league>?
  42. Wager System Question
    Who would like to see the old player-to-player wager system brought back as a second option?
  43. War Hamill
    He's going to beat Bisping in his own house who's with me!
  44. Results Error
    The site recorded Siver's KO as happening in the first, but it happened at 2:04 in R2. I sent a message through the "feedback" link, but thought the...
  45. cecil peoples
    im not sure who the other judge who scored the fight for bisping,but he was the third,and deciding.
  46. Biggest upset of the night?
    id have to say Matt Hamill because he won that fight hands down
  47. Picks and Wagers
    Wanted to see how everyones picks and wagers went with all the upsets. I picked only a few right and lost half my money. Better luck next time I guess
  48. bisping's next opponent
    ive yet to see him fight any established fighters,but he's gonna have too now,and he's gonna get killed,if he doesnt get boo'ed to death on the way to the ring
  49. Cro Cop vs. Herring?
    Both of these guys are coming off loses against tough opponents (Kongo and Minotaro) do u see them fighting in the future or do u see them fighting easier opponents
  50. henderson at 185
    has anyone heard if hendo plans on fighting 185 in the ufc?im assum ng he is since he holds a tile are we gonna see him against the spider next?i dont see why not.surely they wont make him...
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