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  1. To MMAPlayground: Why doesn't Bocek get underdog bonus?
    He's a 3 to 1 underdog against Edgar. Also, the odds for the Gurgel/Saraiva fight are *exactly* the same, and yet you guys are rewarding underdog bonus for Saraiva. What gives?
  2. I picked rashad by split decision/draw
    so do I still get the "win" since it was a draw?
  3. Florian/Robinson result
    This fight was officially a TKO, yet it was scored as a sub by MMAPlayground. What's up with that? I know Robinson tapped twice, but the official result was a TKO. Please update the scoring...
  4. i made all the wrong pick
    i lost like $600 i hit on the small bets and lost every big one
  5. complaint about results for UFC 73
    I had KenFlo to win by TKO in the 1st. I should have won 11 points, but MMA Playground only awarded me 7 because it has the victory listed as a submission. Although Robinson did make an attempt to...
  6. wager question
    im puttin everything on kos... what happens if i loose.. no money for rest of season? or do i make money w/correct picks?
  7. Room for polls
    I have already sent an email about this but i wuold like to see what everyone thinks of a Forum Room strickly for Polls. what do you think? I think its only fair to let a poll decide this one!
  8. Went 6 and 1
    I forgot to pick on the lydle fight or else i would of been 7 -1 but that's alright. That was my first one to pick on, so definately happy about going 6-1. Now i know, i picked herring, i picked...
  9. Gonzaga Vs. Coutoure
    Honestly, it's a hard pick to make. Coutoure, known by many, has won many, is very very very good, and is excellent in taking people down. Gonzaga, i feel, much stronger, knocked out cro cop,...
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  10. "No Contest" rule
    There has been a lot of discussion lately when it comes to "nailbyter" matches. I for one was upset with various fights including the more recent maynard fight. Now I know how hard it would be to...
  11. When is Aurelio/Guida being added to wager?
    I want to know when that fight is being added to the wager list. This is the only fight I feel 100% confident putting money on.
  12. Add WEC August 5th event to the game?
    It's a long time to the next UFC event. Would you like to take a shot at picking fights/wagering on a WEC event? Discuss.
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  13. 16-0
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  14. Who thinks we shoudl have live odds?
    I just think the sight should have live odds. Now i know what ppl are going to say it's not fair for ppl to get wagers when the odds are the best but i think they should still have it so everyone...
  15. Rate this site.
    In terms of other MMA sites. What is your general idea of this site in comparison to other sites. Including all feautres. Like say to or or etc......... ?
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  16. ufc 74
    can everyone on this site pick kos to win so i can put all my money on gsp and win a crap load of $$$
  17. The Iceman vs. The Dean Of Mean
    Does anyone els find this fight weird??? Chuck is going to OWN Jardine...
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  18. Dan "Hollywood" Henderson vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
    This will be a close fight, i think i am going to pick Henderson but i am defiantly not putting any money on this fight...
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  19. just noticed the new addition
    just noticed under my game history is a secondary league with all of the smaller organizations and I must say thanks mods for adding that I think we should all be thanking them for this
  20. Overall picks
    I know that before the over hall of the sight you could see what % of people picked each fighter before the event happened. I can no longer find that info is it still available?
  21. Check this
    i was bored so i went out and bought a pack of yu-gi-oh cards and got these:
  22. Crane vs Huerta
    When will the Alberto Crane vs Roger Huerta fight be available for wagers?
  23. why only UFC?
    why is it that we only pick UFC fights? why not include WEC, Bodog, EXC, cage rage , etc.....? i am curious.
  24. question about the secondary league
    Sweet addition IMO. Next you guys should add a w-l database like sherdog etc to get more people to come here. Anyways, I'm sure smaller events will be missed/looked over sometimes, but I hope you...
  25. Who is putting alota money on Hardonk?
    I am putting 1k on Hardonk and here is why. He is a great kickboxer and very strong..but lacks a good ground game. The thing is though Mir has looked very, very bad lately. Pe De Pano, BLH, Vera all...
  26. what happens if your bankroll turns zero?
    i want to no... cuz im thinking on putting 1105$on randy.
  27. should there be a online store where we can spend our earnings?
    i just thought of that and there could be some cool shirts or some items we could purchase for earnings.
  28. I have!
    I have 50 on Randy and 100 on George What are your wagers on these two fights.
  29. who's picking Antoni Hardonk
    just wanna know what everyone thinks of Antoni Hardonk vs Frank Mir
  30. To the Mods........?
    When are u going to put the newer fights on the IFL Card on fantasy wagers..............i think u have enough information to now gather odds.
  31. Secondary League turnaround time
    In the primary league, you can only place wagers on one event at a time. Because there is generally at least a week or more between events, having time for the website to post the new odds and the...
  32. Fight Camp competition
    I'd like to generate some interest to add more incentive for fight camps to help their members with information, analysis, and encouragement in making their picks. Even though each individual should...
  33. griffin vs rua
    I think griffin and shogun's fight should be a slugfest. I dont think griffin will be taken down neither should shogun. Shoguns an awesome fighter but i'm going for griffin.
  34. Im new Here so I have a Question
    How Do you get your record up??
  35. UFC 74
    UFC 74 RESPECT AUGUST 25th 1.)*Randy vs. Gonzaga* *STRIKING*: Im goin to have to go with Randy on this one just because of his wrestling ability, i know that sounds weird but because of his wrestling...
  36. Gamer Tags
    I tried to attach the MMAPlayground "Gamer Tag" on my Sherdog account, but it didn't work. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it a Sherdog thing?
  37. Would it be good if MMA Playground listed users location with their avatar, record etc?
    Im just wondering, would the other forum users like it if user's locations (City + state, or City + country for non US users), just so we know where our forum buddies are from without having to go...
  38. Upset of Night Special (My Picks For UFC74)
    Current bankroll is 1336. Looking to add to that by picking 4 fights in UFC 74 Respect. Here they are: Kendall crushes Patrick Cote. --> This one should be easy for Kendall whose size and...
  39. Will Harris Sarmiento vs Bart "Bartimus" Palaszewski be added to wager on for the 8/3 IFL?
    Just wondering:')
  40. Can we bet on The Janitor tonight?
    Can we bet on the Janitor tonight or did the replacement come too late?
  41. how can i see my ifl picks
    i wnat to see my ifl picks and see who i got while i watch it but i don't see how i can do that right now. cna anyone help me with this?
  42. st peirre vs koscheck
    I feel really bad for josh on this one, I mean who would want to be the first to fight Georges after his loss to Serra. I think Georges is going to make an example of koscheck and it is going to be...
  43. Matt Serra Is a Man's Man
    Who out there is pulling for Serra to knock Matt Hughes teeth in. He was on the Bubba The Love Sponge show and seems like a real cool guy. I do not think Hughes is taking him seriously. I see Hughes...
  44. Crazy bets
    So does anyone have any huge wagers theyve made for an underdog? I would think Randy vs Silva would be the biggest payout that some made on their bet.
  45. Camp Rankings?
    How are the fight camp rankings calculated? I Have tried to figure it out but is seems there is no system to it. Does anyone know?
  46. Randy will have Gonzaga guessing the whole match
    Randy Couture will have Big Gabe guessing the whole 5 rounds like Big Tim was. Randy will be moving side to side bobbing his head away from every punch thrown. And even if Gabe starts to tag him his...
  47. Leites vs Jensen
    When will the Thales Leites vs Ryan Jensen fight be available for wagers?
  48. bj says f**k you
    BJ Penn Says "F**k You" to Fighters on Steroids! Date submitted: 03 August 2007 Author: Bodog Beat News Ticker In a recent interview on, former UFC welterweight champion BJ Penn speaks...
  49. TUF 5 Results
    I knwo their old but I want to brag about my TUF 5 finale results, I made 47 points in 4 fights. I didnt want to vote on all the fights just because I want to keep a nice record but if you look at...
    Is anybody wagering on this ? Crazy odds for Condit, he is the champ but on here is a big dog, i think Brock will win but for the odds you can get i feel compelled to wager on Carlos! Carlos Condit...
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